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Android 14 One UI 6.0 update is out for these Samsung Galaxy A devices



Samsung Galaxy A34 January 2024 update

Several Samsung Galaxy A series smartphones are eligible for Android 14 One UI 6.0 update. The company is continuously expanding the new software to eligible Galaxy devices. So far, various Galaxy models have been upgraded with plenty of new features.

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Mid-range phones launched this year are eligible for up to four years of OS upgrades. However, Samsung offers at least two major Android upgrades to each and every Galaxy device. So if your Galaxy phone was shipped with Android 12, the One UI 6.0 update will certainly be available.

Android 14 One UI 6.0 update is out for these Samsung Galaxy A devices

  • Galaxy A54
  • Galaxy A34
  • Galaxy A24
  • Galaxy A14
  • Galaxy A73
  • Galaxy A53
  • Galaxy A33
  • Galaxy A52s

It’s worth noting that the user interface changes will be reflected on all Galaxy models. However, certain features are rolled out as per the device’s hardware capabilities. Well, all Galaxy device users will find One UI 6 outstanding, thanks to notable UI tweaks across the OS.

Galaxy A54’s One UI 6.0 Changelog

Quick panel

New button layout

The quick panel has a new layout that makes it easier to access the features you use most. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth now have their own dedicated buttons at the top of the screen, while visual features, like Dark mode and Eye comfort shield have been moved to the bottom. Other quick settings buttons appear in a customizable area in the middle.

Instantly access the full quick panel

By default, a compact quick panel with notifications appears when you swipe down from the top of the screen. Swiping down again hides notifications and shows the expanded quick panel.

If you turn on Quick settings instant access, you can view the expanded quick panel by swiping just once from the right side of the top of the screen. Swiping down from the left side shows notifications.

Quickly access brightness control

The brightness control bar now appears by default in the compact quick panel when you swipe down once from the top of the screen for quicker and easier brightness adjustments.

Improved album art display

While playing music or videos, album art will cover the entire media controller in the notification panel if the app playing the music or video provides album art.

Enhanced layout for notifications

Each notification now appears as a separate card, making it easier to recognize individual notifications.

More vivid notification icons

You can use the same full-color icons that are used for each app on the Home and Apps screens. You can turn this on in Settings.

Sort notifications by time

You can now change your notification settings to sort by time instead of priority so your newest notifications are always on top.


Lock screen

Reposition your clock

You now have more freedom to move your clock to the position of your choice on the Lock screen.


Home screen

Simplified icon labels

App icon labels are now limited to a single line for a cleaner and simpler look. “Galaxy” and “Samsung” have been removed from some app names to make them shorter and easier to scan.

Drag and drop with 2 hands

Start dragging app icons or widgets on your Home screen with one hand, then use your other hand to navigate to the screen where you want to drop them.



Keep pop-up windows open

Instead of minimizing pop-up windows when you go to the Recents screen, pop-ups will now remain open after you leave the Recents screen so you can continue what you were working on.


Samsung Keyboard

New emoji design

Emojis that appear in your messages, social media posts, and elsewhere on your phone have been updated with a fresh new design.


Content sharing

Picture previews

When you share pictures from any app, preview images will appear at the top of the Share panel to give you one more chance to review the pictures before sharing them.



New Weather widget

The Weather insights widget provides more information about your local weather conditions. You can see when severe thunderstorms, snow, rain, and other events are on the forecast.

More information in Weather app

Information about snowfall, moon phases and times, atmospheric pressure, visibility distance, dew point, and wind direction is now available in the Weather app.

Interactive map view

Swipe to move around the map and tap a location to view the local weather conditions. The map can help you find weather information even if you don’t know the name of the city.

Enhanced illustrations

Illustrations in the Weather widget and app have been enhanced to provide better information about the current weather conditions. Background colors also change depending on the time of the day.



Simple and intuitive design

The overall layout of the Camera app has been simplified. Quick settings buttons on the preview screen have been redesigned to be easier to understand.

Custom camera widgets

You can add custom camera widgets to your Home screen. You can set each widget to start in a specific shooting mode and save pictures in an album of your choice.

