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One UI 5.0

Samsung Galaxy S21 grabbing Android 13/One UI 5.0 update in India, download now!



Galaxy S21 One UI 5.1 T-Mobile

After Europe and South Korea, Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra devices have started receiving the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update in Asia, with users in India getting the update first. Alongside, a bunch of new features, the latest update also brings a handful of new customization options to deliver users more control over their phones.

You can identify the latest update for your S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra devices with One UI build version G991BXXU5DVJC, G991BXXU5DVJC, and G991BXXU5DVJC respectively. Meanwhile, to download it, simply visit your phone’s Settings >> Software update >> Download and install.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 One UI 5.0 update:

The Android 13-based One UI 5.0 is the second major Android OS upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S21 that came pre-installed with Android 11 OS. The devices are now eligible for two more major upgrades and will receive them in the next two years.

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Samsung S21 One UI 5.0 update India

Considering One UI 5.0, it brings so many features and a revamped UI design to your Galaxy S21. Some of the most highlighted features of the new software are 16 color palette choices, Stack widgets, new multitasking gestures – swipe for split screen and swipe for pop-up window, extract text from image feature, per-app language, and others.

In addition to these, Samsung brings three new menus to the Settings app – Connected devices, Modes and Routines, and Security and privacy so that you have to visit different sections to reach such settings. The Quick panel also has new shortcuts to provide you with easier access to more functions.

Meanwhile, the customization options are next level. You get many of the Good Lock LockStar features in the stock Lock Screen settings, including the ability to reside clock, manage notifications, contact information, and others.

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One UI 5.1

Samsung One UI 5.1 new camera features and supported devices



samsung camera

Samsung introduced One UI 5.1 with the newly launched Galaxy S23 series at Galaxy Unpacked 2023. This major One UI version delivers a more visually appealing interface with new features that enables greater creativity and personalization. Also, One UI 5.1 expanded the upgraded camera features announced with the Galaxy S23 to other devices.

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The Korean tech giant brings new features and improvements to Samsung Camera with One UI 5.1 to enhance the photography and videography experience. Galaxy users can have greater flexibility to create pro-quality photos.

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One UI 5.1 Camera offers quick Expert RAW feature access, a selfie color tone adjustment option, advanced QR code scanning, an Image clipper, and more. For more information about these features and supported devices, you can see the complete explanation below.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Camera Features [Supported devices]

Expert RAW Quick Access

One UI 5.1 has added an Expert RAW feature to Samsung’s camera app to make your pro-grade photography easy. Yes, you can now easily select Expert RAW from the More menu, which was provided as a separate app.

If Expert Raw is not installed on your mobile, the Expert Raw icon is displayed when you can connect to Galaxy Store via a network connection.

Supported Devices: Samsung Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S20 Ultra, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Professional Grade Shooting Experience 

Expert RAW delivers special shooting techniques like multiple exposures and astrophotography.

  • Multiple exposures: Take multiple photos to provide a composite picture, so you can take original, creative, and professional photos.
  • Astrophotography: Taken through with multi-frame composition and AI segmentation to match the movement of celestial objects.

Supported devices: Galaxy S22 (One UI 5 ), Z Fold 4 support scheduled (schedule to be announced later ), other models under review

Samsung One UI 5.1 Camera features

Camera Assistant

Camera Assistant is a Good Lock module that lets you tweak detailed camera settings to your liking. In addition, the company continues to improve based on member feedback.

Supported devices: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Z Flip will be supported.

Samsung Camera Assistant

Selfie Color Tone adjustment

Samsung added a Color tone feature to the selfie camera that let you adjust the tone of the skin easily by tapping on the effects options at the top right corner.

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Supported devices: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and Galaxy Z Flip will be supported.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Camera features

Enhanced QR Code Scanning feature 

With One UI 5.1, the company optimized the QR code recognition engine to improve QR code scanning speed.

Supported devices: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, and Galaxy Z Flip will be supported.

