Samsung Cloud will be terminated soon, move synced data to Microsoft OneDrive now!

Samsung Cloud Drive is a storage space dedicated to keeping your files just where you need them no matters anywhere you are. You can send files from any Samsung device that is logged into your Samsung account, and access them on any other PC or device by logging into your account.

Last year, the Korean firm announced that it will discontinue its Samsung Cloud service in 2021 and switch it with Microsoft’s OneDrive. Therefore, it looks like the company has started preparing to implement its decision of stopping the Cloud service.

According to the info (via TechRadar), Samsung Cloud will no longer be supporting Gallery Sync, Samsung Cloud Drive, and Premium Storage and your data will be deleted if you do not take urgent action. The end of these features will be by country groups and based on different timelines. Please check if you are Group 1 or Group 2 HERE.

Moreover, the Gallery and Drive sync for My Files will now be supported by Microsoft OneDrive. If any pictures, videos, and other files synced from the Gallery or My Files that aren’t migrated to Microsoft OneDrive will soon be deleted from the Samsung Cloud.

The company has officially suggested users take urgent action to move or download anything that they wish to keep. Adding to this, the Premium Storage subscription plan will also be can canceled automatically and the refund may be issued to the user. Find out more about this Notice.

Here’s how to migrate to Microsoft OneDrive

To move the synced files of Samsung Cloud to Microsoft OneDrive, simply open the Cloud app then tap on More >> Settings >> Link with OneDrive. On the other hand, some devices will show these steps to migrate data – More > Settings > Switch to OneDrive.

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