How to organize the Home Screen of your Samsung Galaxy devices

Everyone loves a comfortable and clean home and that applies to your phone as well. No worries, you can customize and style your phone’s Home screen by changing the screen orientation, or adding widgets, folders, and extra Home screens. It will make your phone more organized and easy to navigate.

You can customize the Home screen and also the application drawer. It also comes with an enhanced screen layout, neatly arranged icons, as well as Home and Apps screens that perfectly fit Galaxy devices. That also has a blurred background option and page looping for the app drawer, and more.

Note: Available screens and settings may vary by the wireless service provider, software version, and phone model.

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Landscape Home Screen

By default, Galaxy phones are set to Auto-rotate so the phone will automatically adjust its display mode based on how you are holding it.

You can also lock the screen in Landscape mode if needed. Just turn your phone sideways, and open the Quick settings panel by swiping down from the top of the screen. Tap Auto-rotate, the phone will now be locked in Landscape mode. To go back to Auto-rotate, simply tap Landscape in the Quick settings panel.

Do you want your Home screen to rotate to landscape too:

  • To do this, navigate to Settings, and then tap Display.
  • Tap the Home screen, and then tap the switch next to Rotate to landscape mode.

You can also make your Always On Display appear in Landscape mode if you prefer.

  • From Settings, tap Lock screen, and then tap Always On Display.
  • Tap Rotate the screen to and then tap Landscape. Now your AOD will always display in Landscape mode.

Add or remove widgets

Widgets are like mini versions of apps. They appear on your Home screen and when you tap them, they will activate or use an app’s feature. These super-powered shortcuts will help you access your favorite apps faster.

  • To add a widget, swipe to a Home screen. Then, touch and hold an empty spot.
  • Tap Widgets, select your desired widget and then drag it onto the Home screen.
  • To remove a widget, just touch and hold the widget, and then tap Remove from Home.

There are a few options available after you’ve placed your widget. User, please keep in mind the options may vary depending on the widget, as well as, it may vary on your devices.

  • Resize: Widgets that can be resized will have a blue line along its edges. You can resize it by touching and dragging the lines.
  • Color: Set your widget to a different color. You can access this by touching and holding the widget and then tapping Widget settings.
  • Transparency: Increase or decrease the widget’s transparency so you can easily see it. You can access this by touching and holding the widget and then tapping Widget settings.

Organize your Home screen

You can customize and style your phone’s Home screen. Here are some examples you can follow to keep your Home screens neat and clean:

  • You can remove unwanted apps from your Home screen by tapping and holding your desired app.
  • Then, tap Remove from Home to delete the shortcut. Or, you can tap Uninstall to remove the app from your phone entirely.
  • You can drag the Samsung Apps folder onto the Home screen to quickly access the Samsung apps you need.
  • You can also organize the apps into digital folders on your Home screen. Just drag one app on top of another app to make a folder.

If needed, you can add more Home screens to your phone. It’s a great way to organize all your apps and folders.

  • Tap and hold an empty area on your Home screen.
  • Swipe until you reach a blank Home screen and then tap Add to create a new one.
  • To remove an extra Home screen, swipe to that screen, and then tap the Delete icon.
  • Tap Delete again to confirm.

Note: The coloring feature may vary based on the model and software.

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