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Samsung May 2022 security patches are now available for these Galaxy devices



Samsung May 2022 Update

On April 25, Samsung began rolling out the May 2022 Android security patch update to its compatible devices. Starting with the high-end Galaxy S22 series, the May 2022 security update has reached a bunch of Galaxy device owners over the world.

According to Samsung’s May 2022 security patch details, this update comes with fixes for various privacy and security-related issues and exploits. These vulnerabilities include 7 Critical, 23 High, and 3 Moderate levels of CVEs from Google and Samsung, which are related to the Weather app, Galaxy Themes, Setup Wizard, and others.

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The company continues to deliver the monthly security patch to suitable phones and tablets. Meanwhile, this is a dedicated Samsung May 2022 security patch tracker. Inside, you can find the list of devices that have received the update, their version numbers, as well as the region.


Samsung May 2022 Update


Samsung May 2022 Security Patch Update


Galaxy Z Series

Device Name Country Software version
Galaxy Z Fold 3 US CVD4
Galaxy Z Fold 2 US GVD2
Galaxy Fold US/International HVD1
Galaxy Fold 5G International HVD1
Galaxy Z Flip 3 US CVD4
Galaxy Z Flip International GVD8

Galaxy S Series

Device Name Country Software version
Galaxy S22 US/International/India AVDC/AVDB/AVDD
Galaxy S21 US/International CVDC/CVDD/CVDB
Galaxy S21 FE Europe/Asia/US CVD9/CVDA/CVD3
Galaxy S20 Europe/US FVDB/EVE1
Galaxy S20 FE US/4G – Brazil EVD4/CVD7
Galaxy S10 International HVE1
Galaxy S10 Lite US/International

Galaxy Note Series

Device Name Country Software version
Note 20 US/International FVD6
Note 10 US/International HVD1
Note 10 Lite International GVD2

Galaxy A Series

Device Name Country Software version
Galaxy A53 US/International AVE1/AVD7
Galaxy A33 International AVD7
Galaxy A52s International CVE1
Galaxy A52 International BVE1
Galaxy A51 International FVE2

Galaxy M Series

Device Name Country Software version
Galaxy M33 International AVD5
Galaxy M52 International BVD5


Galaxy Tab Series

Device Name Country Software version
Tab S8 International AVD6


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Samsung Galaxy S21 series grabs June 2024 update in India



Samsung Galaxy S21 June 2024 update India

Samsung is expanding the June 2024 security update to Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphones in India. The update is already live for users in Korea, Europe, and the US.

The fresh patch fixes a bundle of issues to provide a better usability experience. It brings security improvements, functional enhancements, bug fixes, and stability optimization. Aside from this, the changelog does not include any new features or changes.

This update mainly improves image display on the screen, battery usage tracking, secure phone calls, and the functionality of the Samsung Dialer application.

Users of Samsung Galaxy S21 are getting the June 2024 security update in India with the One UI build versions mentioned below.

  • G991BXXSBGXEC – Galaxy S21
  • G996BXXSBGXEC – Galaxy S21 Plus
  • G998BXXSBGXEC – Galaxy S21 Ultra

To access the update on your smartphone, go to the Settings app, tap on Software Update, and then select Download and Install. This will initiate the update process, and once completed, you’ll enjoy a more efficient smartphone experience.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series getting June 2024 security update [US Verizon]

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Samsung Galaxy A23 5G gets a new update in June 2024



Samsung Galaxy A23 June 2024 update

June 2024 is going on and Samsung is rolling out a new update for the Galaxy A23 5G smartphone. The new update installs the May 2024 security patch to improve system security and stability.

The fresh update released in June 2024 for the Galaxy A23 5G smartphone is currently available in Europe and the company will expand it soon. The new update fixes over 40 issues to provide a better user experience.

The company is delivering the latest software update with system security improvements to keep your files and data safe on your phone. It also optimizes system stability to offer you uninterrupted and seamless functionality on your device.

Users of the Galaxy A23 5G can identify the latest update through One UI build version A236BXXS6EXE2. The installation package size of this update is around 300 MB.

Aside from this, the company has already started the June 2024 security patch rollout and a bundle of Galaxy devices received it. Samsung Galaxy A23 5G smartphone is also eligible and will receive it soon.

Till then, users can check new software updates with a handful of simple steps. Firstly, visit your Galaxy device’s “System Settings,” once done, scroll down and tap the “Software update” tab, followed by the “Download and install” button.

Samsung June 2024 Security Patch Details Published

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Samsung QuickStar update brings hotspot icon hiding feature



Samsung QUickStar update

Samsung has pushed a new update for its QuickStar Good Lock module app with version This update arrives with a couple of notable improvements to enhance user experience and app stability.

The new update introduces the ability to hide the mobile hotspot icon. This feature allows users who often use their mobile hotspot to enjoy a cleaner and less cluttered status bar.

Moreover, the company has focused on improving the stability of the QuickStar app. This update ensures smoother performance, reduces crashes, and enhances the overall reliability of the app.

Samsung QuickStar is an amazing Good Lock module that offers extensive customization options for Galaxy devices. With this update, Samsung continues to deliver enhanced functionality and a more stable user experience.

Users are advised to update the Samsung QuickStar app to the latest version  to take advantage of these new enhancements. They can download the update through the Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates.

Aside from this, a Samsung community moderator recently mentioned that the One UI 7.0 update is expected to improve the clock format alignment on Samsung devices. The alignment error becomes particularly noticeable when the device includes Korean or Chinese characters and is expected to improve in the upcoming updates.

One UI 7.0 update to improve clock format alignment in Samsung devices

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