Samsung ranks 5th in Moosylvania’s ‘Top 100 Brands for Millennials’

Recently, Moosylvania St. Louis-based ad agency released a 2021 list of Top 100 Brands for Millennials, in which Samsung came out as a big brand securing 5th position in the listing.

Moreover, the Korean tech giant appearing as one of the top brands for 9 consecutive years by surpassing those companies which are also quite big including Nike, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Adidas, Google, and more.

However, the top rank for this time is grabbed by Apple followed by Nike, while Samsung’s one of the biggest rivals LG didn’t succeed to have a spot even in the top 10 brands of the list, as it managed to get the 27th rank.

What makes Samsung one of the top brands on the list?

The ranking for the top brands is based on the survey conducted with 1000 U.S. residents in the age group of 19 to 39, which clearly shows that is not easy for a brand to be on the list.

But, Samsung created a huge fan for many years due to its quality products and after-sales service. So from this, we can understand, why the Korean tech giant is so popular in the US as well as in the global market.

Besides, if we check out some more listings and reports published previously then we can find more reasons that not only declare Samsung as the top brand but also mentioned it as the most lovable company throughout many years.


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