Camera filters may no longer available after One UI 3.0 (Android 11) upgrade

Samsung has released the One UI 3.0 beta build for the Galaxy S20 series users in the US and Korea. This new One UI version comes with a lot of exciting new features, including a double-tap gesture anywhere on the home screen to turn off the display.

The company is likely to start the One UI 3.0 public beta rollout in more countries and more devices very soon.

We are talking about the camera features after upgrading to One UI 3.0 based on Android 11. Google had issued a document that specifies the requirements that must be met in order for devices to be compatible with Android 11.

According to the terms and conditions of the document, OEM’s are restricted to must ensure that the facial appearance is NOT altered including altering facial geometry, facial skin tone, or facial skin smoothening for any android.hardware.camera2 or android.hardware.Camera API.

These conditions will affect your camera’s “face smoothing” feature and you may haven’t able to use change facial skin tone, or facial skin smoothening at the time of capturing a picture from your smartphone.

A Samsung Galaxy S20+ user using One UI 3 beta, allegedly shared two images, comparing the Galaxy Note 10+ and S20+. The shared images show that after updating the Galaxy S20+ to One UI 3 based on Android 11, the software restricts the camera smoothing feature.

No face smoothing on One UI 3.0 (images), I’m comparing 2.5 on a Note 10+ vs 3.0 on an S20+, and see if there’s a difference. (Hope you all don’t mind foreheads lol) from samsung


According to health experts the photo face filters and other “beautifying” techniques that mental can warp a person’s self-confidence, particularly when they’re introduced to younger users.

By noting this advice, Google is now taking aim at image filter features and begun restricting the camera filters capability within its Android camera app on Pixel smartphones. The company has already turned off the face retouching on Pixel 4a devices.

Moreover, Google will soon be updating its camera app with what Google describes as “value-free” descriptive icons and labels for the app’s face retouching effects.

In the meantime, we don’t have any official confirmation whether Samsung will follow Google on this announcement because it has its own camera application but the images uploaded by the Reddit user clearly shows that it might apply the same changes as Google.

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Samsung has changed the color scheme of the quick settings panel and used a Gaussian-like blur effect on the background of the toggle buttons.

About the stable One UI 3.0 update rollout, Samsung has confirmed the stable update is coming after November 2020, starting with the Galaxy S20 series, followed by the Galaxy Note 20 and S10, Note 10 series.


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