Saturday, July 31, 2021
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New One UI 3.0 beta brings bunch of bug fixes for camera zoom, physical keys, edge panel, and more

Samsung has started the One UI 3.0 public beta program for the Galaxy S20 series users in the US and Korea. The public beta version brings some serious bugs, the company has recently rolled out a hotfix update for the Galaxy S20 series.

After the hotfix update, several system apps are facing forced shutdown issues. To be specific, the ONE UI Home app is causing major issues.

According to official confirmation, the company started rolling out the latest One UI 3.0 public beta hotfix update. The update fixes a number of bugs of the previous hotfix update.

Here’s the changelog:

Version – ZTJA

Bug fixes

  • Touching the edge panel does not work
  • Home movement does not work well with the navigation bar gesture
  • Pressing power and entering the lock screen displays a black screen and does not touch-Select Moa Key in the keyboard settings and set the Moa key generated at the bottom. Crash when pressed
  • You cannot use the keyboard after using Handwriting
  • When zooming 30 times, it is fixed at 27.7 times or the dial stops there
  • When watching Youtube, the detail setting screen in the quick panel does not enter
  • Widget clock widget setting- Various menus are not well visible
  • After applying theme download, phone keypad screen-Input phone number and Back Key are not well visible
  • One UI home error correction

This information is directly translated from the Korean language.

If you also registered for the public beta program, check for updates and install it if arrived at you.

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