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One UI 5.0

Top One UI 5.0 Features – Customization, Productivity and Privacy



Samsung One UI 5 top features

Samsung‘s One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 comes with a slew of new features and improvements that lets you make your Galaxy smartphone more productive, secure, and customized. In addition to the top features, One UI 5.0 enhanced its old features and made them more useful.

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One UI 5.0 allows you to do your work flawlessly, securely, and easily with the tips of your fingers on your Galaxy smartphone. The Korean tech giant provides a next-level Galaxy experience with the latest One UI skin that boosts your productivity. Let’s take a look at the top One UI 5.0 features.

Samsung One UI 5 Tips

Top Samsung One UI 5.0 Features 

Lock Screen

One UI 5.0 comes with the most customizable lock screen in Samsung’s history. The company has simplified the process of modifying the lock screen further means Galaxy users can now customize the lock screen components by using the touch-and-hold feature.

Now, you can easily decorate your lock screen without following a long press, just need to touch and hold it. Read more here

Samsung One UI 5 top features

Create  your own sticker [Custom Stickers]

If you are looking for stickers to tell your feelings or to tell something, then now you do not need to do this because you can create stickers yourself by using pictures. Yes, with One UI 5.0 you can create your own stickers by selecting any image because this major update added the My Stickers option in the stickers section of the Samsung photo editor.

For creating your own sticker, open the Gallery app >> select any image >> press the Photo editor option >> Tap on Stickers >> click My Stickers option [Gallery-like icon] >> Plus icon >> choose a photo for making sticker >> select area >> press done. Read more here…

Samsung One UI 5 top features

Multi  Window 

With One UI 5.0, Samsung now allows users to easily use the Multi window feature from the Recents apps, Apps Edge, or with two-finger swiping on your  Galaxy smartphone.

However, MultiWindow feature availability may vary according to the applications. To be mentioned, 3 ways split screen view is only available on Galaxy Fold series and Tab S series devices.

To open the split screen view, you just need to open the first app that you want, then open Recents. Now, tap and hold the app icon or select open in Split screen/Pop-up view. Now, you can search and select any other app to work on. Read more here…

Samsung One UI 5 top features

Easy access to MS Office apps

By using Multi Window, you can cross-reference multiple documents. In addition, it allows you to add some drawings with S Pen in the email body for better understanding. To easily access the MS Office apps, you have to log in to your Microsoft account.

You can turn any Galaxy device into a mobile office just by drag and drop feature. Notably, this feature requires the latest Microsoft office app and it may vary by country or region.

Samsung One UI 5 top features

Security And Privacy

Samsung combined two Settings tabs (Privacy, Biometric, and security) to create a new option called – Security & Privacy. This new tab contains features of both taps in a well-arranged manner. When you open the Security and Privacy tab, you will see all the privacy and security-related options in one place. Read more here…

Samsung Security

Private Share 

Samsung Private Share keeps your data safe by sharing files privately and prevents recipients from resharing as well as sets expiration dates for that. Whenever you share your personal information such as passports, credit cards, passwords, etc then your phone will warn you and suggest you share it through Private Share.

To share documents or your personal data safely, select single or multiple images from the gallery app then tap on the share icon, now your smartphone shows a warning message just below the image that contains personal data.

Samsung One UI 5 top features

Hey, Camila is here! From the very beginning, I love using Samsung phones like a die-hard fan. Apart from detailing One UI features for readers, I love exploring different apps of the Samsung ecosystem with a cup of tea!

One UI 5.0

One UI 5.0: Customize app icons on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone



Samsung One UI 5 app icons

Samsung‘s One UI offers a bunch of options to customize everything on the Galaxy smartphone. With the latest One UI 5.0, Samsung has added several new options to provide a smooth experience. Icons are one of the most important parts of the user interface as we see it every time while using the smartphone, you can customize app icons on your One UI 5.0 smartphone.

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With the enhanced Dynamic Theme feature, we can now apply the theme color to stock and third-party apps that support it, but many apps don’t change, which makes the app drawer look ugly at times. But don’t worry because Samsung provides another option to customize the app icons which is the Theme Park Good Lock Module.

