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Samsung Keys Cafe: Make new keyboard, add key animations, key colors and play typing games



Samsung Keys Cafe

Samsung’s Good Lock app offers a variety of customizable features that let you personalize the appearance and the user interface of your Galaxy device.

Once opened, you’ll have the option to download a bunch of modules, which includes, Keys Cafe. With this plugin app, you can increase the size of keys, map your favorite emoticons to locations of preference.

You can also add fun to your typing experience by adding effects to your keyboard or you can improve your typing skills by playing keyboard games.

Below you can check the highlights of the key features of the Keys Cafe, followed by their complete use case.

  1. Changing the sizes of keys: You can adjust the heights and widths of keys.
  2. Remapping keys: You can remap keys or add new keys.
  3. Setting up a keyboard theme: You can set up a color or effect for your keyboard.
  4. Gaming on your keyboard: Playing the game and see scores and ranking
Let’s check the Keys Cafe’s features in detail:

There are three options that you’ll see when you open the Keys Cafe and we’ll be going to explore these options in detail below.

Create a new Keyboard:

Open Keys Cafe and select Make your own keyboard > tap on the slider to turn it on.

There are two types of keyboards you can make with Keys Cafe:

  1. Text Keyboard
  2. Symbol Keyboard

Text Keyboard:

As the name says, a text keyboard allows you to perform the following customizations:

  • Change key function
  • Change subkey function
  • Change the width and height of the keys
  • Change Key’s margin
  • Add new keys
  • Delete existing keys
  • Add emoticon, sticker, shortcodes, symbols, keywords keys in the keyboard
  • Add or delete a row in the keyboard

Symbol Keyboard:

Here you can customize the symbol keyboard. Aside from customizing two symbol keyboard types, you’ll almost the same customizations as the general keyboard mentioned above.

2. Add color and effects:

Making a keyboard is a lengthy work but Keys cafe also offers features for finishing touch such as adding colors and animation effects to your keyboard.

To do this, Open Keys Cafe and select Style your own keyboard. Tap on the slider to enable it. From here, you have two customization options:

Colors: You can customize the color of your designed keyboard including the keys and the background. Don’t worry the app offers, plenty of presents. However, you’ll also have an option to customize the colors by self.

Effects: Effects is one of the best customization features of Keys Cafe, which brings you color customization effects for:

  1. Keyboard
  2. Key Color
  3. Key Motion

Furthermore, you’ll always have an option to see your keyboard in action without even testing an option

3. Play keyboard game:

Keys cafe not only takes care of your keyboard style but it also provides you options to improve your typing skills with its keyboard games.

There are two types of keyboard games you can play on Keys Cafe:

  1. Sentence Practice: See and type the shown sentence on the screen
  2. Word Rain: Save sally from drowning in rain by typing the words written on the raindrops.

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Good Lock

Samsung’s Good Lock adds Terrace tab to note progress of features, issues



Samsung Good Lock Terrace Tab

Samsung has just added a new category to its Good Lock app, called Terrace. Through the Terrace tab, the company aims to improve communication and interaction with the users of Good Lock.

Since the successful launch of Good Lock, it has gained popularity among Samsung users who want to personalize their user interface, lock screen, navigation bar, and more. The Good Lock now offers three main categories – Make Up, Life Up, and Terrace.

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Terrace is the latest one, which allows users to track important announcements and progress updates of upcoming features. It contains the following functionalities:


  • Users can check the latest news and updates related to Good Lock apps and features.


  • Users can learn more about how to use Good Lock apps and features effectively, as well as find answers to common questions.


  • Users can track the development and status of upcoming Good Lock features that are planned to be released in the future.


  • Users can participate in surveys and polls that solicit their feedback and opinions on existing or potential Good Lock features.

Samsung states that Terrace is designed to promote closer communication with its users and to introduce exciting features. The company promises to actively seek out and feature relevant and beneficial posts from Samsung Members on Terrace.

