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Hidden Samsung trick to get excellent zoom photos on Galaxy S22/S23 Ultra



Samsung April 2024 weekender

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is an excellent smartphone, equipped with the world’s fastest and most intelligent Android chipset, pro-grade camera, and premium display. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra somehow failed in some cases when capturing photos between 1x-10x zoom range.

As the Android market is getting more and more camera-centric smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra must require to maintain its dominance. Thankfully, tipster UniverseIce decoded the ultra-clear algorithm working pattern and manual way of activation.

The entire scenario appears like a miracle but the results are enough to make your day!

To activate the hidden ultra-clear algorithm, the tipster recommended a handful of tricky steps, which anyone can do and get succeed. Since the algorithm is not directly accessible to users, you must have to keep in mind that it’s just an experimental thing, which may not happen each time you perform.

In case you are capturing photos in sufficient light, trigger the zoom range to over 20x using the slider and return to the 6x-10x range, and the camera algorithm will activate itself. If you are capturing in insufficient light, you just need to be in a zoom range between 6x to 10x to activate the ultra-clear algorithm.

Must ensure you don’t tap the camera viewfinder to focus on the object otherwise the algorithm will not activate at all. Once done, simply hit the shutter and let the image get processed. If you notice delayed processing, it’s a sign of image captured using the zoom algorithm.

You can watch the video below to understand what’s the so-called Samsung zoom photos algorithm on Galaxy S Ultra models.

Apart from the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the same trick is working on the Galaxy S22 Ultra too, while Galaxy S21 Ultra users can try their luck now! As the camera is capable of capturing sharp zoom images, Samsung should make improvements so the algorithm can apply itself anyway the user tap shutter.

James is the lead content creator on Sammy Fans and mostly works on Samsung's firmware section. His first phone was the Galaxy S4 and continues to get new S series devices. Most of the time, James tries to learn about new technologies and gadgets but he also sneaks a bit of free time to nearby rivers and nature.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 7, Watch Ultra add advanced health features: Experts react



Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch Ultra come with the most advanced health tracking features. Regarding the AGE functionality, experts are concerned that this technology has not yet been scientifically verified.

2024 Galaxy Watch models equipped with AGE (advanced glycation end products) tracking. It is slated to be used as an indicator to prevent aging. Doctors are concerned that AGEs could lead people to make wrong decisions about health.

The Korean tech giant launched the Watch Ultra and Watch 7 on July 10, 2024. The new wearables alongside the Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 are set to hit market shelves on July 24. Samsung’s new watches are equipped with an enhanced BioActive sensor.

The upgraded BioActive sensor features new Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Infrared LEDs. These LEDs alongside the existing Red, Green, and Ultraviolet increase heart rate measurement by 30% and make AGE measurement possible.

Medical experts via Bloter say that the AGE index has not yet been scientifically verified. Lack of enough testing may lead to the presentation of data that may not be accurate enough. As a result, users could make wrong decisions about their health.

There are cases where people receive treatment even though they do not have the disease (false positives) due to the method of interpreting AGEs and glycated hemoglobin.

Cases where people do not receive treatment even though they have the disease because they only believe in the AGEs results (false negatives).

The inclusion of AGE tech may also create confusion between health management and medical treatment. Samsung’s aggressive approach towards the Galaxy Watch segment is fading boundaries between health management and medical management.

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Samsung Galaxy A14 5G gets July 2024 security update in the US



Samsung Galaxy A14 July 2024 update

Samsung is releasing the July 2024 security update for the Galaxy A14 5G smartphone in the US. The update is already live in Asian and Middle Eastern countries. The company is now rolling this update out for both carrier-locked and unlocked models of this smartphone.

The fresh update includes the July 2024 security patch, which addresses over 55 security issues and vulnerabilities. This update also promises enhanced system stability, ensuring that users experience no interruptions, crashes, or lags. It improves some functions to provide smoother performance and better user experience.

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G smartphone users are getting the July 2024 update in the US with the version given below.

  • Locked – A146USQS8DXG1
  • Unlocked – A146U1UES8DXG1

Users are advised to install the update promptly to benefit from the improved security measures. To install the update, open the Settings app, select ‘Software Update’, and then ‘Download and install’.

The update shouldn’t affect your personal data but Samsung advises users to make a backup on your important data. Some settings may change after the update.

Samsung Galaxy A14, A34 5G grab July 2024 security update

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Quality issue on Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, Samsung delays pre-orders



Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro reported having quality issues. As the issue is seemingly widespread, Samsung halted pre-orders in the US, UK, and Germany. The problem may lead to further delays in other regions and countries too.

TheVerge reported that the new silicone ear tips of the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro allegedly ripping on removal. This cause renders the earbuds useless as they can’t be reattached and using one of the spare ear tips isn’t a solution as they are of different sizes.

The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro was scheduled to be available in the market from July 24. Meanwhile, the issue caused the Korean tech giant to postpone the availability by nearly a month. It could go on sale in the US by August 28 while August 16 in Europe.

Many consumers raised similar complaints on Reddit. Samsung fans who have received their Buds 3 Pro report that ear tips have ripped during removal. The company has also published a guide on removal, restricting you to twisting the ear tips or using fingernails.

While Samsung has halted shipments, you should avoid twisting ear tips on your Galaxy Buds. If you an accused of the same symptom, contact Samsung support or visit nearby service center. Here’s what Samsung stated on the matter:

  • We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the customers who participated in the pre-sale of the Galaxy Buds 3 series and others that took place until July 18th.
  • We deeply apologize for any quality issues you may have encountered with some of the products you purchased during the pre-sale period.
  • If you experience any inconvenience with the product you purchased, you can visit a nearby service center to receive appropriate measures such as exchange or refund.
  • We will do our best to thoroughly inspect all processes before the official domestic launch on the 24th to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

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