Samsung July 2021 Security Patch Details – New Fixes [CVEs/SVEs]

Samsung has finally released the most awaited July 2021 security bulletin for the Galaxy devices. Along with the security patch details, the company has also released the updated devices list that are eligible for new monthly, quarterly, and biannual security updates.

According to the company, its July 2021 security patch update brings fixes for 3 critical CVEs and 38 high levels of CVEs from Google. Furthermore, the update also includes fixes for 8 additional SVEs from Samsung for Galaxy devices including phones and tablets.

Samsung July 2021 Security Patch Details [New CVE Fixes]


  • CVE-2020-26558(A-179039983), CVE-2020-11176, CVE-2020-11291


  • CVE-2020-26555(A-181682537, A-174626251), CVE-2020-11304, CVE-2020-11298, CVE-2020-11306, CVE-2021-1900, CVE-2021-0512, CVE-2021-0525, CVE-2021-0527, CVE-2021-0533, CVE-2021-0526, CVE-2021-0528, CVE-2021-0529, CVE-2021-0531, CVE-2021-0530, CVE-2021-0532, CVE-2020-11292, CVE-2020-11267, CVE-2020-14305, CVE-2021-1937, CVE-2020-26558(A-174886838), CVE-2021-0513, CVE-2021-0478, CVE-2021-0441, CVE-2021-0486, CVE-2021-0587, CVE-2021-0601, CVE-2020-0417, CVE-2021-0585, CVE-2021-0586, CVE-2021-0589, CVE-2021-0594, CVE-2021-0600, CVE-2021-0602, CVE-2021-0590, CVE-2021-0596, CVE-2021-0597, CVE-2021-0599, CVE-2021-0604


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2021-1925

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2021-0588

Apart from Google patches, Samsung also delivers fixes for 8 SVEs in order to improve Galaxy owners’ confidence in the security of devices. Do note that some of the SVEs may not be included in this package, in case these items were already included in a previous maintenance release.

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Samsung SVE Fixes

  • SVE-2021-20903 (CVE-2021-25426): Possible to access Message files
  • SVE-2021-19827: Multiple Bluetooth Core Specification Vulnerabilities
  • SVE-2021-21041 (CVE-2021-25429, CVE-2021-25430): Leak Bluetooth information through broadcast in Bluetooth app
  • SVE-2021-21231 (CVE-2021-25427): SQL Injection in Bluetooth
  • SVE-2021-20754 (CVE-2021-25428): Allow dangerous level permission without user confirmation in limited circumstances

It’s worth mentioning that Samsung has already released the July 2021 security update to a number of Galaxy devices, while the rapid rollout running parallelly. If you own a Galaxy device and eligible for July 2021 security update, then wait for an official release and stay tuned with us.

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