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Samsung presented new era of Micro LED Technology at ISE 2022



The Wall All-in-One

Samsung Electronics Micro LED is truly an incredible technology and is a wonderful innovation by Samsung. It is showcasing the slimmest ever pixel pitch that is all in one and has a very convenient installation.

Samsung Electronics is presenting the future of Micro LED technology at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2022 in Barcelona. Samsung is very keen on its presentation and has represented three refreshing models from its State of the art display, The Wall.

At ISE 2022 Samsung is going to unveil The Wall with the model name IWB, which has an immersive screen and large screen. The IWB is 0.63 and the 0.94-pixel pitch is the slimmest of all the Micro LEDs.


The Wall All in One is available in model name IAB, which is offered in three different variants, 4K 146-inch, 2K 146-inch, and 2K 110-inch. The Wall has a 16:9 form factor and is the only product by Samsung that is only sold by the screen.

The new line of Micro LED is very versatile that is adapting to the new era extending its reach from the charging station to the hybrid classroom and office conference room. These Micro LEDs are exemplifying Samsung’s ongoing experiments in creating solutions that include contactless communication, and improved safety features.

The thinness of the display is 49mm and comes to 59mm after complete installation. Additionally equipped with the Black Seal technology and Micro AI Processor. One of the most interesting things is that two 4K 146-inch screens can be installed together to build a 32:9 form factor model.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series gets new update in September 2023



Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 September 2023 update

September 2023 is going on and Samsung has started releasing a new update for Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic in India. This update brings the June 2023 security patch to improve system security.

The latest software improves system stability and reliability to provide a better performance and bug-free experience. However, the official changelog nowhere mentions that the update brings any features with the smartwatches.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series users can identify the September 2023 update in India with the ending version AWI1. It carries an updated package size of 171.38MB.

Users can download this update through the Galaxy wearable app on a connected Android phone and navigate to Watch settings >> Watch software update >> Download and install. If an update is available, tap the Update now option, and on the Watch software update’ screen, tap Install now.

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Resolving Samsung Messages App Crashes: Quick Solutions!



Google Messages five pin

You may have been facing an issue where the Samsung Messages app crashes after tweaking the animation setting from developer options. It has been reported that if you arbitrarily change developer option values, your Galaxy smartphone or One UI app(s) may not work properly.

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If the problem occurs without altering the developer options, the app may not operate properly in specific usage scenarios within Samsung Messages, such as setting wallpapers within a chat. Depending on whether or not you have adjusted through Developer Options, here’s what you can do:

Developer Options: When animation-related scale values ​​are adjusted

You can improve the phenomenon by setting the animation-related scale value in developer options to the default value.

How to set the default animation-related scale value

Settings > Developer options > ‘Window animation scale’ – Animation scale 1x > ‘Transition animation scale’ – Animation scale 1x > ‘Animator length scale’ – Animation scale 1x

Not changed Developer Options?

You can improve the problem by clearing the cache and data of the Samsung Messages app. Interestingly, even if you delete the cache and data, the message contents are not deleted.

How to delete Samsung Messages app cache and data

Settings > Applications > Messages > Storage > Delete Data > Delete > Delete Cache

Samsung frequently releases app updates to keep its Galaxy services up-to-date. We anticipate an upcoming release of the Samsung Messages app through the Galaxy Store, which is expected to address the issues related to crashes following animation adjustments.

How to update Samsung Messages app

  1. Open the Galaxy Store app on your smartphone
  2. Search for Samsung Messages app
  3. Tap “Update” Samsung Messages app.
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Say no to iPhone: Here’s why US soldiers use Samsung Galaxy S23



Samsung Galaxy S23 Tactical Edition

The United States of America is often called the country of heaven. It’s named so because the US annual defense budget amounts to $766 billion. As such, the ‘class’ of the equipment used by the US military is different. Do you know that US soldiers use Samsung Galaxy S23 instead of iPhone on the battlefield?

Samsung recently introduced Tactical Edition smartphones for the US military, the Galaxy S23 TE and Galaxy XCover 6 Pro TE. Both devices bring a laser rangefinder, external GPS connectivity, a tactical radio, a stealth mode to block radio signals, and a touchscreen that can be used even while wearing military gloves.

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It supports ‘Night Vision Mode’, which protects the eyes when wearing night vision goggles, and ‘5G Band Lock Mode’, which allows connection to certified 5G networks only. It automatically accepts calls while the speaker is on, prevents call recording, and keeps mission-related secrets safe.

It is basically made to be strong enough to be used on the battlefield.

It can withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, and humidity. There is no damage even if dropped from a height of 1.5m, and it is certified as IP68, the highest rating for dust and water resistance (up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5m).

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