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One UI 4.1

Samsung One UI 4.1 Smart Suggestions Features [Video]



Samsung Galaxy Smart Suggestions

Debuted alongside the Galaxy S22 series, the One UI 4.1 brings an amazing yet useful feature called Smart Suggestions to Samsung consumers. When enabled, the One UI 4.1’s Smart Suggestions feature provides users with interesting and time-saving recommendations.

In the official One UI 4.1 release notes, the Korean tech giant mentioned various capabilities of the Smart Suggestions feature, while, we are exploring them in detail. Let’s start with the official information, followed by a review after using the feature.

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Samsung Galaxy Smart Suggestions

One UI 4.1 Smart Suggestions

The One UI 4.1’s goodness includes the Smart Suggestions feature in addition to the customizable RAM Plus and an even enhanced Colour Palette. This feature makes your Galaxy device a lot smarter, like you! Interestingly, it keeps an eye over all of your activities and conversations for providing better experiences.

By default, Samsung turned off the Smart Suggestions feature on the Galaxy devices upgraded to the One UI 4.1. You need to access your phone’s Setting> Advanced features > Smart Suggestions and manually enable the services that you want to work across others for seamless smart suggestions, as per your desire.


Samsung OneI 4.1 Smart Suggestions

Smart Keyboard

The Smart Suggestions feature applies on the Samsung Keyboard app, letting consumers allow the UI to autofill the details and info that has recently emerged as a new message, or browser activity. When typing, the One UI 4.1 will identify the related information and suggest it on the keyboard header so the user can use it.

Smart Widgets

A lot of times, we discussed the Smart Widgets feature, offered by the Samsung One UI 4.1. This function aims to keep your phone’s home screen neat and clean by bringing more than a single option, even after occupying the space of a single widget… continue reading


Smart Calendar

Most consumers like to add their personal events to the stock Calendar app so they can’t miss any occasion, meeting, or other events. One UI 4.1 makes event addition even easier as you will now get suggestions directly from related messages, photos, and activities while adding an even in Samsung Calendar.

Samsung OneI 4.1 Smart Suggestions

Smart Reminder

Reminder is also a type of notification that notifies the consumer of a time saved already. Just like the Samsung Calendar, the Galaxy users can also add a new one by getting recommendations from received SMS, captured images (mentioning date or time), and other activities.


Smart Messages

Samsung Keyboard getting Grammarly support with the One UI 4.1, while the Smart Suggestions capability takes the overall user experience to a whole new level. Right on the Samsung Messages, you’ll receive many options such as adding Calendar Event, setting Reminder and so on.

There’s a lot to explore, which should be done by you! Well, don’t forget to watch our latest video showcasing the tutorial on enabling the One UI 4.1’s Smart Suggestions features.



Recently, Samsung has released a new update for Smart Suggestions with version The new update brings some common improvements to enhance the overall performance of the app. Read the full story here.


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One UI 4.1

Samsung One UI 4.1 Update Changelog!



Samsung One UI 4.1 Changelog

Back in March 2022, Samsung has begun releasing the new One UI 4.1 update based on Android 12 to the Galaxy devices, starting with the S21 series. After, the company started rolling out the new One UI variant to older flagship phones, while, it’s now heading for the remaining models that are eligible to get Android 12.

The all-new One UI 4.1 brings a lot of additional features, compared to the One UI 4.0. to the Galaxy devices. All of the newly arriving features are aimed to make your Galaxy experience more intuitive, more fun, more secure, and easier than ever.

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Samsung One UI 4.1 Changelog

From Camera and Gallery to Colour Pallete and Game Optimizing Service, the brand-new One UI 4.1 introduces many significant changes that are not limited to the addition of new features. By looking at the official changelog, it has been revealed that the One UI 4.1 is massively inspired by the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series features.

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Check out Samsung One UI 4.1 changelog below


  • It’s easier than ever to capture great photos and videos.
  • Enhanced night portraits
    • Take stunning portraits, even in low light. Night shots are now supported in Portrait mode.
  • Get the full director’s view
    • You can save your director’s view videos with separate front and rear videos so you can edit them later, even after you’re done recording. When you play them back in the Video player, you can switch between different views such as split-screen or picture-in-picture.


  • Do more with your memories. Gallery brings enhanced features for remastering and organizing your pictures and videos, and sharing is now easier than ever.
  • Powerful remastering
      • Make your photos look better than ever. Sharpen blurry faces, fix distortion on TVs or computer screens, and increase brightness and resolution.
  • More suggestions
    • Get help creating artistic portraits and exciting highlight reels. Gallery will suggest the best effects for your pictures.
  • Add portrait effects
    • You can now add background blur to any picture with a person in view.
  • Portrait relighting
    • Adjust the lighting for portraits, even after you’ve taken them, to make sure you always get the perfect shot.
  • Convert unnecessary motion photos to still images
    • Save storage space by converting motion photos to still images. Gallery will suggest pictures where motion isn’t necessary, such as documents.
  • Share albums as links
    • No need to invite people to shared albums individually anymore. Just create a link that can be shared with anyone, even if they don’t have a Samsung account or Galaxy device.
  • All your invitations together
    • Easily accept invitations to shared albums, even if you miss the notifications. Invitations that you haven’t responded to yet will appear at the top of your shared album list.
  • Create time lapse videos
    • Turn a picture into a vivid 24-hour time-lapse video. A button will appear for pictures of scenery including the sky, bodies of water, mountains, or cities. Your video will appear as if an entire day has passed.

