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Samsung Galaxy S23 April 2023 Update – Changelog Vs Hidden Camera Improvements



Samsung Galaxy S23 May 2023 update

On March 30, Samsung kicked off the April 2023 security patch and major camera improvements through a new software update to the Galaxy S23 series. The firmware is yet to land in the United States, but we are here to share what hidden changes the release is going to bring to your Galaxy S23.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 series started getting April 2023 update in South Korea, which includes several camera-related contents including changes, bug/issue fixes, improvements, optimization, and new function. However, the update changelog doesn’t seem promising as it lacks hidden content.

Below, you can check the content mentioned in the changelog (machine translated):


Camera Super Steady function

  • Image quality has been improved and shooting guide text has been added for the ‘Super Steady’ function, which allows stable video recording in dynamic situations such as running.

Apply stabilization code

  • Stabilization code related to terminal operation has been applied.

Apply Google security patch

  • Security-related stabilization code has been applied.

The S23 lineup’s April update is not limited to just image quality improvements and the addition of guidelines while using Super Steady mode in the ultrawide sensor. The firmware weighs about sizzling 1 gigabyte, and no doubt, it has a lot of stuff to dig out.

Below, you can check the hidden content that the changelog lacks:

Hidden Contents

New Feature/Function

  • A function has been added to the gallery so that you can immediately delete photos that are being processed immediately after taking them with the camera.


  1. For faster photo taking, the AF concept has been changed so that when the user presses the shooting button, the user can take a photo even when the focus is not completely set. However, if you want to shoot after completing Focus as before, please change the settings in the latest Camera Assistant.
    • Camera Assistant > Prioritize focus over speed (focus priority) On

Bug/Issue Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where a green line was displayed on the left side intermittently when shooting in the rear photo mode.
  2. Fixed a malfunction when shooting after Night Off in low light after selecting Shooting Speed ​​> High Resolution > Speed ​​Priority in Camera Assistant.
    • Camera Assistant > Shooting Speed ​​> High Resolution > Speed ​​Priority, then Camera > Night Off or Scene Optimizer Off
  3. Fixed an issue where face recognition could not be recognized intermittently after ending a 3rd party video call.


  1. Improved sharpness/flicker and added notice when shooting Ultrawide in low light indoors after setting Camera Video Mode > Super Steady On.
    • “To take a good Super Steady photo, I need more light.”
  2. Improved image stabilization when shooting with FHD60 after setting Auto FPS Off in rear video.
  3. Improved line-shaped banding noise in the sky in mid-low light when shooting high-pixel in low-mid light.
  4. Improved stability for camera movements introduced through other routes.


  1. Optimized overall sharpness for high-pixel shooting and improved intermittent blurring through OIS stabilization.

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Samsung joins RISC-V software ecosystem eyeing semiconductor advancements



Samsung Rise

Eyeing Exynos advancements, Samsung joined RISC-V, an open-source software development project to build and spread an advanced semiconductor ecosystem. Recently, the company announced that it has become a member of the operating board of directors for “RISC-V.”

To be noted RISC-V is an open source software development project launched by the Linux Foundation, an open source non-profit organization. This is an organization launched to develop software using RISC-V, n open source (open) semiconductor design asset (IP, Intellectual Property).

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Including Samsung, global IT and semiconductor companies such as Google, Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm are participating. Companies participating in the RISE project, including Samsung, plan to jointly develop software based on RISC-V.

“We will participate in the RISE project and collaborate with other companies to build a sustainable RISC-V-based open source software ecosystem,” said Park Soo-hong, head of the Open Source Group at Samsung Research and a member of the Linux Foundation board of directors.

Samsung Rise

It is easy to implement applications or services, which operate on RISC-V-based chipsets, and resources required for development and maintenance can be reduced. It’s expected to be used in various fields such as mobile, home appliances, data centers, and vehicle applications.

Meanwhile, RISE operating board members include Samsung Electronics, Google, Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Red Hat, Mediatek, Andes, and Imae Thirteen companies including Imagination Rivos, SiFive, Ventana, T-Head are Samsung participating.

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Samsung will change the way you transact with cards



Samsung Biometric Card IC

Samsung Biometric Card IC is an all-in-one security solution, which offers biometric cards a variety of things they need to make everyday transactions safer and PIN free. Notably, this technology was selected as a winner of the CES 2023 Best of Innovation Awards in the Cybersecurity & Personal Privacy category.

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Let’s take a look at how Samsung Biometric Card IC can make card transactions PIN free and convenient, solving one of the world’s most pressing payment and identification problems. The video mentioned below gives you a high-level understanding of how it will change the way people pay in the future.

What the video below:

Samsung Biometric Card IC

An innovative payment card technology called a biometric card offers cardholders a secure and convenient way to authenticate themselves at the point of sale (POS) by using their fingerprint instead of a personal identification number (PIN) or signature.

Cardholders don’t need to enter a PIN for high-value transactions, making transactions faster and easier. An added layer of security reduces concerns about the card or PIN theft and increases confidence in using the card, especially when traveling because you don’t have to worry about fraudulent payments even if your card is stolen or lost.

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Galaxy S23 Blurry Close-up Camera Explained, Samsung Pledges Software Fix



Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S23 series brings some of the best camera smartphones out there. Following the launch, it was noticed that the non-Ultra models of Samsung Galaxy S23 have some issues, causing blurry close-up shots, which are now officially acknowledged.

What’s the issue?

Some Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus smartphone users noticed that the area around the subject looks a bit blurred when taking a close-up shot. The impact of this problem is limited to both low-end models of the lineup, while the Ultra remains issue-free.

What’s the reason?

Samsung disclosed through its community post that Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus use a 50-megapixel primary camera powered by AI features and machine learning. The blurry close-up problem causes due to the sensor’s bright aperture, which makes stunning Nitghtography possible.

Fix coming in the future!

Samsung not only explained the issue and shared the reason, but also confirmed that the blurry close-up shots problem on Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus is planned to improve (fix) in a future software update. However, when this software update will release, remains a question for now.


If you are experiencing this on your Samsung Galaxy S23 or S23+, there are a few solutions you can try:

  1. Try taking a picture from a bit further away; if the subject you are photographing is about 30 cm away, move back a hand’s width
  2. Try to take a photo holding the phone vertically; if you hold the phone horizontally or diagonally, the background may appear blurred.

Why S23 Ultra is unimpacted?

Galaxy S23 Ultra remains unimpacted from the blurry shot issue as its camera automatically switches to the wide-angle camera and activates the focus booster to prevent blur. But do note that the focus enhancer stops working in high-resolution image mode, possibly resulting in a blurry close-up.

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