Samsung to launch Galaxy Fold 3 with under display camera

Samsung is planning for a new camera technology for its upcoming Galaxy Fold 3 that is an under-display camera (UDC). This new technology will make the camera hidden under the display providing users with more space.

According to the news coming from ETNews, the company has already started working on the UDC technology and will be using it in the next generation foldable device that is the Galaxy Fold 3.

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Samsung will be using two different technologies to implement the under-display camera in the smartphone. Firstly, the display suitable for the UDC that will be developed by the Samsung Display, and second is the image sensor which is a responsibility of Samsung Electronics Systems LSI.

By using both of these technologies Samsung will install the UDC under the screen of the next-generation foldable device.


Currently, the Galaxy foldable devices come with a hole punch camera in the front that may be replaced with the under-display camera in the upcoming foldable device. Although, this technology might decrease the camera quality as the camera will be placed under the display which may prevent the light to reach the lens.

But Samsung has a solution for that too, the Korean tech giant will use a special kind of display in these phones to maintain the quality of the image captured by the front camera. The main motive behind using UDC is to provide the users with an uninterrupted bezel-less display for a better smartphone experience.

As per the previous report, Samsung will launch the next foldable smartphone with many new and innovative features such as UTG (Under Thin Glass) display technology, S-Pen, and more. The next-generation of foldable devices will be launched next year after the company unveils its Galaxy S21 series.


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