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Breaking: One UI 5.1 will rollout for old Samsung devices



Samsung is unveiling the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Book 3 series at the Unpacked event. During the launch, Samsung officially confirmed the existence of the new One UI 5.1 software along with its availability for older Galaxy devices, very soon.

The new flagships come pre-installed with Android 13-based One UI 5.1 iteration, which is an upgraded version of the One UI 5.0. In addition to new features, the new version is better optimized with system and hardware so Galaxy users can make the most of their devices.

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I’m sure, you may have been wondering about the One UI 5.1 availability for your Galaxy device. I’ve a short and simple answer, if your Galaxy device is eligible for a major Android OS upgrade, One UI 5.1 would surely be delivered to your handset.

More specifically, the Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Note 20 series and Galaxy S20 series are in line to received the One UI 5.1 software update along with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Check more in this article.

One UI 5.1 Features

Easier color tone change for selfies: It’s easier to change the color tone of your selfies using the Effects button at the side of the screen.

Quick access to Expert RAW: Expert RAW lets you take high-quality shots without processing or compression, perfect for those who want to have full control and edit photos later. Expert RAW is now easier to access from the More menu.

Shared family album: It’s easier than ever to share pictures with your family using Shared family album. Gallery will recommend pictures to add to your shared family album by recognizing the faces of your family members. You get 5GB of storage for each family member (up to 6 people).

Enhanced remastering: Remastering removes shadows and reflections automatically to make your pictures look great. You can also remaster GIFs for better resolution and clarity.

Simpler info display: When you swipe up while viewing a picture or video in your Gallery, you can see when and where the picture was taken, which device took the picture, where the picture is stored and more at a glance.

More powerful search: You can now search for more than one person or subject at the same time. You can even search for people without tagging their names just by tapping their faces.

Choose where to save screenshots: You can now store screenshots and screen recordings in the folder of your choice by setting it in Advanced features.

Use 3 emojis in AR Emoji camera: Take fun pictures and videos with up to 3 friends in Mask mode. You can replace your friend’s faces with different characters for fun by tapping the emoji.

Layout and edit option improvement in AR Doodles: Brushes are now available on the main AR Doodle screen for quicker access. You can also resize and move your doodles even after you create them, and the new eraser tool lets you erase just part of your doodle without removing the whole thing.

New Battery widget: The new Battery widget lets you check the battery level of your Galaxy devices. Right from the Home screen, you can see how much battery is left on your phone, Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch and other supported devices.

Intuitive weather widget: New illustration style and brief summary of the current weather condition lets you know the weather information intuitively if it’s sunny, cloudy, raining or snowing.

Different wallpapers based on your mode: Set a different wallpaper on your Lock screen and Home screen based on your current activity. Choose one wallpaper for work, one for exercising and more when you set the mode.

More conditions and actions for Routines: Automatically start routines when you use Airplane mode or Mobile Hotspot. Routines can now open an app pair, adjust the left/right sound balance and more. And now new actions let you control Quick Share and Touch sensitivity and change your ringtone and font style.

Collaboration in Samsung Notes: Create a shared note that several people can edit at the same. Write up a report with your coworkers, create notes for a study group, or draw a picture with a friend. The possibilities are endless.

Easier invitation to shared apps: You can now easily invite people to shared albums, notes and calendars using a link that can be shared via various apps such as messenger, email and social media.

Expanded Multi Control between Galaxy Book and phone: Share the mouse, keyboard or trackpad of your Galaxy Book with not only Galaxy tablet but also Galaxy phone now. You can copy and paste text, and drag and drop images from one device to another seamlessly — almost like they’re the same device.

Wi-Fi speakers on Media output: When you want to continue to listen to music on Wi-Fi speakers through Spotify Connect and Chromecast built-in™ just open Media output on Quick panel not music apps.

Continue browsing on PC: If you’re browsing with Samsung Internet on your phone and later go back to your PC, you can find the websites that were opened on your phone and continue browsing with the PC browser.

Use mobile hotspot on the PC with a single click: You can use the Internet by connecting to the mobile hotspot with a single click on your PC, without turning on the mobile hotspot on your phone and typing in the password.

Easily minimize or switch to full screen: You can now minimize or maximize an app window without going to the options menu. Just drag one of the corners of pop-up windows.

Easier access to the most used apps in split screen view: When you start a split screen view, the apps you use most often will be shown below your recently used apps to help you find the apps you need faster.

Improved multitasking in DeX: In split-screen view, you can now drag the divider in the center of the screen to resize both windows. You can also snap a window to one of the corners to make it fill a quarter of the screen.

Settings suggestions: Suggestions now appear at the top of the Settings screen to let you know about useful features to try or settings that need attention, so you can turn them on or check them right away.

Detailed weather info at a glance: Useful weather information now appears on the main screen of the Weather app. You can check severe weather alerts, daily weather summaries, hourly precipitation and color temperature graphs.

Bixby text call: Use Bixby text call to answer calls automatically and find out why the person is calling. You’ll see what the caller says in a text chat, and you can tap or type responses that will be read aloud to the caller. Bixby text call is only available in English and Korean.

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US price of Samsung’s Galaxy S23 FE revealed



Samsung Galaxy S23 FE

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S23 FE on October 4, the same day as Google Pixel 8 launch. Ahead of the debut, US pricing of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 FE has been revealed.

According to MySmartPrice report, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 FE could come with a price tag of $599 in the US. This would make it $100 more cheaper than the S21 FE, as part of promoting it as the best budget flagship of this year.

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This year’s FE smartphone doensn’t pack the same chipset as the flagship models. Rumors say that the S23 FE will be equipped with Exynos 2200 and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipsets, availability country-wise.

Google’s upcoming Pixel 8 handset reportedly starts at $699. Hence, the Galaxy S23 FE’s lower starting price could help Samsung capture those consumers who don’t care too much about camera performance.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 Shipments To Hit Historic 10 Million Unit Milestone



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Flip 5 September 2023 update

Shipments of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5 are approximately 10% higher than last year’s models. If 7 million new products and 3 million units of legacy models are shipped this year, the number will reach 10 million units for the first time in history.

According to the info, shipments of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 were found to be 8-10% higher than the shipments of their predecessors. In terms of shipment volume by model, Z Flip 5 accounts for 60-65%, and Z Fold 5 accounts for 30-35%.

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Component partners of Samsung say that the number of parts ordered for the two recent models did not change significantly or decrease slightly compared to expectations.

Earlier, it was expected that the Korean tech giant would order 12 to 13 million units of parts for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5 by the end of this year. However, recent reports revealed that there may be a decrease of about 1 million units.

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Samsung Powers Up: Delivering a Whopping 70 Million OLED Display for iPhone 15 Series!



Apple iPhone 15 Pro

By the end of 2023, Samsung Display is likely to supply nearly 70 million units of OLED for the iPhone 15 series to Apple. The company’s OLED volume by model is estimated to be in the low 20 million units for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, 9 to 10 million for Pro, and ~ 30 million for Pro Max.

Among the four iPhone 15 models, the 15 Pro Max OLED estimate, which Apple plans to produce the most, is four times higher for Samsung than for LG Display. Industry watchers say that Samsung Display’s iPhone 15 Pro Max OLED volume is in the mid-20 million units, three times that of LG Display.

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The prevailing view is that LG Display will have 15% more OLED volume than Samsung Display (9 million to early 10 million units). Those who see it differently predict that Samsung Display will secure around 20 million units of 15% OLED, which will be more than LG Display.


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