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Samsung June 2021 Security Patch Details – New Fixes [One UI/Android]



As always, Samsung launched the June 2021 One UI security patch before changing the calendar month, even ahead of the stock Android, commonly known as Google. The Galaxy S21 series was to first to grab the latest security patch, a week before this month.

Later on, the company expanded this latest security improvement package to more Galaxy devices from different segments and all of the latest and older (eligible) flagship phones have started getting it over the air in various smartphone markets.

Well, the most awaited Samsung June 2021 security bulletin has officially arrived, which includes dozens of new fixes for CVEs from Google and Samsung. At the same time, the company said that it has already fixed some exploits with the previous patches, while some are not applicable for Galaxy devices.

According to the official document, Samsung’s June 2021 security patch update brings fixes for 2 Critical (CVE-2021-0507, CVE-2021-0516), 27 High, and 5 Moderate levels of CVEs to Galaxy phones and tablets. While fixes for 9 new CVEs already included in previous updates and 4 not applicable to Samsung devices.

Samsung Android June 2021 Security Bulletin [New CVE Fixes]


CVE-2021-0507, CVE-2021-0516


CVE-2021-1891, CVE-2020-11284, CVE-2021-1905, CVE-2021-1915, CVE-2021-1927, CVE-2021-28663, CVE-2021-28664, CVE-2021-0495, CVE-2020-11279, CVE-2020-11273, CVE-2020-11274, CVE-2020-11285, CVE-2020-29661, CVE-2019-2219, CVE-2021-0511, CVE-2021-0521, CVE-2021-0508, CVE-2021-0509, CVE-2021-0510, CVE-2021-0520, CVE-2021-0505, CVE-2021-0506, CVE-2021-0523, CVE-2021-0504, CVE-2021-0517, CVE-2021-0522, CVE-2021-0304


CVE-2021-1906, CVE-2021-0381, CVE-2020-0025, CVE-2021-0385, CVE-2021-0389

Already included in previous updates

CVE-2021-0492, CVE-2021-0491, CVE-2021-0493, CVE-2021-0494, CVE-2021-0497, CVE-2021-0498, CVE-2021-0489, CVE-2021-0490, CVE-2021-0496

Not applicable to Samsung devices

CVE-2021-0467, CVE-2020-11288, CVE-2020-11289, CVE-2021-1910

Samsung Android June 2021 Security Bulletin [New CVE Fixes]

Alongside Google patches, Samsung provides 19 SVE items in order to improve Galaxy device owners’ confidence in security. You can check the list below.

Note: Some of the SVE items may not be included in this package, in case these items were already included in a previous maintenance release.

  1. SVE-2021-20702 (CVE-2021-25410): Arbitrary file access vulnerability in CallBGProvider
  2. SVE-2021-20877 (CVE-2021-25413): Possible to access arbitrary content providers
  3. SVE-2021-20879 (CVE-2021-25414): Possible to theft or overwrite arbitrary files
  4. SVE-2021-21161 (CVE-2021-25407): Out of bounds write in Samsung NPU driver
  5. SVE-2021-20641 (CVE-2021-25417): Improper authorization in SDP SDK
  6. SVE-2021-20984 (CVE-2021-25412): Improper access control in genericssoservice service
  7. SVE-2021-20948 (CVE-2021-25409): Configure Notification settings without authorization
  8. SVE-2021-20178 (CVE-2021-25415): Possible remapping RKP memory as writable from EL1
  9. SVE-2021-20179 (CVE-2021-25416): Possible creating executable kernel page via abusing dynamic load functions
  10. SVE-2021-20176 (CVE-2021-25411): Vulnerable api in RKP allows attackers to write read-only kernel memory
  11. SVE-2021-21074 (CVE-2021-25408): Buffer overflow in Samsung NPU driver


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Android 14

Samsung Android 14-based One UI 6.0: Everything you need to know



Samsung One UI 6.0

Android 14 (One UI 6.0) update will be a big deal for Samsung consumers having an eligible Galaxy smartphone or tablet. Android 12 brought radical user interface tweaks, which have been refined in the Android 13 update. And we hope the Android 14 will focus on performance and efficiency.

