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Back in December 2020, Samsung started sending the stable Android 11 update for the Galaxy devices. So far, numerous phones and tablets have received the major Android upgrade while a set of budget and mid-range handsets are waiting to get the Android 11-based One UI 3.0 features.

Aside from this, the Korean tech giant has also delivered the One UI 3.1 changes over the air for the newer and older flagship devices. This is the minor improved version over the One UI 3.0 and brings some new features and system improvements. The 3.1 version of One UI exclusively comes pre-installed with the Galaxy S21 series.

Other than the major and feature updates, Samsung recently announced that it will deliver at least four years of up-to-date security patches for the Galaxy devices launched since 2019. Like every time, the company has already started releasing the March 2021 security patch along with the One UI 3.1 features for the Galaxy Note 10 and S10 series ahead of 4 days of March.

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Now, as per the latest information, Samsung released the details of the March 2021’s security patch. The latest security update brings fixes for 4 critical, 26 high levels of CVEs. However, no moderate level of threat found in this month’s patch. Meanwhile, the company has already fixed 2 CVEs with December’s patch and 1 CVE is not applicable for Samsung Galaxy devices.

The company has also detailed the list of eligible devices that will get monthly/quarterly/other security updates. You can also check the full report HERE.

List of CVEs fixed in March 2021 security patch:

  1. Critical
    1. CVE-2020-11170
    2. CVE-2020-11163
    3. CVE-2020-11272
    4. CVE-2021-0397
  2. High
    1. CVE-2020-11271
    2. CVE-2020-11282
    3. CVE-2017-18509
    4. CVE-2020-11286
    5. CVE-2020-11177
    6. CVE-2020-11187
    7. CVE-2020-11253
    8. CVE-2020-11281
    9. CVE-2020-11296
    10. CVE-2020-11269
    11. CVE-2020-11275
    12. CVE-2020-11280
    13. CVE-2020-11287
    14. CVE-2020-11276
    15. CVE-2020-11270
    16. CVE-2020-11297
    17. CVE-2020-11278
    18. CVE-2021-0395
    19. CVE-2021-0391
    20. CVE-2021-0398
    21. CVE-2017-14491
    22. CVE-2021-0393
    23. CVE-2021-0396
    24. CVE-2021-0390
    25. CVE-2021-0392
    26. CVE-2021-0394
  3. Moderate
    • None
  4. Already included in previous updates
    1. CVE-2020-11180
    2. CVE-2020-11277
  5. Not applicable to Samsung devices
    1. CVE-2020-11283

* Please see Android Security Bulletin for detailed information on Google patches HERE.

James is the lead content creator on Sammy Fans and mostly works on Samsung's firmware section. His first phone was the Galaxy S4 and continues to get new S series devices. Most of the time, James tries to learn about new technologies and gadgets but he also sneaks a bit of free time to nearby rivers and nature.

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June 2024 update coming to fix Galaxy S24 Ultra camera issues



Samsung Galaxy S24 Camera issue update

Samsung‘s flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra has been in the spotlight, not just for its amazing features but also for persistent camera issues that have bothered users. Despite several software updates, these camera issues remained unresolved. Now, it seems that the company will resolve the Samsung Galaxy S24 camera issues with the June 2024 update.

According to a reliable tipster @UniverseIce, Samsung is testing a new software version S928BXXU2AXEA, which is confirmed to fix the camera issues. This version is of the Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone.

The new report indicates that the June 2024 security update for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series will fix camera issues. It could be significant as it will fix a major flaw that has affected the user experience.

The release date of the update has not been announced, but it is under testing. Users are hopeful that this will be the solution they have been waiting for. At the moment, we can take this information with a pinch of salt as no official announcement has been made regarding this.

How to use One UI 6.1 Camera Shift feature on your Samsung Galaxy

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Samsung One UI 7 Beta release date keeps fans guessing!



Samsung One UI 7 Beta Program

Samsung is currently working to make the One UI 6.1 update available for all compatible devices. Amidst this rollout, a new report has surfaced online that hints at the upcoming One UI 7 Beta Program.

A community moderator has recently notified a user that the beta program for One UI 6 has concluded and the stable update is being rolled out. Users are encouraged to participate in the upcoming One UI 7 beta program upon its release.

This information indicates that Samsung is actively working on the One UI 7 Beta. Although no specific dates have been announced for its release. The beta program is expected to be initially available for the Galaxy S24 series and will later be extended to other models.

One UI 7 Beta Program will provide an opportunity for Samsung users to experience the new features and enhancements ahead of the stable release.

Samsung One UI 7 Beta update

One UI 7 Features

Based on Android 15, Samsung’s One UI 7 Update will bring several new features and improvements. A report revealed that it will add a Vertical App Drawer feature to the Samsung Home UP Good Lock module for a user-friendly interface.

Moreover, the next One UI update is ready to further extend the battery life of Galaxy smartphones. One UI 7 is anticipated to add an extra three hours of standby time, allowing users to stay connected for longer without the need for frequent charging.

Thanks for the tip, Yash!

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One UI 6.1 Always On Display overlapping issue fix coming, check temporary solution



Samsung always on display issue fix

After the recent One UI 6.1 update, several Samsung users have reported an issue with the Always On Display (AOD) feature when using LockStar. This issue displays clock numbers or apps overlap during the transition of time on the lock screen.

The issue is particularly noticeable when the time shifts in minutes and apps. For example, a user reported when the time progresses from 11:57 to 11:58, it results in the digits superimposing and creates a confusing display.

Several Galaxy users are affected by this issue, and the issue persists despite subsequent firmware updates. The overlapping issue on Always On Display after One UI 6.1 is not only a rare occurrence but happens frequently enough to cause significant concern among users.

In response, a community moderator has acknowledged the One UI 6.1 overlapping AOD issue. He stated that it occurs for those using the “Automatically Restart” function and confirmed a software update to resolve this issue.

However, due to the variable nature of software update schedules, a precise resolution date cannot be provided.

One UI 6.1 Always on Display issue

As a temporary solution, users are advised to either disable the Automatic Restart function through Settings >> Device Care >> Auto Optimization or to turn off LockStar entirely.

The inconvenience caused by this issue has been recognized, and users are asked for their patience while a permanent fix is in development.

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