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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 users in the US grabbing January 2024 update



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 January 2024 update

Samsung has pushed the January 2024 security update for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 smartphone in the US. The update is rolling out for both locked and unlocked models of Z Fold 4. However, it is already rolled out in Europe.

January 2024 security patch fixes dozens of security flaws that were discovered in the previous version of the software running on phones and tablets. However, it does not bring any new features or changes but makes your device more secure and reliable.

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Users of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 are getting the January 2024 update with One UI build version F936U1UES3EWL9 for unlocked models and F936USQS3EWL9 for locked models.

If you have received the update, then install it now to enjoy enhanced security and features. To check and install the update, you just need to open Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 gets January 2024 security update [One UI 6]

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June 2024 update live for Galaxy S23 series in Canada



Samsung Galaxy S23 June 2024 update Canada

Samsung Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra users are receiving the June 2024 security update in Canada. Users of the Galaxy S23 series are already enjoying the latest patch enhancements in India, Korea, and the US.

Users of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series can verify the June 2024 security update in Canada through the One UI builds given below.

  • S911WVLS3CXE3 – Galaxy S23
  • S916WVLS3CXE3 – Galaxy S23 Plus
  • S918WVLS3CXE3 – Galaxy S23 Ultra

The fresh security patch fixes 37 high-level CVEs for the Android operating system and 22 SVE items for Samsung’s One UI. It improves the grid image display, battery statistics services, call verification, the Samsung Dialer app, and more.

Moreover, the latest security patch brings system security improvements, stability optimization, bug fixes, and functional enhancements to deliver a better user experience.

Users can download the June 2024 security update through Settings >> Software Update >> Download and install.

Aside from this, Samsung is planning to release a major software update based on One UI 6.1 in the coming months. This update is equivalent to the One UI 6.1.1 and aims to address specific user interface concerns.

One UI 6.1.1 update will be as big as One UI 6.1, Samsung mod says

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Good Lock

Samsung plans to enhance Virtual Touchpad function in H2 2024



Samsung Virtual touchpad

Samsung is planning to improve its virtual touchpad functionality, following valuable user feedback from its community. The company may release a major update for the One Hand Operation + Good Lock module to implement improvements.

A user on the Samsung community suggested including a “lock (fix) button” on the virtual touchpad to stabilize the cursor. This button would address concerns of thumb fatigue and precision aiming during single-handed operation.

This suggestion of a lock button is mainly useful for those who sometimes find the current controls challenging due to the cursor movement when adjusting the pointer speed.

In response, a community moderator has acknowledged the feedback and commitment to reviewing and improving the virtual touchpad by the second half of 2024.

samsung Virtual touchpad

Moreover, he has assured users that the team is taking a complete approach to integrating these suggestions. Although these improvements may take time to implement. Through this, the company aims to improve the usability of the One Hand Operation+ functions.

One UI 7.0 update to improve clock format alignment in Samsung devices

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AI partnership likely between Samsung and Cisco



Samsung AI

Samsung and Cisco may enter into a partnership in the AI sector. Last week, Cisco Chairman Chuck Robbins discussed potential AI collaboration with the top executives of Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor Group, and Naver Corporation.

Talking about the partnership, Samsung supplied memory and processors to Cisco. Meanwhile, Cisco has historically supplied routers and switches to Samsung Elec. Now, Samsung is likely to manufacture the Silicon One G200 networking chip for Cisco.

Cisco’s head met Samsung’s Jay Y. Lee and remembered long-standing relations. Notably, both companies have close cooperation in semiconductor and telecommunications equipment. Besides, Cisco may also sign strategic partners with AMD and Intel.

“With Samsung, we had in-depth discussions about AI and communication trends,” Robbins said.

In addition, Robbins also met Hyundai Motor Group Chairman Chung Eui-sun and Naver CEO Choi Soo-yeon. The official had discussions on AI security. Hyundai Motor may order Cisco’s new AI-based security solution for protection against security threats.

Cisco is famous for its LAN technology, which played a vital role in connecting distant PCs. The company was founded in 1984 by Stanford University computer scientists. Back in March 2000, it became the most valuable company in the United States.

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