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Pro tips to capture stunning sunrise and sunset picture with Samsung One UI 4.1 camera



Samsung Camera

Samsung’s new-generation smartphones have a bunch of new camera features and modes that let you capture wonderful pictures in the daytime. The company also offers Night Portrait mode so that users will not have to compromise with the nighttime or dark area phones.

But what if you wanna capture sunrise and sunset on your phone? Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful and people love watching them. Of course, many times you must have thought that you should save this beautiful moment on your phone and you might have done this too.

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But many pictures might not have satisfied you as much as a picture clicked with a DSLR camera. Well, here we have some Pro Tips that will help you click some great shots of sunrise and sunset on your Samsung One UI 4.1 smartphones.


Samsung Camera

Capture Sunset and Sunrise with Samsung One UI 4.1 camera 

  • Check what time the sun rises or sets

When you want to take professional-looking photographs, you must know what time the sunrise or sunset is.

  • Pick a stunning location

Find and explore some places in advance. Beautiful colors are only for a few minutes.

  • Clouds can lift the eventual result

You might think that clear skies are best for sunset photography, but the best sunrise and sunset images tend to have some clouds. A cloudless sky can make a picture boring. Whereas, the clouds reflect the astonishing colors of the rising or setting sun.

  • Stay after the sun sets and come before sunrise

Do not leave immediately after sunset, this is the time where the magic happens! Both Blue Hour and Golden Hour have a lot to offer to smartphone photographers.

  • Shoot in RAW in Manual Mode

RAW images are easily manipulated in post-processing in Lightroom, Snapseed, or Photoshop. This makes it easy to edit the image. The file contains brightness, color, and contrast information, giving you ultimate creative freedom.

  • Clean the camera lens

Make sure there is no fingerprint or grease on the lens of your smartphone. They can ruin your photos and are the number one reason for unsharp photos.

Samsung Camera

  • Bring a tripod and remote shutter

when you aim to take perfect shots, you should make sure that your camera remains stable, either by using a tripod or by leaning your phone on a fixed object.

  • Use an ND filter

Use a Neutral Density (ND) filter. It allows you to use a longer shutter speed and create smooth-looking seas, streams, and lakes.

  • Pick an interesting foreground or background

Make sure you pick an interesting foreground or background, so your image has more depth and is well balanced.

  • Adjust brightness

Most smartphone camera apps have a manual mode to adjust shutter speed, white balance, ISO values, and brightness. Use the slider to brighten or darken the image.

  • Choose the correct white balance

When the warm colors of the sunrise or sunset did not come across well in your photographs, change the white balance to ‘cloudy‘ or pick a higher Kelvin number.

  • Use landscape mode and wide-angle lens

Sunrise and sunset images usually work best in landscape mode with a wide-angle lens.

  • Pay attention to lens flare

When you have the sun directly in the photo, a lens flare can occur. These are colored spheres, dots, or rainbows that appear in the picture.

  • Take many images with different settings

Try taking sunrise and sunset pictures with different settings, such as longer shutter speeds, different white balance, and ISO values, to see what works best.

One UI 4.1 Camera settings

  • Zoom with your feet

Your smartphone’s camera zoom-in is nothing more than a digital zoom that crops the original image size. So walk closer to the subject and take your pictures.

  • Shoot towards and away from the sun

Don’t just photograph the sun. You can get some great colors and atmosphere when shooting away from the sun.

  • Edit your images

The most important part of editing sunset and sunrise photography begins with shooting RAW images. This setting will guarantee that none of the lighting, contrast and color information will be lost during the editing process, and you can adjust anything you need.

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Samsung shares top 3 tips for Galaxy Z Flip 4, Fold 4 and Buds 2 Pro users [Sports]



Samsung Fold Flip 4 Tips

Samsung understands the importance of games and sports in everyone one’s life, therefore shared some useful tips to make the most out of every sports event with Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Buds 2 Pro devices.

No matter whether you’re watching a game at home, on the road, or on-site, Samsung devices can help you uncover and amplify the excitement of any game. Here are some useful tips on how you can fully enjoy gameplay with your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, Flip 4, and Buds 2 Pro.

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Capture Your Game Day Experiences Better, From Every Angle:

With Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, you can share all the game day highlights in vivid detail. It offers you FlexCam so that you can enjoy hands-free capture by folding your device to serve as a tripod.

