Samsung Notebooks to allow Windows 10 emoji and virtual keyboard in Google Chrome soon

After a long term of continuous efforts of Microsoft and Google, the Chrome browser will be compatible with the virtual keyboard and emoji interface of Windows 10.

Currently, if Win 10 powered Samsung Notebook users want to insert an emoji in the Chrome browser, they have to open the emoji interface by right-clicking and selecting or pressing a shortcut key.

However, the zoom factor of the Chrome browser does not adapt to the interface such as the virtual keyboard of Win10, the virtual keyboard and emoji interface may be out of the layout and hinder the normal operation of users.

While in the latest code submission of the Chromium kernel, Google and Microsoft have already supported the relevant API for the kernel. The API can obtain the usage boundary of the virtual keyboard, etc., and make it appear in the correct position, thereby optimizing the user experience.

Aside from the Google Chrome browser, this feature will also be available to the Microsoft Edge browser. Moreover, Microsoft and Google are also working on new APIs to optimize the writing experience of Chrome and Edge browsers.


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