Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Samsung’s Pyeongtaek chip plant will begin production in June to meet market demand

Samsung Chip Foundry

Presently, the production capacity of chip foundries is generally tight, which is an important factor in the current shortage of chips in many fields around the world. Some chip foundries have also decided to build new chip foundries to increase production capacity to alleviate the shortage of chips.

Now it looks like Samsung rushed into the foundry and expanded production in South Korea. The company expects that the new production line of the Pyeongtaek plant will begin operations in mid-to-late June to respond to customer demand in response to the increased demand from Huida, Qualcomm, Tesla, and others, reports Taiwan media.

Furthermore, this new plant will also increase the production capacity of 5nm extreme ultraviolet (EUV) due to the demand for next-generations of products. It is predicted that the related foundry production capacity could increase by 20,000 wafers while Samsung’s main production process is still at 14nm and 8nm.

Previous report reveals that Samsung’s foundry business has a 5nm EUV factory in Pyeongtaek, and has mass-produced 5nm in the Hwaseong factory. There are six production bases in South Korea, which include a packaging and testing plant, an 8″ factory, and four 12″ factories.

Aside from this, a recent report revealed that if the global chip shortage does not stop, Samsung may be unable to produce smart TVs. Moreover, the company could also increase the prices of its recently launched TVs with Micro LED panels if the current chip shortage continues.


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