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One UI 5.0

One UI 5.0 Pictures Watermark: How to use and customize



Samsung One UI 5 Camera Watermark

Samsung’s Android 13-based One UI 5.0 adds a new pictures watermark feature in the native camera application. Using the new functionality, you can apply a custom watermark on the images captured by your Samsung phone.

Directly available in the One UI 5.0 stock Camera app, the pictures watermark feature can be accessed by navigating to Samsung Camera, followed by the gear icon to open Settings, where you will get the Watermark toggle.

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Once after hitting the Watermark feature toggle, the Samsung Camera app will start applying a pre-created watermark on your images. However, there are some options so you can customize the watermark in various aspects.

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One UI 5.0 pictures watermark

Model Name:

In the Watermark feature, you can put any text to show as the watermark on your images, no matter if it’s the real model name or any other text. Compared to the date’s font the model number text features slightly bold fonts.

Date and time:

The date and time elements of the watermark can’t be customized like the model name field. The software will use your phone’s time to apply it to the picture you captured, below the model name.

  • Tip: You can enable/disable the toggle to show/hide the date and time.

In the Style section, there are two customization options available including Font and Alignment. By default, the Watermark uses Roboto font, however, you can alter it with Samsung Sharp Sans or Noto Serif.

Alignment, on the other hand, lets you decide where the watermark will be applied on the images including the Left, Middle, or Right side.

One UI 5.0 pictures watermark

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Samsung Android 13/One UI 5.0 adds new ‘Active apps’ section in Quick Settings

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One UI 5.1

Samsung One UI 5.1 quick settings, notification panel looks attractive in concept



Samsung One UI 5.1 Concept

At present, innovation is lacking in the industry as phone makers are striving for ideas to practically make upgrades worthy. Samsung’s going to introduce the Galaxy S23 next year, which is going to be a lot similar to the S22 in terms of innovation, except for the 200MP camera on Ultra.

While the devices seem to be featuring a new rear design, the software part is now requiring major upgrades. For two years, Samsung has been introducing the same notification panel and quick settings interface with additional improvements and usability changes.

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Meanwhile, a Samsung fan comes up with One UI 5.1 concept showing the new attractive notification panel and quick settings user interface. Shared by Twitter user @Vetrox360, the One UI 5.1 concept images introduce revamped quick settings panel, which seems to be inspired by Android 13 and ColorOS.

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Along with sharing the concept images, the user asked Samsung about the implementation of these changes in the One UI 5.1, however, the answer is yet to be given. The user radically tweaked the interface by adding larger pill-shaped Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles and a big media player in the header.

Besides that, the traditional options including circular quick settings toggles are placed, followed by a brightness control slider, device, and media output control, and notifications section. The interface brings clear blur without Samsung’s gray overlay in the One UI 5.1 concept.

No doubt, Samsung appreciates consumers’ feedback, but there are few chances of executing this new design in the One UI 5.1. The upcoming One UI version will be an improved variant of One UI 5, while, the company is likely to make UI changes with Android 14.

Aside from this, it’s most likely that the One UI 5.1 update will bring more customization options for the lock screen and home screen, as Samsung showcased at SDC 2022. Notably, the company may have reserved combined battery widgets similar to iOS and stock Android, which could be a part of the next One UI version.

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Android 13

Samsung Canada: Galaxy Z Flip, A53/A52 and A71 will get One UI 5.0 on December 13



Samsung One UI 5.0 Wallpaper and Style

Samsung One UI 5.0 is based on Android 13 operating system, which brings notable changes in the device’s usability and software appearance. Samsung’s custom Android skin introduces meaningful changes in the user interface alongside various new and useful features for your Galaxy.

So far, the company delivered its major firmware update to dozens of Galaxy devices globally. However, network carriers in Canada now revealed the One UI 5.0/Android 13 update release date for the Galaxy Z Flip LTE/5G, Galaxy A53 5G, Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A71 smartphones.

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According to the support pages of Fido and Telus, the Android 13-based One UI 5.0 update will rollout for the Galaxy Z Flip LTE/5G, Galaxy A53 5G, Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A71 on December 13, 2022 in Canada. The new software will also carry a newer security patch for better device reliability.

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Fido/Telus One UI 5.0 Release –

  1. Galaxy A52 5G
  2. Galaxy A53 5G
  3. Galaxy Z Flip
  4. Galaxy Z Flip 5G
  5. Galaxy A71

Samsung One UI 5.0 Wallpaper and Style

All of the above-listed Galaxy devices have started to receive the Android 13 update in the international market. Canadian users have to wait a bit longer than the global variants due to additional testing and certification by the network provider.

Android 13 is the last major firmware update for the Galaxy Z Flip LTE/5G and Galaxy A71 smartphone users. However, the Galaxy A52 will get Android 14 as well, while, the Galaxy A53 supports major upgrades up to Android 16 (One UI 8.0 tentative name).

How to update

Samsung consumers can check new software updates manually with a handful of simple steps. Firstly, visit your Galaxy device’s “System Settings,” once done, scroll down and tap the “Software update” tab, followed by the “Download and install” button.

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One UI 5.0

One UI 5.0: Customize app icons on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone



Samsung One UI 5 app icons

Samsung‘s One UI offers a bunch of options to customize everything on the Galaxy smartphone. With the latest One UI 5.0, Samsung has added several new options to provide a smooth experience. Icons are one of the most important parts of the user interface as we see it every time while using the smartphone, you can customize app icons on your One UI 5.0 smartphone.

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With the enhanced Dynamic Theme feature, we can now apply the theme color to stock and third-party apps that support it, but many apps don’t change, which makes the app drawer look ugly at times. But don’t worry because Samsung provides another option to customize the app icons which is the Theme Park Good Lock Module.

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Samsung  One UI 5 app icons

You can easily customize the size, shape, and color of the icons as you wish and beautify your home screen and app screen. Let’s see how to customize app icons in your One UI 5.0 Samsung smartphone.

How to customize app icons in Samsung smartphones?

1. Visit the Good Lock app on your Galaxy smartphone

2. Now, download the Theme Park module of Make Up category.

3. Open the Theme Park module.

4. Press on the Icon option present at the bottom.


5. Tap on Create new button.

6. New options appear for customizing the icons:

Shape: You can select any one shape from 11 different options.


  • Icon Color: You can choose the color of the icon
  • Tray color: For the background of the icon, you can choose a color from here.

Size: You can adjust the size of the icon through the slider.

Icon Pack: From here, you can see the downloaded icon pack and when you apply any pack, app icons are changed with the images of the selected icon pack.


7. If you have selected the color, shape, and size of icons then you have to press on the download icon present at the top left corner.

8. A new pop-up appears, enter the name and press OK.

9. Now, select the icon pack that you have newly created.

10. Click on the Apply option.

11. It is done.

Note: Good Lock app is available only for flagship Samsung devices.

Not all countries eligible for Samsung Good Lock app, find yours

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