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9 Samsung tips to boost battery life of your Galaxy Watch



Samsung Galaxy Battery tips

Like a smartphone, if you are using a smartwatch, then it is also necessary to charge it on time. There are many reasons due to which the problem of battery drain starts appearing in smartphones and smartwatches. So now you check out 9 tips to extend the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Samsung also provides a host of functions and apps for its Galaxy smartwatches, so that users don’t have to leave their mobiles to perform simple tasks. The battery is a vital part, and obviously, no one likes to charge it again and again due to a draining issue.

Samsung Galaxy Battery tips

9 Tips to extend Battery life of Samsung Galaxy Watch

1) Update Software

It is very important to keep your watch updated because many times some bugs come up, which are fixed by the company through new updates. You can easily check and update your smartwatch, just need to follow a few steps.

Firstly, connect your watch to your Android phone, open the Samsung Wearable app >> navigate to Watch settings >> Watch software update >> Download and install. If an update is available, tap the Update now option, and on the Watch software update’ screen, tap Install now.

2) Update Apps

Sometimes apps may have bugs that cause them to consume too much battery, make sure all your apps are up to date for the best performance.

3) Unused Heath Trackers

Sometimes it happens that we start many health-tracking functions and forget to use them regularly. Due to this, the Watch battery starts decreasing even without using it.

Swipe upwards on the Watch screen and from the Apps screen tap Samsung Health. Swipe up on a feature’s health menu and tap it to turn it off. After exiting any health menu, double-press the Watch Back button to return to the watch face. (Double-pressing the Back key will not return to the main menu of the Samsung Health app)

4) Delete Data and Close Background Apps

Open the Galaxy Wearable >> tap the Watch Settings  >> press the About Watch option >> click on Storage >> tap Image or Audio >> Click the Delete button.

5) Power Saving mode 

When power saving mode is on, your watch’s home screen will be shown in grayscale and all functions will be turned off except for calls, messages, and notifications that use Bluetooth. Wi-Fi and mobile data will also be turned off, and performance will be limited.

From Galaxy Watch 5 Settings, open the Battery section and tap on Power saving mode to turn it on. Also, you can turn it on through Quick Menu.

6) Turn off Network connections

Some of the apps and features that we cannot use without Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or mobile network connection. Turn on only the connection functions you need, you can turn off all the rest to save battery.

To turn on some connections, swipe up on the Watch screen and open Settings. Tap Connections, you can turn off the Mobile network and Wi-Fi.

7) Customize your notification settings

You should customize notifications as per your preference. Open Settings on your watch >> Click on Notifications >> Tap on Advanced  Settings >> turn off the switches for Show with details and Turn on the screen.

8) Temperature

Temperature is also a factor in reducing watch battery life, exposing it to very cold or hot temperatures can cause damage.

9) Turn off the Watch Always on Display

Of course, the Always on Display function eats up a lot of battery. If you want to save it then from Settings of the Watch, open the Display section and tap on the Always on Display toggle to turn it off.

Note: You can customize these settings from both your smartphone and smartwatch.

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Galaxy Watch Ultra briefly listed on Samsung website



Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra Render

Galaxy Watch Ultra was briefly listed on the Samsung support website. The company’s first Ultra smartwatch will launch on July 10 in Paris. The listing confirmed that the Galaxy Watch Ultra is officially coming to compete with Apple Watch Ultra.

Recently, 91mobiles spotted the Galaxy Watch Ultra on the Samsung support website in Canada. The official support page for Watch Ultra is no longer available online. However, it confirmed that the Galaxy Watch Ultra will have LTE support and 47mm size.

Unlike other Galaxy Watch lineups, the Galaxy Watch Ultra might be available in only one size. The smartwatch was listed on the support page with the model number SM-L705F. The product is likely to come in two colors: White and Dark Grey with an orange side key.

Recently, it was rumored that the Galaxy Watch Ultra might cost 700 euros. It translates to nearly $750 in the United States, which is a quite high price tag for the smartwatch. Notably, it’s more than double the price of the Galaxy Watch 6, and the upcoming Watch 7.

A new 3nm Exynos processor will power the upcoming Galaxy Watch trio. It is said to offer a 20% increase in power efficiency and enhanced performance. Besides, the Galaxy Watch 7 series and Watch Ultra will come pre-installed with Wear OS 5-based One UI 6 Watch.

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More Galaxy S20 FE 4G users grab June 2024 security update



Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G June 2024 update

Samsung has begun expanding the June 2024 security update for the Galaxy S20 FE 4G smartphone to more countries. This update is already out for unlocked models of the smartphone in the US.

June 2024 security update for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 4G arrives with One UI build version G780GXXSAEXF1. Currently, the update is live in several Asian and European countries.

These countries include Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Southeast Europe, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, the Baltic region, the Caucasus region, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, the Nordic region, the Philippines, the UK, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

The fresh security patch fixes 37 high-level CVEs for the Android operating system and 22 SVE items for Samsung’s One UI. It improves the grid image display, battery statistics services, call verification, the Samsung Dialer app, and more.

Moreover, the latest security patch brings system security improvements, stability optimization, bug fixes, and functional enhancements to deliver a better user experience.

Users can download the June 2024 security update through Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE June 2024 update

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One UI 6.1.1 update will be as big as One UI 6.1, Samsung mod says



One UI 6.1.1 6.1 features

Samsung has officially confirmed that its upcoming One UI 6.1 update will be equivalent to One UI 6.1.1. This major update aims to address specific user interface concerns recently reported.

A user recently highlighted an issue where, after updating to One UI 6.1, the alignment of the clock and date elements became irregular when using the default font. However, this issue was not observed with other fonts.

In response to this, a Samsung community moderator acknowledged the issue and assured users that they are actively working on a fix. Further, he explained that adjustments to UI elements like the clock and date alignment require specific corrections.

The fix for the issue will be implemented in the next One UI 6.1 update. He also mentioned that the next One UI 6.1 is equivalent to the One UI 6.1.1. This update will be delivered to users as a binary-level patch to ensure a seamless experience.

One UI 6.1-based upcoming software update for some Galaxy devices, excluding foldable and large screen models, will include features from One UI 6.1.1. Some Galaxy flagships are expected to receive these One UI 6.1.1 features by late July or early August 2024.

Samsung One UI 6.1.1 update

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