Samsung’s Tizen OS becomes top player in the global Smart TV streaming platform in Q3, 2020

As we can see from the past few years, the market for televisions is going towards Smart TVs. The Smart TVs works like a smartphone having Wi-Fi connectivity, applications support like an app store, Google search, and much more. However, various companies are arriving in this lineup, Samsung already has a good spot in the market of Smart TVs.

While numerous Smart TVs run on the stock Android operating system, Samsung has developed its own OS – Tizen OS, which comes installed with its Smart TVs. The Tizen operating system for Samsung Smart TVs is based on Linux.

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According to the report of Strategy Analytics, Samsung is working rapidly to grow its Tizen OS TV streaming platform with advertisers and content providers. Adding to this, Tizen OS becomes the largest TV streaming platform across the globe with accounting for 12.5% of Connected TV devices in use.

It makes Tizen OS a global leader ahead of other streaming platforms like LG’s WebOS, Sony PlayStation, Roku TV OS, Amazon’s Fire TV OS, and Google’s Android TV.

However, Samsung sold 11.8 million smart TVs worldwide in Q3 2020 and these high sales of Samsung’s Smart TVs helped the company to secure the top spot as the largest streaming TV platform across the globe. On the basis of the sold TVs, more than 155 million Tizen OS smart TVs in use around the world, which is increased by 23% compared to last year.

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“Samsung’s success in building Tizen as a global TV streaming platform bodes well for the company’s new revenue streams,” “Content providers and advertisers are keen to benefit from the rapidly growing audience for connected TV services as increasing numbers of viewers switch away from traditional pay-TV and broadcast platforms.” Said Director, TV & Media Strategies.

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