Samsung Good Lock Terrace

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Good Lock

Samsung LockStar Good Lock Module Updates – v6.1.00.4



Samsung Safe Mode issue

Samsung’s Good Lock service introduces a lot of customization options, consisting of Units and Family sections. Among them, the Unit section’s LockStar module comes first as it appears on top just after opening the Good Lock application.

As the name suggests, Samsung LockStar enables Lock screen customization of Galaxy devices, however, your phone should support Good Lock functionality. Officially, Samsung claims LockStar lets users place Clocks, Notifications, and App Shortcuts in various places to further beautify the lock screen.

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In order to further improve the usability of the LockStar module, Samsung keeps this application regularly updated, and also adds new features and customization options. In this article, we will cover all the latest insights about the Samsung LockStar module.

Samsung LockStar Updates

  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung LockStar Good Lock module is getting a new update with version The update brings some changes to the app’s functionality and One UI 6.1 support. Read more here…

  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung has released a new update for the LockStar Good Lock module with version The update brings some bug fixes and performance improvements to the app. Read more here…

  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung is sending a new update to the LockStar Good Lock module, which brings One UI 6 support and a new feature. The fresh update is available on the Galaxy Store with version for eligible Galaxy devices. Read more here…

Samsung Lockstar update

  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung LockStar Good Lock module is getting a May 2023 update with version It is available on Galaxy Store, you can install it to get a better experience. Read more here…

  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung is rolling out  March 2023 update for the LockStar Good Lock module, which brings with SmartSwitch support to deliver a better user experience. Read more here…

  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung LockStar is getting December 2022 update with version The new update comes with fixes for edit layout issues of the lock screen to improve the performance.

You can install the latest update via Galaxy Store with an updated package size of 61.54 MB.

  • Samsung LockStar

The Korean tech giant is releasing a new update for the Samsung Good Lock module LockStar with version The new update brings One UI 5.0 Good Lock support for foldable devices.

You can install the latest update via Galaxy Store or download it directly from the link mentioned here.

  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung LockStar module has received Android 13-based One UI 5.0 support via a new update with version 5.0.003. Read more here…


  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung is releasing a new update for the LockStar module with version number and an updated package size of 61.23 MB. Read the full story here.


  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung One UI 4.1 LockStar module is getting a new update with version number To be mentioned the update weight is around 61.23 MB. Read the full story here.


  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung is releasing a new update to its Good Lock’s module LockStar with version and an updated package size of 61.23MB. It brings several improvements to enhance stability and performance. The latest update change position of clocks, music widgets, notification, and tips as well as manages saved styles. You can download the latest update from here.


  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung LockStar app is getting a new update, which updates the library for Clockface support. Aside from this, there’s no new feature or change noted. Users can identify the update through version and can download the update from here.


  • Samsung LockStar

Samsung released a new LockStar update through the Galaxy Store, carrying build number The changelog mentions a newly added reset menu alongside support for a guide popup of music widget visibility accessible through [Settings > Lockscreen > Widget > Music] in One UI 4.0.

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Samsung LockStar update brings One UI 6.1 support with widget customization



Samsung LockStar One UI 6.1

Samsung LockStar Good Lock module is getting a new update with version The update brings some changes to the app’s functionality and One UI 6.1 support.

The latest update brings a change that the widget can be freely moved from the bottom fixed position. This means that you can place the widget anywhere on the lock screen, according to your preference.

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In addition, the app only supports the lock screen on devices where the operation between the lock screen and Always On Display (AOD) is integrated. This applies to Galaxy devices running One UI 6.1 or higher. If your device does not have One UI 6.1 or higher, you will not be able to use this feature of the LockStar.

The update is 65.53MB in size and is available for download from the Galaxy Store. You can also check for the update manually by going to Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates or directly from the Good Lock app. Also, you can download the update directly from the third-party app source link mentioned here.

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