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Samsung Galaxy S20 having display flicking issue in wearable app after One UI 4.1



Samsung Clock Style

Samsung is currently working on expanding the One UI 4.1 update to its respective devices with new updates, new tweaks, and functionality. The latest UI aims to provide users with a comfortable experience, and it gives you the comfort of translating into everyday phone knowledge.

Generally speaking, One UI 4.1 has migrated to multiple devices and is rolling out to the remaining devices nationwide. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S20 smartphone also received the One UI 4.1 update that brings a host of new features for more apps and functionality while updating the old one.

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Samsung One UI 4.1 display flickering issue

Well, Newton’s third law of motion says”Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” and One UI’s latest version brings it real with the latest UI, new features and detailed functions come with some flaws.

Various Samsung Galaxy S20 users have issues after grabbing the One UI 4.1 update. As per the user’s opinions on the Galaxy S20 smartphone build-in, the wearable app has a display flickering issue.

Display flickering is usually caused by a software problem that can be caused by glitches in apps or software bugs. In addition to this, some users mentioned their review to resolve the issue, the solution mentioned below.

Display flickering solution:

  • wiped the cache of the app,
  • deleted the plugin (search for “bud” in the app section in phone settings)
  • downloaded a new apk of the app and installed it
  • changed the bud’s name to the original one and then undocked them in the BlueTooth menu.
  • In the end, it installed the right plugin and everything works fine

Hope this will help you out from is an annoying issue, try the above-mentioned step if your having the same issue, and don’t forget to share your review for the One UI 4.1 update.

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Galaxy Enhance-X app not working on some Samsung devices after One UI 6.0? Here’s what to do



Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X issue

Some Samsung Galaxy users are facing issues with the Galaxy Enhance-X app after updating their smartphone’s software to Android 14 One UI 6.0. This issue is mainly occurring in the Galaxy S23 series.

To fix this issue, Samsung recommends Galaxy users delete the cache of the Galaxy Enhance-X app. You can delete the cache through Settings >> Applications >> Galaxy Enhance-X app >> Storage >> Clear cache. It will clear temporary data which may cause the app to crash.

In addition to this, Samsung also advises users to update the Galaxy Enhance-X app to the latest version via the Galaxy Store. The company says that an app update that fixes this problem will be released soon.

Users can check for app updates by opening the Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates. By following these steps, users can enjoy the functions of the Galaxy Enhance-X app on their Samsung devices.

One UI 6 Galaxy Enhance-X: All new features and redesigned user interface

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Good Lock

Samsung to fix Home Up gesture bug in future update



Samsung Home Up issue

Samsung Home Up app allows users to customize their home screen and app drawer. However, some Galaxy users have been facing a bug that prevents the Home Up app’s Task Changer from responding to touch or gestures of background apps. Many users have reported this issue on various forums and social media platforms.

However, Samsung has acknowledged the bug and promised to fix it in a future software update. The company’s support team has shared a statement, apologizing for the inconvenience and explaining the cause of the bug. The gesture issue is caused by using the Home Up Good Lock module.

Samsung has not shared a specific date for the software update that will fix the bug, but it is expected to arrive soon. Until then, users can either disable the Task Changer feature or use alternative apps to customize their home screen and app drawer. Hopefully, Samsung will resolve the issue quickly and restore the functionality of the Home Up app.

Samsung Home Up app issue


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Here’s how to address Samsung Keyboard theme issue in One UI 6.0



Samsung One UI 6 Color Palette issue

Some Samsung Galaxy users have reported that their keyboard theme is not applied properly after updating their software to One UI 6. The issue seems to be related to the color palette feature, which allows users to customize the background color of their home screen and lock screen.

As per Samsung, the keyboard theme may not match the user’s preference when the color palette is enabled in the settings. The company has confirmed the issue and said that it plans to release a software update that will fix it.

In the meantime, users can resolve this issue temporarily by disabling the color palette feature. To disable the color palette, users need to go to Settings >> Wallpaper and Style >> Color Palette >> Turn off the Color Palette toggle.

Samsung has not announced when the software update will be available, but it is expected to roll out soon. Users are advised to check for updates regularly to install as soon as it will be available.

Samsung One UI 6 Color Palette issue

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