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Samsung  One UI 5 app icons

You can easily customize the size, shape, and color of the icons as you wish and beautify your home screen and app screen. Let’s see how to customize app icons in your One UI 5.0 Samsung smartphone.

How to customize app icons in Samsung smartphones?

1. Visit the Good Lock app on your Galaxy smartphone

2. Now, download the Theme Park module of Make Up category.

3. Open the Theme Park module.

4. Press on the Icon option present at the bottom.


5. Tap on Create new button.

6. New options appear for customizing the icons:

Shape: You can select any one shape from 11 different options.


  • Icon Color: You can choose the color of the icon
  • Tray color: For the background of the icon, you can choose a color from here.

Size: You can adjust the size of the icon through the slider.

Icon Pack: From here, you can see the downloaded icon pack and when you apply any pack, app icons are changed with the images of the selected icon pack.


7. If you have selected the color, shape, and size of icons then you have to press on the download icon present at the top left corner.

8. A new pop-up appears, enter the name and press OK.

9. Now, select the icon pack that you have newly created.

10. Click on the Apply option.

11. It is done.

Note: Good Lock app is available only for flagship Samsung devices.

Not all countries eligible for Samsung Good Lock app, find yours

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One UI 5.0

Verizon rolls out Android 13 update for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4 in the US [One UI 5.0]



Samsung Fold Flip 4 Android 13 Verizon

Verizon-locked Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 smartphones have begun installing the latest Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update in the United States. This update uncovers a handful of new features and improvements to the new foldable devices as well as brings a new user interface for a fresh look.

Aside from the major changes, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 Android 13 update also installs the November 2022 Android security patch for Verizon customers. It resolves dozens of privacy and security-related issues and vulnerabilities.

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Software version:

  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 – F936USQU1BVKB
  • Galaxy Z Flip 4 – F721USQU1BVKB

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Samsung Fold 4 Android 13 update Verizon

Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4:

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 are two of the latest Samsung foldable smartphones that arrive with many improvements over their predecessors. The device was launched with the Android 12L-based One UI 4.1.1 software that has some iconic features like Taskbar.

Furthermore, the Android 13 is the first major software update for these foldables. And since they are eligible for Samsung’s new software update, they will receive three generations of Android OS upgrades.

Samsung Fold 4 Android 13 update Verizon

Android 13 One UI 5.0:

The Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update brings lots of new features including Notification permission, Per-app languages, 16 Color Palette options, revamped Wallpaper and Style section, multiple Lock Screen customization capabilities, and more.

It further adds three new Settings – Connected devices, Modes and Routines, and Privacy and security, new Camera Watermark feature, improved Single Take, the ability to disable RAM Plus, rebuilt Quick Settings Panel and Notification Panel, and others.

Source – 1 | 2

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Android 13

Samsung is rolling out the Android 13 update for Galaxy M13 [One UI 5.0]



Samsung Galaxy M13

About 6 months back, Samsung introduced the Galaxy M13 and Galaxy M13 5G budget smartphones. The Galaxy M13 5G becomes the first entry-level phone, which is now installing the new Android 13-based One UI 5.0 firmware update.

Initially released in India, the Galaxy M13 5G’s Android 13 upgrade carries PDA version number M136BXXU2BVK3. In addition, it brings the new November 2022 Android security patch as part of enhancing the security and reliability of your Galaxy.

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Weirdly, the Galaxy M13’s latest firmware update packs a new Android and One UI operating system in a big 1.5GB package. However, the firmware doesn’t have a changelog, which appeared on all previous smartphones to showcase new features and changes.

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Samsung Galaxy M13 Android 13

What’s new with Android 13

Samsung’s new One UI 5.0 update brings Android 13 operating system to Galaxy devices. The new OS introduces better dynamic theming capabilities, themed app icons, a privacy dashboard and a handful of new privacy focussed feature along with security improvements.

On the flip side, the One UI 5 carries new visual effects, improved animations, text extract feature, the ability to disable RAM Plus, new wallpapers – Graphical/Colors, brand new stock apps icons, optimized user interface for better experiences and a lot more.

Samsung One UI 5.0 Features

How to update

Samsung consumers can check new software updates manually with a handful of simple steps. Firstly, visit your Galaxy device’s “System Settings,” once done, scroll down and tap the “Software update” tab, followed by the “Download and install” button.

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