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Samsung will introduce Android 14-based One UI 6.0 software for Galaxy devices this year. One UI is a mature software and the company is strictly maintaining the naming strategy. Galaxy fans can confirm that the next version will be One UI 6 as there’s no rocket science behind this.

One UI 6.0

Flagship Samsung devices ranging from the Galaxy S21 series to the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5 foldables are eligible for the One UI 6.0 update, based on Android 14. In addition, there are a lot of Galaxy handsets launched with Android 12, which are also on the list!

One UI 6 is becoming the biggest reason forcing me to purchase the S23 Ultra, but, I’ll continue using my S22 Ultra as a daily driver. Upgrade to the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be highly fruitful for me since Samsung won’t be taking much time to expand One UI 6 Beta for older models.

One UI 6.0 Features

All the Security and Privacy related features and improvements of Android 14 will be included with the One UI 6.0 update. Samsung doesn’t rely on Google’s Android when it comes to the user interface as Galaxies offer the best and clean user experience with One UI.

We are too away from the One UI 6’s tentative development timeline, but, Samsung should now work on app icons, stock launcher, quick settings panel, and notification panel. Most users want a radically renovated user interface in One UI, as it’s continuing with refinements and refinements.

Update: Apr. 21 | Samsung mod revealed that One UI 6.0 update will bring support for the Camera Assistant app to Galaxy A series smartphones.

Samsung One UI 6.0

One UI 6.0 Eligible devices

In the Galaxy Z series, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are eligible for the new OS. In the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S23 series will get One UI 6 first, however, it will also be rolled out to the Galaxy S22 series and Galaxy S21 series (FE included).

Samsung offers two major Android upgrades to every Galaxy device (from Galaxy A, M, and F lineups). It means, if your device launched with Android 12 out of the box, it will surely get the Android 14 upgrade. Some A series devices are also eligible for three OS upgrades, hence, check the complete list below:

These Samsung Galaxy devices are eligible for Android 14: One UI 6.0 Device List

One UI 6.0 Release Date

Within 2022, the company rolled out the One UI 5.0 update for almost all eligible Galaxy models. And February became a great month for flagship Galaxy devices that received the One UI 5.1 feature drop update. It’s difficult to commit release date of One UI 6.0, while the timeline should be early October.

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Post completion of the One UI 5.0 rollout, Samsung promised that it will further strengthen its collaboration with chip makers (i.e. Qualcomm) and Google. As promised, this year, the company will try to deploy One UI even faster and more reliable software for Galaxy.

Samsung Android 14 (One UI 6.0) update roadmap [Prediction]

One UI 6.0 Latest News

June 02: Samsung has recently released support for One UI 6.0 software to the native Calculator application.

May 22: One UI 6 Beta (Alpha/internal) build reportedly introduces slightly bigger toggles in the Quick Settings panel.

May 13: At I/O, Google unveiled Ultra HDR support for Image, which arriving in Android 14, and probably in One UI 6 too for Samsung Galaxy devices.

May 10: Samsung is already testing the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 firmware on the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus and Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphones in a handful of countries.

May 05: Starting with Android 14, Google’s goal (via 9to5Google) is to “make it easier for developers to create apps that work consistently across different Android devices.”

Samsung is described as the “first partner” today, with One UI 6.0 making it so that “foreground services of apps targeting Android 14 will be guaranteed to work as intended so long as they are developed according to Android’s new foreground service API policy.”

“To strengthen the Android platform, our collaboration with Google has resulted in a unified policy that we expect will create a more consistent and reliable user experience for Galaxy users.” – Samsung

April 27: Android 14 Beta 1.1 update rolled out for supported Pixel phones. The release fixes severe issues such as Wallpaper and style crashing, abnormal fingerprint scanner as well as includes optimizations for the system stability to provide users with better user experience.

April 13: Google released the first Beta build of Android 14, bringing new features to Pixel phones ahead of the stable release. The new OS brings Dynamic Back Arrow, improved per-app language preferences, graphics upgrades and privacy improvements.

