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One UI 4.0

Samsung Android 12: Top 7 features we expect with One UI 4.0 update

Samsung One UI 4.0

Google is expected to release the next generation of its mobile operating system that will be the Android 12 in September this year. But, what about Samsung’s One UI? Samsung will also introduce a new iteration of its custom software system, the One UI 4.0 based on the Android 12.

As always, the South Korean tech giant will be focussing to bring several new features and system optimizations for a better user experience. If we talk about the One UI 4.0 features, then we’ve to learn about the new features of the upcoming Android 12 as the One UI 4.0 will be based on it.

Although Samsung’s One UI is one of the best custom skin built on Android OS, which brings countless additional features, more customization options, and a better combination with the Galaxy devices’ hardware, there’s still room for improvement with One UI version 4.0 this year.

As Samsung has become the leading smartphone maker across the globe and millions of smartphones and tablets obviously run the One UI, so the expectations of Sammy Fans with next-generation of One UI are quite high. Here, we are talking about the top 7 features/changes we want to get with the One UI 4.0 update.

  1. Ad-free user interface
  2. User-friendly notifications
  3. A more advanced power menu
  4. Fingerprint unlock animations
  5. Astrophotography in stock Camera app
  6. Vertical scrolling App drawer
  7. Exceptional Recents menu

One UI 4.0

1. Ad-free user interface

Samsung phones are quite popular in the world for aggressive push ads, which come up as notifications – not only on affordable but on the premium models too. However, we can turn off some of these irritating pop-up ads through the smartphone’s various Settings options.

But, there’s no solution to completely get rid of them because some promotional messages come as a pop up time to time. At the same time, Samsung’s native apps such as Weather also presents promotional videos sometimes, and we can’t disable them anyhow!

This year, Samsung has a chance to bring an ad-free UI with the upcoming Android 12-based One UI 4.0. If the company completely kills these annoying ads from its software system, then it will be a bold message to other OEMs.

2. User-friendly notifications

Just after toggling the icon of mobile data, our smartphone receives different notifications of our daily routines such as social media, health tracker, as well as promotional messages. However, notifications are a basic part of the smartphone experience, but their presentation with the current version of One UI is not as good as we expect.

Unlike other Android-based UIs, the One UI only shows a few info of the arrived notification and doesn’t allow to directly reply and mark as read at the notification panel. At the same time, you can change the setting to “detailed” so that it will show you a stock Android like alert and buttons, but after enabling, you can not use “Edge lighting”, which means it’s impossible to get the entire message data while the screen is off.

We expect Samsung will significantly optimize this section of the One UI with its next major iteration as there are many examples available of glanceable notifications such as the Always-on Display feature or Pixel-style popups.

One UI 4.0

3. A more advanced power menu

The side key of Galaxy phones, better known as the power button plays a double role as a power menu and Bixby key. Meanwhile, the Korean tech giant has not yet included smart home controls in its power menu, while its top rivals already did it.

If you control smart home devices such as bulbs, speakers, lights, or Chromecast through your mobile phone, then you can easily understand the missing power menu options that should be added into it as Samsung is a leading smartphone brand, but its rivals are bringing several functions throughout the side key.

4. Fingerprint unlock animations

A smartphone’s lock screen is the first view that appears when you pick the phone up and then you’ll have to unlock it by either sliding, entering a pin, or a pattern. With the advancement of smartphone technologies, phones started to come with physical fingerprint scanners, which later directly embedded below the display, called display fingerprint.

However, the user experience of display fingerprint is not limited to its use cases because different smartphone companies have made it more interactive by providing different types of enhancements such as fingerprint animations. Tweaks such as Fingerprint animation can add an attractive feel and refresh the user experience.

Fingerprint Animation

5. Astrophotography in stock Camera app

Google’s official Camera app allows Pixel phones to capture images using Night Sight in which the Astrophotography mode averages up to fifteen 16-second exposures, to create a 4-minute exposure to significantly improve shot noise. The Google Camera manages to achieve the light capture of a long exposure without having to deal with star trails by dividing the shot into several shorter exposures.

However, it’s a quite popular feature and every smartphone owner is well aware of it but it is only available with Pixel phones. At the same time, you can still use the Astrophotography feature even if you don’t have a Pixel phone by installing a GCam Mod compatible with your smartphone. We want, Samsung should develop and implement this feature in its native Camera application.


6. Vertical scrolling app drawer

Samsung developed the One UI by following the increasing size of the display of the smartphones. The One UI focuses to make it easier to reach every single application by using just one hand comfortably. Therefore, the company offers a horizontal (left to right) scrolling app drawer, while some OEMs also provided the vertical scrolling app drawer too and the users have to choose as per their preference.

The latest One UI version 3.1 lets users scroll the app drawer menu horizontally, which makes it difficult sometimes to select the app which is placed at the top of the screen. In order to solve this problem, we want Samsung should consider implementing the vertically scrolling app drawer function to the One UI launcher with the One UI 4.0.

Galaxy S20 FE

7. Exceptional Recents menu

With its next version of the Android operating system, Google will be bringing several new and user-friendly functions in the Recents menu such as screenshots, direct text selection and translation, and Google Lens. At the same time, Samsung lets only four predictive shortcuts on the bottom side of the Galaxy devices.

On the other hand, Chinese phone makers are enabling direct translations and Lens for their Android-based custom skins, and it’s the right time for Samsung to follow the same and modify the Recents menu of the One UI from the ground level.

One UI 3.0

One UI 4.0 is on the way!

However, we are already covering every single piece of news regarding the Android 12 and One UI 4.0, but we can also talk about it here in short. Samsung will introduce the next major generation of the One UI, the One UI 4.0 just after the official launch of Android 12 for Google Pixels, which is expected in September this year.

One UI 4.0

That’s all friends 🙂 and I think you would also like to get these top features with Samsung’s Android 12-based One UI 4.0 update. Still, if you also have some good ideas to share with us, you can freely write to us in the comments section.


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