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US unlocked Galaxy S23 series getting January 2024 update



Samsung Galaxy S23 June 2024 update

Recently, US Cellular initiated the January security patch distribution to the latest Samsung flagships. Now, unlocked models of Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy  S23 Ultra receiving the January 2024 security update in the US.

Samsung’s January 2024 update for the US unlocked Galaxy S23 series weighs nearly 400 megabytes. The changelog doesn’t mention any specific bug fix or enhancement, nor there’s any new feature added with the latest firmware update.

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While US Cellular and carrier-unlocked models have started getting the OTA, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and other major network providers are yet to begin the rollout. For your info, the update for unlocked models comes with build version ending with BWL9, check more details below:

PDA version numbers:

  • S911U1UES2BWL9 – Galaxy S23 5G
  • S916U1UES2BWL9 – Galaxy S23 Plus 5G
  • S918U1UES2BWL9 – Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

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Android Patch Details




CVE-2023-4272, CVE-2023-32804, CVE-2023-3889, CVE-2023-21215, CVE-2023-21227, CVE-2023-21228, CVE-2023-21216, CVE-2023-21218, CVE-2023-21166, CVE-2023-21164, CVE-2023-21163, CVE-2023-21162, CVE-2023-21217, CVE-2023-21401, CVE-2023-21402, CVE-2023-21263, CVE-2023-35690

CVE-2023-21403, CVE-2023-32847, CVE-2023-32848, CVE-2023-32851, CVE-2022-22076, CVE-2023-21652, CVE-2023-21664, CVE-2023-21662, CVE-2023-33017, CVE-2023-28546, CVE-2023-28585, CVE-2023-28586, CVE-2023-33022, CVE-2023-33054, CVE-2023-28550, CVE-2023-28551, CVE-2023-33018

CVE-2023-33081, CVE-2023-33089, CVE-2023-33098, CVE-2023-33088, CVE-2023-33080, CVE-2023-33097, CVE-2023-33079, CVE-2023-33092, CVE-2023-33107, CVE-2023-33106, CVE-2023-33063, CVE-2023-33053, CVE-2023-33087, CVE-2023-45779, CVE-2022-48457, CVE-2022-48458, CVE-2022-48459

CVE-2022-48454, CVE-2022-48455, CVE-2022-48461, CVE-2022-48456, CVE-2023-32818, CVE-2023-21245, CVE-2024-0015, CVE-2024-0018, CVE-2024-0023, CVE-2024-0019, CVE-2024-0021, CVE-2023-35671, CVE-2024-0016, CVE-2024-0017, CVE-2024-0020, CVE-2023-21266, CVE-2023-40120


CVE-2023-32842, CVE-2023-32844, CVE-2023-32846, CVE-2023-32841, CVE-2023-32843, CVE-2023-32845

One UI Patch Details

  • SVE-2023-1689(CVE-2024-20806): Improper access control in Notification service
  • SVE-2023-1667(CVE-2024-20802): Improper access control in Samsung DeX
  • SVE-2023-1418(CVE-2024-20805): Path traversal vulnerability in MyFiles
  • SVE-2023-1406(CVE-2024-20804): Path traversal vulnerability in MyFiles
  • SVE-2023-1038(CVE-2024-20803): Improper authentication vulnerability in Bluetooth pairing process

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Verizon US brings June 2024 update to Galaxy A54, A53 5G



Samsung Galaxy A53 A54 June 2024 update US

Verizon has pushed the June 2024 security update for Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A54 5G smartphones in the US. The update improves system security and behavior by fixing vulnerabilities and enhancing some features.

According to the official details, the June 2024 patch enhances features such as image display on the screen, battery usage tracking, secure phone calls, and the functionality of the Samsung Dialer application. It also optimizes stability and reliability for better user experience and performance.

June 2024 security update for Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A54 5G smartphones can be identified via One UI builds A536VSQSBEXE6 and A546VSQS7CXF3 in the US.

Users of these Samsung devices are advised to install the June 2024 update promptly to benefit from the improved security measures. For those who have not received an update notification, the update can be manually checked and installed.

To install the update, open the smartphone’s settings, select ‘Software Update’, and then ‘Download and install’. Following these steps will ensure that your Samsung smartphone is up-to-date with the latest security protections.

Samsung Galaxy A53 A54 June 2024 update US

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Samsung Galaxy A42 5G users getting June 2024 security update



Samsung Galaxy A42 June 2024 update

Samsung is rolling out a new firmware update to the Galaxy A42 5G, which installs the latest Android security patch released in June 2024 to enhance system security and stability. The update is live for users in Europe.

June 2024 update primarily focuses on enhancing the system security of the device by including the latest Android security measures. Additionally, the update addresses various bugs and stability optimizations, which brings a better overall user experience.

The latest patch fixes issues related to the grid image display, battery statistics services, call verification, the Samsung Dialer app, and more.

June 2024 security update for Samsung Galaxy A42 5G in Europe can be identified through One UI build version A426BXXS7DXF1. The company is regularly working to make this update available to all models.

Users can install the update through Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install. If you have received the update notification, then update it now to enjoy enhanced functions.

Samsung Galaxy A42 June 2024 update

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Samsung Core Services get more stable and reliable with June 2024 update



Samsung Core Services June 2024 update

June 2024 is going on and Samsung has released a fresh update for its Core Services app with version The new update improves overall system functionality and user experience. It mainly focuses on enhancing app stability, reliability, and fixing minor bugs.

The fresh update of Samsung Core Services introduces enhancements that enhance the app’s stability. Users can expect smoother performance as the company ensures a more reliable experience across various Samsung devices.

Moreover, this update also includes fixes for minor bugs that may have affected the app’s performance or user interface in previous versions. It is compatible with Galaxy devices running Android 14 based One UI 6.1 or One UI 6.0.

Samsung users are advised to update their Core Services app to version promptly to benefit from these improvements. The update is available through the Samsung Galaxy Store or can be automatically downloaded after a software update installation.

To install the Samsung Core Services June 2024 update on your smartphone, visit Galaxy Store >> Menu option >> Updates. Also, you can directly download it from the third-party app source link mentioned here. The update is rolling out gradually so it may take some hours or days to reach all eligible Galaxy models.

Samsung Core services June 2024 update

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