April 02: We’ve compiled a list of features that Samsung may introduce with the Android 14-based One UI 6.0 software. The features are suggested by consumers and the software team member forwarded them to the development team for the function as follows:

  1. Samsung Phone App
  2. Document “Read Text Aloud”
  3. Samsung Notes
  4. Samsung Messages
  5. S Pen
  6. Samsung Health
  7. Modes and Routines

March 22: Google takes ideas from One UI to make Android 14 a user-friendly and feature-full OS, Source 1, 2.

March 21: We tried installing the Android 14 Developer Preview 2 on our Google Pixel 7 unit and it bricked.

March 8: Google kicked off Android 14 Developer Preview 2 for Pixel smartphones with various new features.

March 02: Dashlane confirmed that the Android 14’s final release will bring support for passkeys to apps.

February 8: Google released Android 14 Developer Preview 1 for Pixel devices (Pixel 4a 5G to 7 Pro).

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June 2023: Android 13 distribution reaches 15 percent, Samsung should be thanked



Android 13 Easter Egg

Google announced the Android 13 operating system in mid-August. Since then, Android vendors continue to distribute this new OS with compatible devices. In June 2023, Android 13 distribution reaches approx 15 percent, with Android 11 remains the most common version.

According to June 2023 data, Android 13 OS is now installed on approximately 15 percent of active devices across the world. The data arrives from Android Studio, an app development platform, mainly for developers so they can target audiences and make their apps optimized with the most used version.

Android Studio has now been updated with a chart dated May 30, 2023. Android 13 has seen another period of growth, rising from 12.1% in April to 14.7% in June. Meanwhile, Android 12, 11, and 10 have each seen slight declines, with Andorid 11 still powering 23.1 percent of global devices.

June 2023 Android 13 distribution

Samsung is the biggest smartphone maker, which is keeping Android rock solid. Apple’s iOS has a separate market, or we can say it is a fanbase, where is no competitor. However, there are a number of vendors who use Android, but Samsung should be thanked for a wider spread.

Currently, Android vendors are working on the Android 14 operating system’s development for their flagships. Samsung, on the other hand, is preparing to introduce the next-gen foldable phones by July, while the Android 14 Beta for Galaxy could go official in August.

| Via |

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Android June 2023 Feature Drop Announced



Google Android June 2023 features

It’s June 2023 and Google has officially announced a bunch of new features for Android devices. The company released these features by mainly focusing on Connectivity, Google Apps, and Protection to provide a next-level experience.

The search giant is bringing lots of useful and amazing features to Android devices so that you can further build up your skills and explore new things. You can take a look at the new features below.

Android June 2023 New Features


Nearby Share Beta for Windows:

You can now easily send or receive photos, documents, and more between nearby Android devices and Windows PCs through the Nearby Share Beta app. You can download it from the link mentioned here.

New Widgets

The company added new widgets that allow you to customize your phone or tablet home screen. The three new widgets are Google TV, stock tracking from Google Finance, and curated daily headlines from Gooogle news.

Fast Pair 

Your Android device now lets you quickly detect and securely set up a Matte-enabled device through the Google Home app.

New WearOS feature

Users of WearOS devices now just need to tap on the Play option from their watch and let Spotify’s DJ deliver a personalized series of their favorite music, stream episodes, and more.

Google Apps

Google Play Books App

Google released a new app named Google Play Books and Audiobooks app. It is a platform where you can choose from millions of best-selling ebooks, coming, manga, textbooks, and audiobooks.

Through reading practices, it helps new readers improve their vocabulary and comprehension skills using their Android phones and tablets.

New Gboard Stickers

Google Keyboard now added new sticks to Emoji Kitchen. Now, you can use the new aquatic-themed emoji combinations to liven up even the subtlest conversations.

New YouTube feature 

Now, you can add shorts to your YouTube playlists for even ways to save and curate content watch over and over again.


For better security of your data, Google provides guidance on how to protect yourself and also lets you scan to see if your Gmail address has been leaked on the dark web.

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