Samsung will hold online ‘Tech Seminars’ to promote Neo QLED TVs

Samsung announced that it will hold many tech seminars from April 31 to May 18 to explain the benefits of 2021 Neo QLED TVs. The seminars will be conducted in a Webinar method that enables interactive multimedia presentations in Korea by connecting each region online.

The upcoming seminar is going to become a major event to introduce Samsung TV’s technology and services and listen to various opinions from media and industry experts in the world’s major video and sound fields.

The company said that the webinar will be held in all regions globally including North America, Europe, Middle East, Southwest Asia, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. However, the main theme of the seminar is the advanced quality of Neo QLED and the base technology of Micro LED.

“I am happy to be able to inform industry experts about the excellent quality of Neo QLED and various services through a tech seminar. You can experience it,” said Samsung VP, Video Display Division.

Samsung 2021 Neo QLED focuses on three core technologies

  1. ‘Quantum mini LED’ that enables sophisticated image quality control with a size of 1 in 40 compared to existing LED devices
  2. ‘Neo Quantum Matrix Technology’ that realizes excellent contrast ratio and black details by finely adjusting the brightness to 12 bits (4,096 steps)
  3. ‘Neo Quantum Processor’ that expresses ultra-high-definition images with its own artificial intelligence (AI)-based upscaling technology.

Aside from this, services based on Tizen operating systems such as Samsung TV Plus, which support various activities in the house, TV and sound functions optimized for gaming, expanded product lineup of lifestyle TV and soundbar, are introduced in detail.

Globally influential media ‘Forbes’ praised the QN90A model as “the three-dimensional effect and detail are excellent in all bright and dark scenes, and the AI ​​upscaling function is almost unfathomably good”. In addition, German’Video’ gave this model an all-time high in the TV sector.


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