WhatsApp won’t delete View Once media immediately if unseen from 14 days

WhatsApp is testing a new beta version, which comes with quality features (Expired View Once) and the one that has been looking forward to WhatsApp users.

According to Wabetainfo, Whatsapp is working on a quite new feature called ‘Expired View Once‘. This disappearing photo feature is quite similar to Instagram where media get expired after a definite time period (after 14 days).

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WhatsApp View Once

In this feature, the image will disappear if the recipient opens it and leaves the conversation. The feature works for videos, photos, and GIFs, if the view once button doesn’t show up when you share the media with anyone, it means you may not be able to use media.

WhatsApp Expired View Once

Earlier, for some privacy reasons, photos and videos are posted, using expiration view after 14 days if you do not open them within that time period.

Note that, due to some recent changes, if you do not open photos and videos that are set to view once every 14 days, the media may be marked as expired right now. WhatsApp will highlight these details in a future update as well.

As always, WhatsApp rolling out this new beta update to select Android users, while a wider rollout is expected very soon. You can check for the latest WhatsApp Beta update through Google Play Store on your registered account.


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