Upcoming Nintendo Switch to feature 7-inch HD OLED display made by Samsung

Samsung is the leader in making small-sized panels for decades. The company develops OLED panels with superior quality for different gadgets such as laptops, TVs, and mobile phones for a very long time. The OLED panels are also supplied to other OEMs including Apple.

Now, as per the latest info, a popular gaming console company – Nintendo, planning to use the OLED display made by Samsung Display in its upcoming Switch device. The report suggests that the next-generation gaming console of Nintendo could be equipped with a 7-inch HD OLED display.

It is worth noting that Samsung OLED offers better picture quality including deep blacks, high contrast ratio, and accurate colors while playing games. Besides, the next Nintendo Switch may also feature 4K output in the docked mode that will fulfill the desire of those who love to play games in intense graphic settings.


Along with providing displays to Nintendo, Samsung is also planning to increase the production of panels to achieve the target of producing 1 million panels from June. We can expect from this, that Korean OEM is extending its display market very fast globally.

Following this information, we came to know that Nintendo is still working on the different aspects of the console. So, we can expect that their next-gen gaming console might be coming after June or maybe at the end of this year. But for now, these are just expectations and yet to be confirmed by the officials.

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