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Samsung Phone Link hacks that make you and your Galaxy WOW!



Samsung Phone Link

Several times it happens that we get so busy working on our PC or laptop that we do not answer our smartphone’s important calls or messages. You can enjoy many features by connecting your PC to Phone Link with your Samsung smartphone. Here you can check some amazing hacks of the Samsung Phone Link app.

Through Phone Link, you can access your smartphone’s screen to read notifications, make calls, use apps, and copy files to your PC. With this capability, imagine how much smoother and more convenient your work day would be if you only had to look at one screen!

Samsung Phone Link hacks

5 Samsung Phone Link Hacks 

Pin apps to your computer and multitask across multiple windows

For faster access to your most-used apps, you can pin them to your taskbar and Start menu. You can open multiple applications in multiple windows on your PC and multitask like a champ.

Drag and drop from smartphone to PC

When you want to access a bundle of files or images from your smartphone, now you don’t need to open WhatsApp or email. With Link to Windows, you can quickly drag and drop content from your smartphone’s mirrored screen to your PC.

Copy and Paste OTP with Ease

When you are shopping online or doing online banking on your PC, it suddenly requires an OTP! You only have 5 minutes to fill it. Your smartphone can be plugged in to charge in another room or anywhere else. Do you really want to get up and walk? No! With Phone Link, the OTP will directly pop up on your PC screen and you can easily copy-paste it.

Play Candy Crush in Boring Meetings

Some meetings are so boring that no amount of coffee is enough to stimulate your grey matter. For an even easier way to pass the time, you can use Phone Link to play quick mobile games mirrored on your PC.

Samsung Phone Link hacks

Calling through your computer

With Phone Link, you can do a call on your PC. By this, it doesn’t mean using communication or video conferencing apps but good voice calls. This feature can be a lifesaver when an important call comes in while you are working on your PC, as it saves you from having to search for your smartphone in case you forget where you last placed it.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 Defy Expectations, Dominating Sales in Gulf Countries!



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Samsung announced that sales of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 have exceeded the sales of their predecessors in key markets, specifically in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Turkey.

Thanks to the increase in demand, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 came in first place, accounting for 54 percent of total sales.  The two colors “Graphite” and “Mint” were the favorites among buyers, accounting for 33 percent and 29 percent.

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On the other hand, the two colors “Phantom Black” and “Ice Blue” were the most prominent for the Galaxy Z Fold5, and they accounted for 44% and 37% of the phone.

It seemed remarkable that the 1 TB storage option in the Galaxy Z Fold 5 witnessed a four-fold increase over its predecessor, paving the way for an exciting future in the world of smartphones.

This series has revolutionized daily efficiency with its many features, including Multi Window and App Continuity, and its range of functions, including the taskbar, drag and drop, and third-party application optimization.


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4 Samsung Galaxy smartphones getting September 2023 security update



Samsung Galaxy A32 A21s September 2023 update

Samsung already rolled out a September 2023 security update for a bunch of Galaxy devices and the company is now making it available for 4 more Galaxy smartphones – Galaxy A32, Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A02, and Galaxy M02. The latest update improves system security and stability by installing the latest Android security patch.

September 2023 security patch mends over 60 flaws, which are mainly related to Samsung Keyboard, Dual Messenger, Knox AI, Phone and Messaging Storage, One UI Home, Weather, and more.

Latest Firmware:

  • Galaxy A32 5G – A326U1UESBDWI1
  • Galaxy A21s – A217FXXSADWI1
  • Galaxy A02 – A022GDXS3BWH1
  • Galaxy M02 – M022FXXS3BWH1

How to Update:

If you have received the notification of the update then install it now to get a bug-free experience. You can also check the update by visiting the Settings app on your smartphone and opening the Software Update section.

Now, click on the Download and install option. If any update is available, you can follow the on-screen instructions to install the update on your Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A32 A21s September 2023 update

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One UI 6.0 vs. 5.1: Uncovering the Striking Transformation in Notification and Quick Panel



Samsung One UI 6 Quick Panel

Samsung’s latest One UI skin brings a redesigned Quick Panel. Compared to the One UI 5.1, the Notification and Quick Panel of One UI 6.0 look way better and clean. And some minor user interface tweaks offer an intuitive user experience and easier access.

Notification Panel:

Since both screenshots are taken in Light mode setting, anyone can easily spot the difference. At first, the bright color of the Notification Panel got dim, resulting in a clean and vibrant interface.

Rather than the section, UI elements got bright to better showcase the section. In One UI 5.1, the clock can be seen at the top left corner, which is aligned before the Day, and Date in One UI 6.0.


Notification Panel – One UI 5.1 [L] | One UI 6.0 [R]

Quick Panel:

Talking about the Quick Panel, the differences are huge. One UI 5.1 version has quick settings toggles in the basic manner. However, the elements are well-organized in the new One UI 6.0 software.

The first row consists of two large tiles for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. After that, there’s a large square section, which has a total of 12 toggles, with users can access more toggles through the pagination function.

Next to the second section, the third row has a large rectangular space, which consists of the Brightness slider as well as the Eye comfort shield and Light/Dark mode toggles. At last, two large tiles are aligned to incorporate:

  1. Smart View
  2. Device control.

Quick Panel – One UI 5.1 [L] | One UI 6.0 [R]

One UI 6.0 Update

Samsung will unveil the new One UI 6.0 software at this year’s Developers Conference next month. It’s likely that the Galaxy S23 series will begin getting the Stable Android 14 update in late October. Within 2023, all eligible Galaxy devices are expected to be updated with the new software.

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