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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 cover screen automatically turning on, users complain



Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 January 2024 update

The fourth generation clamshell foldable’s expected launch date is coming near and Samsung is giving huge discounts while purchasing the Galaxy Z Flip 3 smartphone. These things aside, some consumers have recently reported that the cover screen of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is turning on itself.

According to a Samsung consumer, the Galaxy Z Flip 3’s cover display is turning on automatically even though it has been set to glow the screen when a notification arrives. Meanwhile, there seems any issue related to the Always on Display or display functionality of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 models.


Due to this unwanted error, the battery life of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is getting affected as well. Meanwhile, the company has acknowledged the issue and recommended some settings that should be done on affected variants to identify, which app is occurring the problem on the cover screen.

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The community moderator said that the cover screen is automatically turning on due to the operation or wake-up of the screen in a specific app. In order to identify that buggy app, it’s recommended that you should install the Good Locks’ Nice Catch app.

Once done, you will be needing to access the Screen on reminder feature of the Good Lock Nice Catch application. With this service, you can spot an app running in the background and forcing the cover screen to turn on frequently, even without any notification.

On the other hand, if you find that it is not an activity of a specific app, Samsung needs more specific data about the problem. To do so, you just need to attach the log and send the error through the Samsung Members app as soon as the problem occurs.

Are you facing the same issue on your Galaxy Z Flip 3’s cover screen? Feel free to share your concerns with us in the comments below.

samsung galaxy z flip 3 cover screen turning on


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Fix for Circle to search and Google Assistant bug is coming



Samsung Galaxy AI features

Circle to Search is a new way to search for anything on your phone with a simple gesture and without switching apps. The feature debuts with the Galaxy S24 series and now some users are reporting a bug with Circle to search and Google Assistant functions.

As per the details, Circle to Search and Google Assistant are interfering with each other when holding the bottom gesture bar, and sometimes it also triggers a swipe. However, this leads users to disruption and is ruining the overall experience with their all-new flagship Galaxy devices.

Therefore, Samsung is aware of this Circle to Search and Google Assistant bug and will address it with future OS updates. It means, Galaxy S24 device owners who are getting troubled with this crashing issue, will just need to have patience as a fixe for this annoying glitch is coming.

Consequently, the moderator has not revealed the exact time or date, but we can expect it to be released soon. To be mentioned, Circle to Search offers an opportunity to optimize written and visual content to be more discoverable by gesture searches. Accordingly, the feature is available on Galaxy S24 and Pixel 8 devices so far.

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Circle to search Google Assistant issue

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How to fix Samsung Account login issue on One UI 6.1 devices



Samsung One UI 6.1 account issue

Some Galaxy S24 users have reported that they are unable to log in to their Samsung account on their devices. The Samsung Account issue is caused by the Adguard app on One UI 6.1 devices, which blocks the Samsung account server as an ad-related site.

Samsung has acknowledged the Samsung account issue and suggested a temporary solution for affected users. Users can either disable the Adguard app and log in to their Samsung account, or change the private DNS option to ‘Automatic (recommended)’ and retry.

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You can easily change the private DNS option, just need to go to Settings >> Connections >> More connection settings >> Private DNS >> Select Automatic (recommended) and save. 

This should allow users to access their Samsung account without any issues. Samsung has not yet announced when they will release a permanent fix for this issue. Users who have installed the Adguard app on their One UI 6.1 devices are advised to try the temporary solution until Samsung resolves the Account issue.

Samsung Account is a service that allows users to sync their data, access exclusive features, and get personalized support for their Galaxy devices. Users who are unable to log in to their Samsung account may miss out on some of these benefits.

Samsung Account One UI 6.1 issues

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Samsung shares temporary solutions to fix apps folder issue



Samsung Apps Folder issue

Some Samsung Galaxy users have reported that they are facing issues while opening the Apps folder after deleting an app from it on their device. They are not able to open the Apps folder again. This is because the internal information in the folder is not completely deleted, which causes some errors in the system.

Fortunately, Samsung shares some temporary solutions that can help you access your apps until the issue is resolved. The first one is to restart your device, which may refresh the system and clear some caches.

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Another option is to force stop the One UI Home app, which is responsible for the home screen and app drawer. To do this, open Settings app >> Applications >> One UI Home >> tap Force Stop and confirm. This will stop the app from running and restart it automatically.

However, these solutions are not permanent and the issue may occur again. Also, there is no need to worry as Samsung is aware of the issue and is planning to deliver a software update that will fix it.

If you see a software update notification on your device, make sure to download and install it as soon as possible. To manually check for updates, go to Settings >> Software Update >> Download and Install.

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