How to use new Always on Display (AOD) on Samsung One UI 3.0

Samsung‘s Always-on Display(AOD) feature comes with Galaxy smartphones that allows users to access things such as time, date, battery, status, notifications, and more even when the smartphone’s display is off.

There is an important thing to note that it consumes less battery power so users can take advantage of this feature without bothering about their phone’s battery life.

The Always-on Display also offers many customizations that users can make in order to make their own AOD and also choose what they want to see on their smartphone when it is locked.

One UI 3.0 (Android 11) brings many changes in the AOD with more customizable features and also supports video content such as GIFs. Here is how you can access this feature on your Galaxy devices.


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How to enable Always-on Display

  • Swipe down from the Notification bar or Open the Settings app
  • Tap the Settings icon
  • Select Lock screen
  • Tap Always On Display
  • Toggle on or off

Select time:

You can select the time of enabling Always on Display from the following:

  1. Tap to show for 10 seconds
  2. Show always
  3. Show as scheduled

Select a Clock Style:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap Screen lock
  3. Tap Always On Display
  4. Select Clock style
  5. From this menu, you can choose a digital or analog clock style along with colors such including gradients.
How to set GIFs on AOD:
  • Open the Always-on display settings
  • Tap Clock style
  • Tap on the second tab with the Gallery icon
  • From here you choose a GIF from the gallery, from Themes Store, or from existing ones


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