AR Zone

  • Express yourself like never before in augmented reality. Create your own emojis, stickers, doodles, and more.
  • More decorations for your emoji stickers
    • Show your own unique style by adding GIFs from Tenor as decorations for your custom AR emoji stickers.
  • Background colors in mask mode
    • Keep the focus on your AR emoji while wearing it as a mask. Choose from a variety of colors to use as your background.

Google Duo

  • Stay in touch with high-quality video calls. One UI brings you exclusive features.
  • Do more during video calls
    • You can share another app’s screen during a video call in Google Duo. Watch YouTube together, share photos, explore maps, and more.
  • Join video calls in presentation mode
    • During a video call on your phone, you can join the same call on your tablet in presentation mode. Your tablet’s screen will be shared with other participants while audio and video continue on your phone.

Samsung Health

  • Get deeper insights into your health and enhanced exercise tracking in the latest version of Samsung Health.
  • Get insights about your body composition
    • Set targets for your weight, body fat percentage, and skeletal muscle mass. You’ll get tips for reaching your goals.
  • Build better sleep habits
    • Track your sleep and get coaching based on your sleep patterns.
  • Enhanced exercise tracking
    • On your Galaxy Watch4, you can set interval training targets before you start running or cycling. You’ll get a report on your phone when you’re finished. Your watch can also give information about sweat loss when you run and heart rate recovery for aerobic workouts.

Smart Switch

  • Transfer contacts, photos, messages, and settings from an old phone or tablet to your new Galaxy. One UI 4.1 lets you transfer more than ever.
  • More transfer options
    • You’ll get 3 options when transferring content to your new Galaxy. You can choose to transfer everything, transfer just your accounts, contacts, calls, and messages, or go Custom to choose exactly what you want to transfer.
  • SmartThings Find
    • Find your phone, tablet, watch, earbuds, and more with SmartThings Find.
  • Get notified when you leave something behind
    • Make lost belongings a thing of the past. You can choose to get alerts whenever your Galaxy SmartTag is too far away to connect to your phone.
  • Find a lost device together
    • You can share the location of your devices with others. If a device gets lost, you can get help from another person to scan for it nearby.


  • One UI 4.1 gives you even more ways to share with others.
  • Share your Wi-Fi network
    • Use Quick Share to share your current Wi-Fi network with someone else. The person you share with will be able to connect automatically without entering the password.
  • Include editing history when you share pictures and videos
    • When you share pictures and videos with Quick Share, you can include the complete editing history so the receiver can see what’s changed or revert back to the original.
  • Share tips with others
    • Find something useful in the Tips app? Tap the Share icon to send it to a friend.

More features and improvements

Color palette

  • Customize your phone with unique colors based on your wallpaper. Your custom color palette now appears in more apps, including apps provided by Google.

Smart suggestions

  • Your Galaxy just got a lot smarter. When you start adding an event to your calendar, your device will suggest a title and time based on text messages and other activity on your phone. You’ll get similar suggestions in Calendar, Reminder, Keyboard, Messages, and other apps.

Clean up shadows and reflections in Photo Editor

  • Shadows and reflections will be removed automatically whenever you use the Object eraser.

Add emojis to your calendar

  • In addition to stickers, you can now add emojis to a date on your calendar to express your feelings.

Take quick notes while you browse

  • Keep track of your sources with new clipping options for Samsung Notes. You can include content from Samsung Internet or Gallery when you create a note using the quick panel or the Tasks edge panel.

Choose apps for text correction in Samsung Keyboard

  • Choose which apps you want to get automatic text corrections in. Turn it on for writing apps to keep your spelling and grammar in check, and turn it off for texting apps where you want to be less formal.

More widely available keyboard options

  • Keyboard layouts, input methods, and features for specific languages are now available in more regions, so you can type easily no matter where you are. You can always switch back to your previous layout in Settings.

Customize your sound balance

  • In Accessibility settings, you can adjust the left/right sound balance for connected devices, such as speakers or headphones, separately from the sound balance for your phone speakers. This allows you to get the perfect balance out of your headphones without affecting how your ringtone and speakers sound.

New actions for Bixby Routines

  • You can now create routines that change your watch face or turn on advanced settings like Protect battery.

Customize your virtual memory

  • Choose the size of your phone’s virtual memory with RAM Plus in Device care. Go with more to boost performance or less to save storage space.