Image Clipper 

The new Image Clipper feature implemented on the S23 is available in the Gallery and Video Player apps and is set to roll out to existing models. The company will soon release the schedule for it.

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Support review model: Check the devices list here

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One UI 5.1

Samsung One UI 5.1 brings an advanced Photo Remaster function



Samsung One UI 5.1 Photo Remaster Function

Samsung One UI 5.1 arrives with a bundle of new features for Galaxy devices to provide a seamless Galaxy experience. The Korean tech giant also enhanced several Samsung app features with One UI 5.1, the Photo Remaster function being one of them.

One UI 5.1 update has further improved the Reamaster feature of the Samsung Gallery. Gallery’s Photo Remaster feature uses AI quality assessment technology to detect and improve various quality issues in photos. You can see this feature through the Recommend menu in the Gallery. When you open this option, you can see several recommendations.

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Samsung One UI 5.1 Photo Remaster Function

Samsung One UI 5.1 Remaster Function

The company has added new advancements to the Samsung Photo Remaster function with One UI 5.1. You can take a look at them below.

GIF improvement

Today, GIF is becoming a way to express yourself in a different way. So, you can have a lot of GIFs, but I think there’s a lot to be regretted because the GIFs you really want to keep are low resolution and noisy.

The GIF Remaster implemented on Remaster improves low resolution and removes the unique compression noise that occurs in GIFs, helping you preserve GIFs more clearly.

Remove Shadows and light reflections

Added a Remake function to remove unnecessary shadows and reflections when taking pictures. This is a feature that was previously offered by photo editors but can now be detected and improved upon with a remaster button.

Correct Wide Angle Distortion 

To capture more views, you take photos with a wide-angle lens. However, when shooting with a wide-angle lens, there is distortion due to the different refractive indices of the wide-angle lens, so it must be somewhat disappointing.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Photo Remaster Function

Sympathizing with the plight of these customers, the company added a distortion correction engine to detect these parts and correct the distortion as much as possible. If distorted left and right corner characters appear, they can be corrected by remastering.

One UI 5.1 expands some pro-grade features to more Samsung phones

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One UI 5.1

Samsung One UI 5.1 Tweaked Single Take: What’s new and how to use



Samsung One UI 5.1 Single Take

Samsung introduced a new version of One UI with the Galaxy S23 series, which is now available for a bunch of Samsung Galaxy devices. One UI 5.1 delivers several exciting new features that allow people to fine-tune nearly every aspect of the mobile experience as well as enhances several features including Single Take.

Single Take is an exclusive feature of Samsung that uses AI technology to simultaneously shoot up to 15 seconds of video and up to 5 photos per second. It also captures the moment you couldn’t press the shutter without losing it, filtering out shaky photos in real-time and selecting photos that are colorful and clear.

Samsung One UI 5.1

It analyzes the scene and provides various edited photos such as smart crop, filters, and collage, and edited videos such as highlight video, slow motion video, and boomerang with background music in one go. In Samsung Galaxy S23, you can capture the moment to create the best jump shots, and fun jump-shot videos.

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How to use the Single Take feature on One UI 5.1 Samsung device?

Single Take is perfect for capturing videos and photos of the precious moments that pass in the blink of an eye. When you select Single Take mode, you do not need to switch shooting modes and shoot again. All you have to do is press the capture button and shoot instantly.

Let’s see how to shoot with Single Take mode:

  • Open the Samsung Camera app on your Galaxy smartphone.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Single Take

  • Change the shooting mode to More.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Single Take

  • Select Singel Take mode.

  • To take pictures of moving objects, press the capture button and hold the camera steady, or start recording 10 seconds video while moving slowly.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Single Take

  • You can also add 5 more seconds.

  • After shooting, click the thumbnail at the bottom left.

Samsung One UI 5.1 Single Take

  • Now, you can view the captured result by pressing on the up arrow present at the bottom.

Single Take produces a variety of unexpected snapshots and movies, especially when photographing children or pets playing endlessly outside. Through the top right corner filter option, you can choose what to capture.

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