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Samsung One UI 3.0/Android 11: Issue, Bugs and Errors List



Back in October, Samsung started the One UI 3.0 beta for the Galaxy S20 series and the company later opened this program for the Galaxy Note 20 devices.

Samsung One UI 3.0 is based on Android 11 and it brings a number of new features for the users including the latest user interface overhaul that you can find on the notification bar/quick access panel, restructured Settings menu, better privacy features, improved user experience and more.

Similar to every other beta program, the One UI 3.0 beta also brings a number of new bugs and issues. The better thing is that the beta testers also have the option to report these bugs and feedback on their experience via the Samsung Members app.

The number of issues, bugs, and errors found on One UI 3.0 beta is big and below you can check all of them in a single place detailed below. Also, to remember only a few of these issues are still opened and the rest of them are fixed with the Beta rollouts.

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Samsung Members App: Mid-October

Following the rollout of the One UI 3.0 beta for the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung users won’t be able to see new content posted on the Samsung community if they update the Samsung Members app version. This issue was later fixed.

Rollback Issue: Mid-October

Some Galaxy S20 series users reported facing rollback issue after installing One UI 3.0 beta to the previous version because of the whole process hangs on the start.

Quick Settings Panel Icons: 18 October, 2020

Icons of Search, power, settings more, date label found very congested and appearing just above Devices and Media buttons on some of Galaxy S20 devices after One UI 3.0 first beta.

Unusual Status Bar: 19 October 2020

When you open the quick settings panel by swiping from top to bottom side, the top bar containing a battery, network, Bluetooth, alarm, and time.

Camera Zoom Issue: 19 October 2020

While zooming in or out in the camera app, a green screen appeared at a certain spot but later it was fixed for Galaxy S20.

App Folder App Icons Shadow: 19 October 2020

Inside the apps folders, some apps have shadows and some apps have while others don’t. This issue was found on Galaxy S20 series.

Camera UI issue:

Some users found that the camera UI elements have been disturbed with One UI 3.0 beta build on Galaxy S20. However, this issue was resolved later.

One UI Home Launcher Crash:

One UI Home Launcher keeps crashing after One UI 3.0 installation on Galaxy S20 devices.

App Folder Becomes Invisible:

Some App folders became invisible after the One UI 3.0 update on Galaxy S20 devices.

Fingerprint Recognition Issue: October 29, 2020

Samsung Galaxy S20 series users reported facing a problem with display fingerprint as it fails to confirm it. This problem was solved with the third One UI 3.0 beta.

Temperature Issue on Note 10:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 users facing overheating issues after charging issue after upgrading on One UI 3.0 beta.

Message Icon Disappeared: November 3, 2020

Some One UI 3 testers on Galaxy S20 series found that the Message app icon has been disappeared and only its background shape is showing. However, this issue was appeared on a number of devices but later fixed.

Dex Frozen Screen: November 4, 2020:

Users of the S20 series reported that they aren’t able to use the Galaxy S20 series as a touchpad on Samsung DeX while connected to a desktop.

Failed to add apps on Edge Panel: November 5, 2020

Some Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra users failed to add the new application on the edge panel. This problem was fixed with Beta 3.

Battery Problem on Note: November 10, 2020:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ users were facing heavy battery draining problems that’s why Samsung later stopped the beta program.

Reboot Loop: November 11, 2020

Some users of Galaxy Note 10 reported facing infinite loop issue after upgrading to One UI 3.0 but the problem is limited to only some users, which may be caused by uncompleted installation.

Galaxy Note 10 Edge Lighting Error: November 12, 2020

While receiving an SMS on Galaxy Note 10, the edge lighting’s corner appeared in Black color.

Dark Mode Error: November 13, 2020

Some users of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ were facing dark mode issues after installing the first One UI 3.0 beta. But it was later fixed.

Navigation Gestures Issue on Galaxy Z Flip: November 23, 2020

Issues found on the navigation gestures by some users of Galaxy Z Flip after one UI 3.0 beta.

WiFi turn on automatically: November 24, 2020

Some Galaxy S20 users facing random auto Wi-Fi and Hotspot. 

Shortcut icon disappears: November 25, 2020

Following the One UI 3.0 beta Galaxy S10 series, users feedback that they’re facing an issue with 

Lock Screen Bug: November 25, 2020

Following the beta rollout for Galaxy Z Fold 2, some users of this foldable phone were locked out on the lock screen. In this case, the lock screen won’t even access the actual PIN or Passcode. After noticing it, the company instantly halted the One UI 3.0 beta for the Galaxy Z Fold 2. Read more here

One UI Home Launcher Crash on Note 10: November 25, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ also facing the One UI Home launcher crash issue.

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Samsung update breaks Secure Folder functionality



Samsung Secure Folder issue

Several Samsung Galaxy users have recently encountered a strange issue where the Secure Folder app no longer runs after a software update. This issue has caused a lot of concern among users who keep important data and apps secured in a Secure Folder.

Luckily, a recent statement from a community moderator has shed light on the Secure Folder issue cause, revealing that it is due to a new policy by Google.

According to the moderator, the issue occurred due to changes in Google’s policies regarding accounts managed with Family Link. The Family Link is a tool from Google that helps parents control their children’s digital activities. A recent software update has restricted the use of Secure Folder on accounts logged in through Family Link.

If your device is logged in with a child’s account under Family Link, you will not be able to use Secure Folder. To use Secure Folder again, you just need to log in with a regular Google account that is not under controlled by Family Link.

Samsung Secure Folder issue

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Some Samsung Galaxy Watch users have reported an issue where their watches restart intermittently while using the ‘Digital Neon’ watch face. This issue is mainly noted on Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Watch 6 series.

To address this, Samsung has released an update for the ‘Digital Neon’ watch face through the Galaxy Wearable app. This update aims to resolve the unexpected restarts experienced by users.

How to update the Digital Neon Watch Face?

To update the Digital Neon Watch Face on your device, need to follow a few easy steps”

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your connected smartphone.
  • Access the watch screen section in the app.
  • Find the ‘Digital Neon’ watch face.
  • Tap on ‘Digital Neon’ and select the option to update.

By updating the latest ‘Digital Neon’ watch face version through the Galaxy Wearable app, users can get rid of the issue of intermittent restarts.

It’s important to ensure both the Galaxy Wearable app and your watch software are up to date to prevent such problems in the future. This update brings compatibility and stability improvements across your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy 5, and Galaxy 6 series.

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Restart your Galaxy device to fix slowdown issue after Google System update



Samsung One UI 6.1 Auto Blocker feature

Samsung has recently confirmed a performance issue affecting Galaxy devices, where users report a slowdown, especially when opening apps. This issue seems to occur after updating the device’s Google System Software and using the device extensively.

The Korean tech giant has released a patch to fix this performance slowdown issue caused by a Google System update. The fix improves app launch times and overall device performance. Still, Galaxy devices that are already suffering from this slowdown require a restart to eliminate the issue.

If your Galaxy device is still not performing optimally, Samsung recommends restarting it. This can be quickly done by accessing the Quick Panel, tapping the Power Button, and selecting Restart.

The company reassures users that these measures should resolve any lag and restore the device to its normal speed. You can contact Samsung customer support if the problem persists after a restart.

Samsung Slow down issue fix

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