Samsung to deliver TikTok app for its smart TVs in the US this year

Back in December 2020, Samsung brought TikTok app to its smart TVs in the European region. The company decided to allow users to download the app from the app store. Moving forward, the Samsung smart TVs now comes pre-installed with the TikTok app across Europe.

Now, as per the latest information, the South Korean tech giant started working to bring the TikTok app to its smart TV owners in the US. This implies that the users in the country will be able to download the app on TV through the app store.

In addition, we can expect that the company will deliver the future smart TVs pre-packed with the TikTok app. Moreover, it is also said that most of the upcoming smart TVs from Samsung will come with the TikTok app in the US later this year as the company’s global partnership with TikTok that recently tipped in the ‘Unbox and Discover event’.


On the other hand, Samsung also hinted that this popular short video app will also come to the other markets in the upcoming months 2021 except India, as this app (including several other Chinese apps) is permanently banned by the Indian Government due to some major security reasons.

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