Game optimizing service

  • CPU/GPU performance during early stages of gameplay will not be limited. (A performance management feature based on device temperature will be maintained.) The “Alternate game performance management mode” in Game Booster will be provided. 3rd party apps to bypass the Game Optimizing Service will be allowed.

Note: Some apps will need to be updated separately after the One UI 4.1 update.

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Android 12

Samsung Galaxy A21s users can now enjoy Android 12 One UI 4.1



Samsung Galaxy A21s

As part of beginning the Android 13-based One UI 5 Beta program later this month, Samsung is regularly providing the last year’s One UI 4 based on Android 12 upgrade to the remaining Galaxy devices. The Galaxy M11 and Galaxy A02s have recently got access to Android 12, while the Galaxy A21s is the most recent entry.

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The Galaxy A21s smartphone users can now enjoy the Android 12-based One UI 4.1 features as Samsung has just begun the upgrade rollout with firmware version A217FXXU8DVF6. Starting in Russia, it’s likely to expand to more consumers in other regions and markets in the coming days/weeks.

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Besides new features, the latest Galaxy A21s upgrade installs June 2022 Android security patches for better system stability and security. It’s worth mentioning that the June 2022 patch brings fixes to over 60 bugs and viruses in order to maintain the system’s security.

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Samsung Galaxy A21s

Last year, Google launched the Android 12 operating system, which brings radical design changes to the user interface. However, Samsung didn’t use whole new changes of the new OS for its One UI 4.1 software, while including significant upgrades compared to the 3.1.


One UI 4.1 is based on Android 12 OS, bringing a lot of new features and minor UI changes to Galaxy consumers. It adds Google’s Material You Dynamic Theming that paints the entire UI with a dominant color picked from the homescreen wallpaper set up by the user… continue reading

Official Samsung One UI 4.1 Update Changelog Is Here!


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One UI 4.1

Samsung One UI 4.1 Edge Panels



Samsung One UI 4.1 edge panels

Samsung One UI 4.1 Edge Panels is one of the exclusive features that come with One UI. It provides different panels for the Edge screen that brings quick access to users’ favorite applications, contacts, live messages, and features.

Users can also use a split-screen view to set up their devices to use two apps on the Edge screen at the same time. This feature is very helpful as well as time-saving as we can easily open an app or feature that we want with a single click.

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One UI 4.1 is based on Android 12, the company brings several new features and improvements over the One UI 4.0. Aside from the features, the company has also improved the functionality of Edge Panels, as mentioned above.

To enable this amazing easy-to-access apps option (One UI 4.1 Edge Panels), you have to follow a few steps.


Enable Edge Panels:

First, open your smartphone’s Settings, then tap on the Display option, scroll down and tap the Edge Panels option. Turn on the toggle to enable it. You can also customize the Edge panels with the Panels and Handle options.


The South Korean tech giant also provides the Samsung One UI 4.1 Edge Panels app via the Galaxy Store. By releasing optimizations and features through new updates, the company is regularly enhancing the app for a smoother usability experience.

  • Update (July 03): Samsung has started releasing a new update for Edge Panels with version The latest update brings some common issues to enhance the overall performance.
  • April 09: Samsung One UI Edge panels receiving a new update via Galaxy Store. The latest update comes with a version and an updated package size of 10.32MB.
  • April 02: Samsung is releasing a new update for its One UI Edge Panels with version, which brings improvements to enhance performance. Read the full story here.

Let’s see the enabling steps of One UI 4.1 Edge Panels through graphics

First you need to open the Settings menu on your Galaxy device, from here tap on “Display”, scroll down and tap on “Edge Panels” option. Use the on-screen toggle to enable or disable the option.

Samsung One UI 4.1 Edge Panels

How to add Contacts to Edge Panel?

To add contacts to Edge panels to easily access them. Firstly, Open Edge Panels then swipe left or right across your edge panels until you are on People Edge. Click Allow to give the edge panel permission to access your contacts and then click on the edit option. Select contacts that you want to add to the edge panel and it is done.

Add One UI 4.1 Control Panel to Edge Panel

Swipe to open on the Edge panel >> Settings icon >> Galaxy Store >> click on Control Center. The Control Center Edge Panel isn’t free, you will have to pay $1.88 to download it. Pay the amount and get access to the Control center on your phone’s edge.


One UI 4.1

One UI 4.1 is the latest custom skin offered by Samsung that comes with a slew of new features including Smart Widgets, Live Sharing on Google Duo, Sound balanced options, vibrations customizations, enhanced Samsung Pay, and redesigned Color palette, extra brightness, and more.

Aside from these features, the latest One UI version makes your experience more smoother and intuitive. Several devices already started receiving One UI 4.1 updates with features. If your Galaxy device also received this major update so update it to enjoy the new features. You can check the full changelog and features of the One UI 4.1 here.

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