Caviar announces Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in the shape of 24 karat gold bar

Caviar, the Russian brand of exclusive limited-edition smartphones and accessories has unveiled a special edition of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra that is enriched with 1 kilogram of 24 karat gold and has the shape of a gold bar.

This gold bar like Galaxy S21 Ultra comes with a starting price tag of 169,000 USD. Users can choose this Goldphone in three different storage variants including 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

Talking about the design, Caviar’s limited-edition Galaxy S21 Ultra is a beautifully rounded smartphone decorated with 1 kilo of gold. The specifications are marked on the back of the device: “Fine Gold 999.9, net weight 1000g.”

However, the Russian brand makes luxury smartphones using 18-karat gold that is more practical in everyday life and also more affordable. On the other hand, Galaxy S21 Ultra (Goldphone) is an investment object that will retain its value over the years. That’s why Caviar has opted for 24-karat gold pure gold (99.9% instead of 75%).

A few things to be noted, only 7 copies of this unique Limited Edition smartphone are produced, and a unique number is engraved at the bottom of the back of the Galaxy S21 Ultra that the owner can see exactly which one belongs to him.

Each Limited Edition smartphone comes in chic packaging. For this Goldphone Caviar opted for a luxurious white case-safe with a combination lock, to underline the exclusivity of this model.


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