Samsung confirms monthly security updates for upcoming Galaxy A52 and XCover 5

There are already dozens of leaks and rumors surfaced online regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy A52, Galaxy A72, and Galaxy XCover 5. These devices are expected to be launched in the first quarter of this year. Now, as per the latest info, these unreleased phones are already listed on the official security updates support page.

In contrast, the upcoming Galaxy A52 and Galaxy XCover 5 have listed to get monthly security updates. However, both of these phones are still unreleased and this update schedule indicates that the company will surely launch the Galaxy A52 and XCover 5 in the coming days/weeks.

On the other hand, we can’t deny typing mistakes or technical errors regarding the listing of unreleased smartphones in the monthly security update schedule. It is worth mentioning that the Galaxy A51 getting new security updates on a quarterly basis.

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Apart from this, Samsung has recently announced that it will deliver at least four years of new security updates to the Galaxy devices launched since 2019. Furthermore, the company is already committed to provide three major Android upgrades to the flagship and select mid-range smartphones.

Samsung has also published the details of the March 2021’s security patch a few days ago. The latest security update brings fixes for 4 critical, 26 high levels of CVEs. However, no moderate level of threat found in this month’s patch. Meanwhile, the company has already fixed 2 CVEs with December’s patch and 1 CVE is not applicable for Samsung Galaxy devices.

Regular security update plays a crucial role to keep user’s device protected against different viruses and threats. Various OEMs follow their own strategy to rollout security improvements. However, Samsung gives new security updates on a monthly and quarterly basis.

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