When an unexpected moment arises during the game, you can take a high-resolution selfie without even opening your device with Quick Shot to capture every reaction, memory, and expression in high quality.

Samsung Fold Flip 4 Tips

Get Fully Immersed in the Action with A Powerful Display:

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 lets you open up a whole new world of viewing experiences, so you can do more with your device while watching games on your smartphone.

It brings every detail to life with the 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2x Main Display 2 to ensure you never miss a moment of the action, while the edge-to-edge display provides a truly immersive, uninterrupted viewing experience.

In addition, you can use the foldable display to connect with other fans while watching the game, without disrupting the game. Watch a game on one half of your display while using the other half to chat with friends, check updates on social, or call someone to chat about that last game.

Samsung Fold Flip 4 Tips

Add the Ultimate in Listening Technologies to Your Watching Experience:

From the roar of the crowd to the cheers of the announcers, no game is complete without the sounds that accompany it. When watching on your device, your Galaxy Buds 2 Pro with Hi-Fi 24bit audio can help you sense the real atmosphere of game day and make you feel like you’re right there.

Thanks to Intelligent 360 Audio and Direct Multi-Channel, these earbuds not only deliver a truly immersive experience that matches the movement of your head, but they also cut out any distractions with advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) so that you can focus on the sounds that really matter at the moment.

Samsung Fold Flip 4 Tips

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How to record ASMR videos in Samsung Galaxy phones



Samsung One UI 4.1 Camera

ASMR videos are a popular trend on social media platforms nowadays. These are satisfying videos that people love watching. But have you ever tried creating such videos but got failed due to a lack of knowledge? Well, Samsung is here with some tips and tricks to let Galaxy users record good ASMR videos.

ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos contain audio effects that activate a tingling sensation for some people and help them relax or sleep. Since these are very popular among social media users, many people try to create one to gain popularity.

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From baking to unboxing a new phone, you can create an ASMR video of any object, you just need a perfect setup to record one. Meanwhile, Samsung has recently shared an ASMR video along with tips on setting up your flagship Galaxy phone’s microphones.

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Record ASMR videos Samsung

Samsung recommends using Pro Video mode to make such videos as it allows you to control the videos you create through the personalization settings. If you also need some idea on how to capture one, do check the steps below. This will surely help you record the right audio for your ASMR videos on a Samsung Galaxy phone.

How to record ASMR videos on Samsung:

Make sure to set up in a quiet room to ignore background sound and place your phone on a stand/tripod to limit camera shake.

  • Open the Camera of your Samsung phone.
  • Scroll right for the More option.
  • Tap Pro Video mode.
  • Select the Rear mic option.
  • Adjust your decibel levels accordingly.
  • Finally, record your video.

Samsung One UI 4.1 Enhanced Pro Mode

Before you start recording, test the captured sound on various in-built microphone options, Omni, Front, Rear, or External microphone sources through USB or Bluetooth. You can then adjust the decibels (dB) accordingly to help improve focus and reduce background noise on your voice or featured products.

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Here’s how you can change cover picture of your Samsung Gallery Albums



Galaxy S22 November 2022 update US

Samsung Gallery app lets you view, edit, and manage your pictures, videos, and albums right on your Galaxy device. However, besides using such common features, you can also change the Samsung Gallery Album’s cover picture.

By default, the album overview on Samsung devices always uses the latest image in the album as the cover. However, it may also happen that the cover photo is not placed properly and is spoiling the look of your Gallery or you do not want the latest image of your specific album to show on the cover.

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To get rid of this, Samsung provides its Galaxy customers the ability to change the cover photo of the albums. This image you set as a cover picture will be always displayed even when a new picture comes to that album.

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Samsung Gallery cover picture

It’s very easy to change the cover photo of any album on your Samsung smartphone. If you don’t like it, you can replace it or go for the default picture as well. Below you can find the method on how to perform this function.

How to change Samsung Gallery album Cover picture:

  • First of all, open the Samsung Gallery app on your smartphone.
  • Now tap and hold the album you want to change the cover image.
  • Tap on the three-dot Menu and then the “Change cover image” option from the pop-up.
  • Select the image you want to add as a cover picture.
  • Once you tap on the image, you can adjust the part of that image and the selected section will appear as the cover picture.
  • Finally, tap on the Apply option and it’s done.

Change Samsung Gallery cover picture

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