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Krafton announced as winners of PCS5 Europe Grand Finals



PUBG (PCS5) Grand Final

Recently, Krafton announced as winners of the PCS5 Europe Grand Finals. On, October 3, the list of Eastern Europe players – Dmytro ‘Perfect1ks’ Dubenyuk, Yaroslav ‘spyrro’ Kuvichko, Kirill ‘Lu’ Lukyanov, and Alexander ‘BatulinS’ Batulin – received $52,000 in the prize pool of more than $250,000 after hitting 15 other teams will finish at the top of the leader board.

In addition to the prize pool, all PCS5 Europe teams will benefit from the Pick’Em Challenge, with 30% of total sales from international sporting goods being distributed between Europe, America, Asia, and APAC. was strong throughout the event and continued to build on the good form that saw them win PCS4 Europe back in June. They finished top of the board of directors for both the first and third working weekends which ultimately ensured that they were recognized as champions.

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The FaZe Clan started off slowly, but their experience lit up as they turned it into second place and $28,500 in the prize pool, followed closely by Question Mark who came in third and took $26,500 home.

Natus Vincere’s xmpl, FaZe Clan’s Fexx and Team Liquid’s mxey were the tournament’s most prolific players, finishing with 54 kills each – xmpl was awarded Kill Leader due to having the highest total damage of the three players. The other special awards were as follows:

  • PCS5 MVP: xmpl
  • All PCS Team: xmpl, Gustav, Perfect1ks and mxey
  • Insane Squad:

At the start of the final game Question Mark released the leader board and it looks like they will take their first PCS title. However, an incredible 16-game victory from saw them overtake Mark and take first place by one point.

It has been an incredibly successful year on this list and earning ESL Summer and PCS4 Europe. They are currently the most powerful players in Europe and will be happy to challenge themselves to the top teams in the PGC world.

PCS5 Europe Grand Finals

The eight Europe squads who have now officially qualified for PGC 2021 are as follows:
  2. FaZe Clan
  3. Natus Vincere
  4. Team Liquid
  5. Question Mark
  7. ENCE
  8. BBL Esports

Hey, Camila is here! From the very beginning, I love using Samsung phones like a die-hard fan. Apart from detailing One UI features for readers, I love exploring different apps of the Samsung ecosystem with a cup of tea!


4 best Android Auto apps



Android Auto Car

Today we will tell you about the best 4 Android Auto apps that you can use if you’re going for a drive and enhance your setup. Let’s know those Auto apps that you should use.

Google Maps

It makes sense to include Google Maps on this list since it is the program that motorists use the most while driving because it provides a wealth of features and a simple interface that makes it easier for drivers to get where they’re going. It automatically adjusts between light and dark themes, for example when you reach a tunnel.

Therefore, Google Maps is an obvious option for in-car navigation for anyone using Android Auto. On Android, there are several top auto apps, but Google Maps offers far more functions than the majority of them.

Autovaras Car assistant

Autovaras tracks expiration dates. Just enter the dates for items like your next vehicle inspection, your insurance renewal, or the expiration of your tags.

This crucial information will always be visible to you, ensuring that you don’t forget any deadlines that could risk your license. Although it doesn’t have many functions, it is undoubtedly useful, and you can download and install it for nothing because it is a free program.

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It is a navigation app. It permits drivers to select effective routes. Anyone can use this app to report accidents or other traffic delays, allowing the rest of us to see up-to-the-minute information.

Although there isn’t much offline support, Waze still provides accurate real-time traffic. Additionally, Waze works nicely with Android Auto and lets you access apps directly from the vehicle. Waze makes for a great traveling companion.

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TomTom Go Navigation

This program includes turn-by-turn navigation, lane guidance, real-time traffic, and support for offline maps. This navigation program is available for a 30-day fully functional trial, and if you like what you see, you can also subscribe on a monthly basis.

Additionally, TomTom Go offers a free app called TomTom AmiGO. However, TomTom Go Navigation is unquestionably the version you should attempt if you demand solid map software that operates offline and want all of TomTom’s navigation features.

Image Credits: Google

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4 kinds of Android apps you should delete!



Samsung Pentastic One UI 6 update

Every smartphone we purchase comes with a number of pre-installed apps, some of which are useful and others that are not. When the new device is received, we download a number of 3rd party apps for payments, and social media.

However, have you ever thought about the apps that are already installed on your phone, some of which may not even be secure enough to be left there while still being useful?

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Your phone may have lots of apps over time, some of which you use regularly while many others take up room in your app column and remain there. In this post, we’ll examine 4 kinds of Android apps that you should remove from your device in order to improve its security and storage cleanliness.

Bloatware Apps

You should delete any pre-installed apps you don’t use, even though some of them may be useful. The quantity of bloatware varies between different Android skins; some phones have less bloatware, while others have more. You can even force stop those apps that can’t be uninstalled on your mobile phone because it is part of Android.

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Apps that are built-in

Earlier versions of Android did not have many apps, so we had to download things like flashlights, QR code scanners, and screen recorders from other sources. However, Android now comes with these kinds of apps and functionality pre-installed on your phone. Therefore you can remove those applications that perform the same tasks as built-in Android applications.

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Outdated apps

Your phone may contain a lot of out-of-date applications. Because we have updated applications that carry out a similar function, you can delete this one. For instance, there is no need to download other programs that are identical to Google applications like sheets, notes, etc. because they are just as productive and updated as Google applications.

Booster apps

You may have noticed numerous advertisements for apps that increase productivity and storage, and as a result, many users downloaded those apps. However, we must warn you that these phone-damaging booster and optimizer apps, despite their many positive promises, are harmful. Since your Android phone already has numerous capabilities, such as battery savers, etc., these apps are pointless.

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Samsung Members app update enhances usability on One UI 4.1 devices



Samsung Members update

Samsung is expanding the One UI Members update to more Galaxy users. You will have to download a 41.67 MB software package to install the latest update via Galaxy Store. As per the changelog, the latest update brings a more powerful diagnostics feature to manage the device. You can check the full changelog below.


  • Samsung Members is renewed overall
  • Enjoy new community features like the accept solution and the badge
  • Manager your device using the more powerful diagnostic feature.

Samsung Members update

May 11, 2021

Samsung has started rolling out a new app update for the Samsung Members via Galaxy Store. You can identify the latest update through version number, which enhances the app performance.

Samsung Members update comes with regular improvements to improve the stability and usability of the application. The update does not include any new features or changes but definitely provides a smoother experience.

With this update, the company aims to provide smooth and bug-free services. Notably, the update is compatible with the Galaxy devices running on Android 12 based on One UI 4.1 /One UI 4.0.

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The installation package of the latest update is 41.67 MB, you can download it through the personal data of your smartphone as it is not of a very large size.  To install this latest version on your smartphone, open the Galaxy Store, and tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner.


After that, you will find the Updates option, tap on it. From here you will get all the available updates, you can install any of them. Also, you can get this new update directly from the link mentioned below.

  • Get Samsung Members update – APKMirror

Samsung Members 

Samsung Members is an official app of the company that comes pre-loaded on all Galaxy devices. It is a great place to get the latest news, tips, and support from Samsung. You can also send questions and reports to our teams and help us improve our products.

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