Samsung TV Plus: Here’s how to access content across various genres on Samsung smart TVs

Samsung TV Plus service has become one of the popular streaming services available in Samsung smart TVs. This app gives you instant access to news, sports, entertainment, and more. However, this platform is now available in various countries including India, in recent times.

Moreover, this amazing online app now comes with a bunch of new features which took the entertainment quotient to the next level. Therefore, it is good to revisit this app by exploring its latest usability and features. So, let’s jump on to its details.

How to access Samsung TV Plus?

There is no rocket science that makes it difficult to access this streaming service as it doesn’t need any download or credit card information. What you need to do is just turn on your TV, and it will start automatically after the boot. Then, you just have to navigate through the app bar located at the bottom of the TV screen.

 What does Samsung TV Plus offer?

Samsung TV Plus offers you more than 1000 channels that provide you content related to sports, news, entertainment, tech, etc. However, you can also get recommendations for various content based on your taste to improve interactiveness.

Deleting channels in Samsung TV Plus

Samsung TV Plus delivers various content based on your interest, but somehow if you don’t want to see any of the content or want to delete any channels from the app then you simply need to follow these simple steps listed below:

  • Press the Home on your TV remote
  • Navigate to Samsung TV Plus
  • Go to the Channel list
  • Select the Edit channels option
  • Choose a channel and Delete


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