Tuesday, September 28, 2021

WhatsApp to introduce more enhanced feature in disappearing messages


Recently, WhatsApp announced the introduction of a more advanced version of disappearing messages. The developers continue to make adjustments in this category and add new features. It will provide a convenient and easy-to-use experience.

At this point, a new feature that has caught my attention is the timeless WhatsApp message timer. Certainly, the WhatsApp team is currently doing this work, so it will still be available to users.

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WhatsApp Disappearing Mode

WhatsApp’s disappearance mode is a message that removes activity, deleting messages and media from the recipient’s chat history after a certain period of time.

From now on, if you want to send any disappearing messages on WhatsApp, it will only ask for two options or 24 hours or 7 days. In addition, previous reports indicate that it will soon extend the 90-day message limit. However, the media only stays in the top 7 days right now.

To enable this mode, select any conversation in your account and tap on the contact’s name after opening the chat. Here you can find the missing message option and enable/disable it by selecting it. Before discussing a new task, consider what it will look like.

WhatsApp Disappearing Mode

What’s new in disappearing Mode?

As the name suggests, this disappearing message timer will set all individual conversations in the disappearance mode and time you choose. Details indicate that WhatsApp will add this feature as default. Though, the current conversations involving the winning media files ’have been affected by it.

This feature will help the user to set all conversations in disappearance mode simultaneously, meanwhile, you can disable them one by one. However, there is no information on its availability. It means it is not yet ready to release users. We will keep you posted, until then you are always connected with us.


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