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One UI 3.0 support now available for Good Lock’s Sound Assistant



Ahead of the One UI 3.0 public release, Samsung is developing its mobile applications such as Good Lock to migrate and support the One UI 3.0 software, which is based on Android 11.

Moving ahead, Good Lock’s SoundAssistant is also receiving One UI 3.0 (Android 11) support. Additionally, this module now comes with an advanced sound utility for your Galaxy devices. The sound utility available on the Galaxy series and also provides various convenience functions related to audio.

The One UI 3.0 support for SoundAssistant comes with app version and it’s available to download through Galaxy Store.

One UI 3.0 beta is available for the Galaxy S20 series and it comes with a bunch of new features, software optimizations, improvements, and user interface changes for a new user experience.

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What’s New

  •  Support Android 11

OCTOBER 13, 2020

Samsung has released an app update for the Good Lock’s Sound Assistant app with version 

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Samsung Game Plugins grabbing new update for One UI devices [5.0.07]



Samsung Game Plugins update

Samsung Game Plugins is a service offered by Samsung, which provides performance improvement and enrichment solutions for gamers. It perfects your gameplay and brings the best gaming experience ever for Samsung users who loves to play games.

Game Plug-ins can be added to Game Booster to help you maximize your games. Each plug-in offers different settings and features, whether you need to keep track of your device’s performance or want to set a timer for your gameplay.

Here, in this article, you can check all the newest updates for the Samsung Game Plugins application.

Samsung Game Plugins Updates

November 28, 2022

Samsung is rolling out a new update for Game Plugin, which arrives with version 5.0.04. You will have to download a 14.43MB software package to install the latest update. The new update brings common improvements to enhance the overall performance.

  • Compatibility: Android 13 or Android 12
  • Download: Link

Samsung Game Plugins update

November 24, 2022

Samsung Game Plugin is getting a new update with version 5.0.04 and an updated package size of 14.42 MB. The new update brings common improvements to make the Gaming experience better.


May 12, 2022

Samsung Game Plugins 4.0.00

Samsung is releasing a new update for Game Plugins with version 4.0.00 and an installation package size of 13.79MB. The update brings some common changes to enhance system stability.

You can download this latest version on your smartphone from the Galaxy store. Also, you can directly get the latest update through the link given below.

Get it here NOW – APKMirror


March 14, 2022

Samsung Game Plugins 3.1.10

Samsung Game Plugins is getting a new update via version 3.1.10 and an installation package size of 13.79 MB. The latest update brings some common improvements to optimize stability.

Get it here NOW – APKMirror

December 31, 2022

Samsung Game Plugins 3.1.09

Samsung is releasing another update for the Samsung Game Plugins app with version 3.1.09 and package size of 13.79 MB. The new update comes with an option to Show/Hide the floating widget. For further details, check the official changelog of this update below.


  • Add option to Show/Hide the floating widget.

Get it here NOW – APKMirror


December 23

Samsung Game Plugins 3.1.08

Samsung has started rolling out a new update for Samsung Game Plugins that brings support for the Android 11/12 operating system. To be mentioned, this latest update can be identified via version number 3.1.08  and package size 13.79 MB.

Besides, the changelog clearly mentioned that this app gets support for R OS and S OS (Android 11/12 OS support). Here, R indicates the Android 11 support and S shows Android 12 support. [Read More]

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Samsung Dropship 0.9.2 update brings new functions, bug fixes and more



Samsung Dropship update

Dropship! Yes, the new module of Good Lock is available for Galaxy devices with One UI 5.0, which allows you to easily share files between devices running Android, iOS, and the Web. The company is now enhancing the functions of the Samsung Dropship app through a new update that arrives with version 0.9.2.

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The latest update for Samsung Dropship brings new features, bug fixes, and changes to improve the performance and stability of the app. To install this update you will have to download a 51.13MB software package.

Samsung Dropship Download

You can install this update manually via Galaxy Store >> menu option >>Updates or download it directly from the third-party source link mentioned here.


Samsung Dropship’s latest version added some new features including text to file sharing function, copy and paste function, coordinate sharing page in receive/send list, and Galaxy to link function. These new options make sharing through the Dropship app more easily.

Furthermore, DropShip 0.9.2 update fixes issues related to file uploading, page loading, profile images, media rearrangement, Unicode, and more to enhance the stability of the app.

The new update replaced the storage folder from a folder by PIN to a common dropship folder. There is a VOC that a storage folder is created every time, so now it is used as a common dropship folder.

We recommend users install the latest Dropship update to enjoy the new features.

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Download new Samsung Dropship plugin 0.9.2 – One UI 5 Good Lock



Samsung Dropship Download

On November 4, Samsung introduced a new app as a One UI 5 Good Lock plugin namely Dropship. The new Samsung Dropship app allows users to easily share files across devices running any platform including Android, iOS and the Web. Now, the Samsung Dropship app is available to download.

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Samsung initially released the Dropship app for Galaxy customers in South Korea, while global users will also be able to download it officially via Galaxy Store. It’s worth mentioning that the Dropship app debuted as a part of One UI 5 Good Lock, hence, you will be needing a Galaxy device running the latest software.

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Download Samsung Dropship

Android version 0.9.2 — APKMirror

Early access – 1.0.0 – APKMirror

iOS version — Apple Store

Samsung Dropship Key Features

  • Platform-independent: It can be easily transmitted not only on Android but also works on iOS and the web.
  • Create your own shared link: You can create a sharing link with your own unique keywords, and also insert your profile picture and message.
  • Set various options: You can set the validity period and time as you like.

Samsung Dropship

Samsung Dropship v0.9.2 Changelog

[New features]

App: Text to file sharing function

  • When copying and sharing text, select Dropship to share and it will be delivered as a text file and can be copied to the clipboard when received.

Web: copy and paste function

  • If you copy an image or text and paste it on the dropship web page, it will be delivered as an image or text file.
    The text file can be directly copied to the clipboard and used.

View coordinates again in the Receive / Send list

  • The coordinate sharing page, which was only available in the Send function, is now available in the Receive / Send list.

Galaxy To Share linked function

  • You can create and share coordinates through Dropship in the newly released Galaxy To Share app. Coordinates shared with GTS are valid for 3 days.

[ Changes ]

  1. Change the storage folder from a folder by PIN to a common dropship folder. There is a VOC that a storage folder is created every time, so it is used as a common dropship folder.

[Fixed bugs and errors]

  • Fixed the problem that upload failed in certain cases
  • Fixed the problem that the page did not load when entering the web in certain cases
  • Fixed the problem that the profile image did not appear in certain accounts
  • Re-agreement is not possible when media access is denied Fixed this invisible problem so that you can go directly to the permission page (iOS)
  • Fixed the problem that unicode (Japanese, etc.) was included when sharing as a share in Photo or My files, etc., and the file name could not be read (iOS)
  • Other stabilization
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