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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and its Touch Screen issues, is there any solution?

In September 2020, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S20 Fan Edtion (FE), this is a new member of its Galaxy S20 lineup. The Galaxy S20 FE has an attractive price of $699 and equips flagship features including a 7nm octa-core processor with 5G connectivity, 12MP triple rear cameras, a 32MP front-facing camera and packs a 4500mAh battery with fast charging.

The Galaxy S20 FE offers 6 vibrant color options for every smartphone enthusiasts. On the front side, it sports a 6.5-inch Infinity-O Super AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate for high-performance gaming and a smoother user experience.

Aside from all of its goodness, the Galaxy S20 FE has now become a topic of discussion among its users and it’s not for its specialties but a serious issue.

Following its initial sales, users of Samsung Galaxy S20 FE reportedly facing “ghost touches” on the corner of the display. However, this is not the only issue experienced by the users because there’s also a screen sensitivity issue, and touches sometimes appear on the offset or a random place than the actual position of the fingertip.

Some users reported that their S20 FE is not able to respond to scrolling and swiping actions, sometimes these features work very slow, and sometimes it makes sudden jumps from top to bottom.

The touch response rate is sometimes very slow and the display failed to register touch at the same time and even delays it.

According to users on different forums and communities, these problems are not persisted all the time but they do appearing frequently in many Galaxy S20 FE smartphones.

After this widespread problem, Samsung quickly acknowledges it and started the rollout of the first firmware update in October with fixes for “screen touch”. Unfortunately, the update failed to fix the issues.

Then the South Korena tech giant made some improvements to the firmware of Galaxy S20 FE and rolled it out. Still, it didn’t make any significant improvements to the display.

Recently, Samsung began pushing the November update and it also promises to solve the touch screen issue but the story remains unchanged.

Meanwhile, there are no confirmations that have been made whether this problem is related to the hardware of the Galaxy S20 FE or it’s related to the software.

On the other side, Samsung has sped us its process of finding a solution and release a new software update for the Galaxy S20 FE with fixes for these touch-related issues.

Are you facing the same touch screen issues? Let us know in the comments.

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