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One UI 3.0 beta testers do not update your Samsung Member app, otherwise this will happen

One UI 3.0 beta program is currently underway in a number of different countries and users participated in this beta activity testing the latest features offered by One UI 3.0 ahead of regular users.

Meanwhile, there’s an important note that One UI 3.0 beta testers should know about and it’s related to their current beta testing progress.

According to RPRNA, Samsung is sending an urgent notice to beta program participants that they should stop updating the Samsung Members app. Otherwise, they won’t see the content of posts in the beta community.

This could be the reason that the Samsung Members app is not fully optimized to work on the One UI 3.0 (Android 11) platform or due to the ongoing beta testing phase. You can also read the full notice below.

[Urgent Notice] Stop updating the Samsung members app


This is One UI Beta Program Operation Team.

The Samsung Members app was updated today. But if you update the app, you can’t see the content of posts in the beta community.

We are urgently checking, so please do not update until the revised version comes out.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

Thank you


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