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Good Lock

New Good Lock modules coming with One UI 3.0 for always on display, gestures and screen capture



Samsung’s Good Lock is the most used app by Galaxy users to customize their phones with their own creativity. The Good Lock brings a bunch of impressive modules and apps to make your phone’s interface of your choice.

According to the latest information, Samsung acknowledged several suggestions and demands from the users and created a proposal to add some (expected 3) new Good Lock modules that are used as Third-Party apps from the Galaxy users.

On the basis of the proposal to expand the Good Lock functions with Android 11 based One UI 3.0, the Tab Star, Gesture Star, and LED Dot Star is the tentative names of the upcoming modules/apps for the Samsung Good Lock app.

Tab Star

It is a basic feature of Android 11 and provides a screen capture function with Tab.


  • Quick accessibility and user customization


  • Battery drain and malfunction

(In case of malfunction, the action is activated by impact when placed on the floor.)

Gesture Star

Depending on the smartphone, which is longer and has more gestures, gestures can be added to use software gestures rather than hardware buttons. Probably, it would be most useful if the function was added to the tablet, so it would be okay to provide it with Galaxy tablets.

Example Two-finger gesture/three-finger gesture

  • Activate the volume bar when swiping right with a two-finger gesture
  • Screen capture when swiping down with three fingers

LED Dot Star

It is a function of using LED in the AOD state. You can check the notification through AOD, but there are times when it is difficult to check the notification due to automatic brightness or fixed notification.

“We are already looking forward to what other features will be added to the Good lock 2021 that will be made for Android 11.” Said Samsung

Currently, Good Lock provides several modules including LockStar, QuickStar, Task Changer, Clockface, Multistar, NavStar, Home Up, and NotiStar. Aside from the modules, it brings a set of apps to level up the functions of your Galaxy smartphone. Pentastic, Wonderland, Theme Park, Nice Catch, One Hand Opetation+, EdgeLighting+, EdgeTouch, and SoundAssistant are the Good Lock apps that can be used to improve the user experience of your device.

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Samsung One Hand Operation + app update brings new Arrow 3 animation, changes Hide handle feature, and more



Samsung One Hand Operation + update

Samsung One Hand Operation + Good Lock module is getting a new update with version 6.7.17, which brings some new features and changes. This module allows users to customize their gesture navigation and control their devices with one hand.

The update adds a new “Arrow 3” animation for the gesture handles. In addition, it also reverts the Hide handle feature, which was previously removed in the last update. Now, users can choose to hide the handles in specific apps or situations.

Furthermore, the fresh update also changes the “Rotate left/right” directions in tablet models, which can be useful for switching the screen orientation quickly. The update also fixes some bugs and improves the stability of the app.

Users can install the update through the Galaxy Store or download it directly from the third-party source link mentioned here.

Samsung One Hand Operation + update

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Samsung Dropship 1.1.8 update arrived: One UI 6 design, Note 9 support, and more



Samsung Dropship 1.1.8 update

Samsung has pushed a new update for the Dropship Good Lock module, which brings new features and One UI 6 support. Users can identify the latest update through version 1.1.8.

The new update added an emoji function to the Samsung Dropship app, which lets users express their emotions and reactions while sharing. Users can also send clipboard contents within Dropship Ride Together.

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The update brings the ability to view and select photos in the ‘Select from filter’ screen of dropshipping, which makes it easier for users to choose the best photos. The update also applies the One UI 6 design, which offers a more refined and intuitive user experience.

The update also supports the Galaxy Note 9, which means that smartphone users can also enjoy the benefits of the Dropship Good Lock module and customize their dropshipping experience.

Samsung Dropship 1.1.8 update is available for download from the Galaxy Store or the Good Lock app. If you have received the latest update of the Samsung Dropship app on your smartphone, install it now to get a wonderful experience.

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Good Lock

Samsung Good Lock exceeds 100 million downloads, yet awaited by many!



Samsung Good lock plugin installation update

Good Lock is a quite famous application among Samsung smartphone users. While the customization suite’s availability is still limited, Samsung recently revealed that it has surpassed 100 million downloads.

Samsung Good Lock manager officially announced that the service exceeded 100 million downloads on the Galaxy Store. There’s a notable thing is that the mark is achieved due to gradual expansion to more new markets.

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The moderator’s community post also says the team is seriously working on One UI 6.0 Good Lock development. They are also reproducing and correcting problems arising from various conditions by the Members app.

Recently, there have been requests to open Good Lock in each country, and as this opening has become more serious, the number of downloads has increased significantly, said Good Lock in charge [translated].

Good Lock 100 million

// Samsung

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