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Samsung One UI 3.1 Tip: Single Take 2.0

Samsung‘s One UI 3.1 introduced with the Galaxy S21 series which brings new smart features that enhance everyday life, so you can get even more out of your Galaxy device. It also comes with new and advanced camera capabilities for capturing and editing photos and videos. One of the highlighting camera features that come with One UI 3.1 is the “Single Take”.

The Single Take was introduced in the One UI 3.0 but with the latest One UI 3.1, it gets a decent upgrade and is now known as Single Take 2.0. This upgraded version allows users to create more than 14 different individual compositions from a single video clip including ranging from a “golden” best shot, a black-and-white photo, and a filtered still, to a boomerang-style video, a slow-motion video, and several shots created using filters and at different video speeds.


However, this camera feature is not available to every Galaxy device as it needs stronger hardware to pull out the camera results in more than 14 styles and formats. But we can expect that with the future optimization in the software, it may be available to more mid-range Galaxy phones.

You can follow these simple steps to use Single Take:

  1. From Camera, swipe to Single take.
  2. Tap 10s and select a timer option.
  3. Tap Record and pan around the scene to capture multiple angles and views.
  4. Thee videos and images will be saved as a single entry in the Gallery.

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