Friday, September 17, 2021
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Samsung June 2021 Security Patch Details – New Fixes [One UI/Android]

As always, Samsung launched the June 2021 One UI security patch before changing the calendar month, even ahead of the stock Android, commonly known as Google. The Galaxy S21 series was to first to grab the latest security patch, a week before this month.

Later on, the company expanded this latest security improvement package to more Galaxy devices from different segments and all of the latest and older (eligible) flagship phones have started getting it over the air in various smartphone markets.

Well, the most awaited Samsung June 2021 security bulletin has officially arrived, which includes dozens of new fixes for CVEs from Google and Samsung. At the same time, the company said that it has already fixed some exploits with the previous patches, while some are not applicable for Galaxy devices.

According to the official document, Samsung’s June 2021 security patch update brings fixes for 2 Critical (CVE-2021-0507, CVE-2021-0516), 27 High, and 5 Moderate levels of CVEs to Galaxy phones and tablets. While fixes for 9 new CVEs already included in previous updates and 4 not applicable to Samsung devices.

Samsung Android June 2021 Security Bulletin [New CVE Fixes]


CVE-2021-0507, CVE-2021-0516


CVE-2021-1891, CVE-2020-11284, CVE-2021-1905, CVE-2021-1915, CVE-2021-1927, CVE-2021-28663, CVE-2021-28664, CVE-2021-0495, CVE-2020-11279, CVE-2020-11273, CVE-2020-11274, CVE-2020-11285, CVE-2020-29661, CVE-2019-2219, CVE-2021-0511, CVE-2021-0521, CVE-2021-0508, CVE-2021-0509, CVE-2021-0510, CVE-2021-0520, CVE-2021-0505, CVE-2021-0506, CVE-2021-0523, CVE-2021-0504, CVE-2021-0517, CVE-2021-0522, CVE-2021-0304


CVE-2021-1906, CVE-2021-0381, CVE-2020-0025, CVE-2021-0385, CVE-2021-0389

Already included in previous updates

CVE-2021-0492, CVE-2021-0491, CVE-2021-0493, CVE-2021-0494, CVE-2021-0497, CVE-2021-0498, CVE-2021-0489, CVE-2021-0490, CVE-2021-0496

Not applicable to Samsung devices

CVE-2021-0467, CVE-2020-11288, CVE-2020-11289, CVE-2021-1910

Samsung Android June 2021 Security Bulletin [New CVE Fixes]

Alongside Google patches, Samsung provides 19 SVE items in order to improve Galaxy device owners’ confidence in security. You can check the list below.

Note: Some of the SVE items may not be included in this package, in case these items were already included in a previous maintenance release.

  1. SVE-2021-20702 (CVE-2021-25410): Arbitrary file access vulnerability in CallBGProvider
  2. SVE-2021-20877 (CVE-2021-25413): Possible to access arbitrary content providers
  3. SVE-2021-20879 (CVE-2021-25414): Possible to theft or overwrite arbitrary files
  4. SVE-2021-21161 (CVE-2021-25407): Out of bounds write in Samsung NPU driver
  5. SVE-2021-20641 (CVE-2021-25417): Improper authorization in SDP SDK
  6. SVE-2021-20984 (CVE-2021-25412): Improper access control in genericssoservice service
  7. SVE-2021-20948 (CVE-2021-25409): Configure Notification settings without authorization
  8. SVE-2021-20178 (CVE-2021-25415): Possible remapping RKP memory as writable from EL1
  9. SVE-2021-20179 (CVE-2021-25416): Possible creating executable kernel page via abusing dynamic load functions
  10. SVE-2021-20176 (CVE-2021-25411): Vulnerable api in RKP allows attackers to write read-only kernel memory
  11. SVE-2021-21074 (CVE-2021-25408): Buffer overflow in Samsung NPU driver


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