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Android 12 could automatically hibernate unused apps to decrease storage consumption

Nowadays, every OEM is busy providing the Android 11 version upgrade to its eligible smartphones. At the same time, Google has already released two Developer Preview of Android 12 for Pixel users to understand and grow the ecosystem of the next version of Android.

So far, we’ve witnessed a number of leaks and rumors that revealed several features and changes which will come with the Android 12. Besides, Google submitted a code change to the AOSP project back in January, which added an automatic App sleep function that could be implemented in Android 12.

According to the latest information, an automatic sleep option has appeared in the preview version of Android 12. When the Pixel user who is installed Developer Preview version open Settings >> Apps, an Unused apps group appears on the App info page of each application. And under the group, there is only one option called “remove permissions and free up space”.

The function description shows that if the app has not been used in a few months, it will:

  • Remove authorized permissions
  • Prohibit sending notifications
  • Delete temporary files and free up space.

As per the submitted code, the vdex/odex file will be released after the app is automatically hibernated. The vdex file contains the uncompressed DEX file, and the odex file is the executable file after the APK is extracted. However, there’s no more information available about this feature and we’ve to wait until official release of Android 12, which could be in September this year.

Aside from this, it is said that Android 12 could come with a helpful feature, which will automatically translate the app’s UI to the users’ local language. Moreover, Google is also preparing to bring the recycle bin feature with the Android 12 as it appeared in the APK teardown of Google Files.


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