More alignment options for watermarks

You can now choose whether your watermark appears at the top or bottom of your photos.

Scan documents easily

The Scan document feature has been separated from Scene optimizer so you can scan documents even if Scene optimizer is turned off. The new Auto scan lets you scan documents automatically whenever you take a picture of a document. After a document is scanned, you’ll be taken to the edit screen where you can rotate your document to align it the way you want.

Quick access to resolution settings

A resolution button is now available in the quick settings at the top of the screen in Photo and Pro modes so you can quickly change the resolution of photos you take.

Easier video size options

A pop-up now appears when you tap the video size button, making it easier to see all the options and choose the right ones.

Keep your pictures level

When grid lines are turned on in Camera settings, a level line will now appear in the middle of the screen while using the rear camera in all modes except Panorama. The line will move to show whether your picture is level with the ground.

Turn off swipe up/down to switch cameras

Swiping up or down to switch between the front and rear cameras is now optional. If you’re concerned about accidental swipes, you can turn this off in Settings.

Apply effects more easily

Filter and face effects now use a dial instead of a slider making it easier to make precise adjustments with just one hand.



Quick edits in detail view

While viewing a picture or video, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to detail view. This screen now provides quick access to effects and editing features you can immediately apply.

Drag and drop with 2 hands

Touch and hold pictures and videos with one hand, then use your other hand to navigate to the album where you want to drop them.

Save clipped images as stickers

When you clip something from an image, you can easily save it as a sticker that you can use later when editing pictures or videos.

Enhanced story view

While viewing a story, a thumbnail view appears when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen. In thumbnail view, you can add or remove pictures and videos from your story.


Photo Editor

Enhanced layout

The new Tools menu makes it easier to find the editing features you need. Straighten and Perspective options have been combined in the Transform menu.

Adjust decorations after saving

You can now make changes to drawings, stickers, and text that you’ve added to a photo even after saving.

Undo and redo

Don’t worry about making mistakes. You can now easily undo or redo transformations, filters, and tones.

Draw on custom stickers

When creating custom stickers, you can now use the drawing tools to make your stickers even more personal and unique.

New text backgrounds and styles

When adding text to a photo, you can choose from several new backgrounds and styles to help you get the perfect look.


Studio (Video Editor)

More powerful video editing

Studio is a new project-based video editor, allowing for more complex and powerful editing. You can access Studio from the Drawer menu in Gallery or add an icon to your Home screen for quicker access.

Timeline layout

Studio lets you view your entire project as a timeline containing multiple video clips. The multi-layered structure lets you add clips, stickers, subtitles, and other objects and adjust their position and length easily.

Save and edit projects

You can also save unfinished movie projects to continue editing them later.


Video Player

Enhanced layout

Video player controls are now easier than ever. Buttons with similar functions have been grouped together, and the Play button has been moved to the center of the screen.

Enhanced playback speed controls

Choose between several video playback speeds between 0.25x and 2.0x. Speed controls are now easier to access with dedicated buttons instead of a slider.


Samsung Health

New look for the Home screen

The Samsung Health Home screen has been completely revamped. More information is shown, while bold fonts and colors make it easier to see the information you need most. Your latest exercise result is shown at the top of the screen, and more feedback is provided about your sleep score as well as your daily goals for steps, activity, water, and food.

Custom water cup sizes

You can now customize the size of cups in the Samsung Health Water tracker to match the size of the cup you usually drink from.



Your schedule at a glance

The new schedule view provides your upcoming events, tasks, and reminders all together in chronological order.

View your reminders in Calendar

You can now view and add reminders in the Calendar app without opening the Reminder app.

Move events with 2 hands

In Day or Week view, touch and hold the event you want to move with one hand, then use your other hand to navigate to the day where you want to move it.



Refined reminder list view

The main list view has been redesigned. You can manage categories at the top of the screen. Below the categories, your reminders will be shown organized by date. The layout for reminders containing images and web links has also been enhanced.

New reminder categories

The Place category contains reminders that alert you when you’re in a specific place, and the No alert category contains reminders that don’t provide any alerts.

More options for creating reminders

When sharing content to the Reminder app, you’ll get full editing options before your reminder is created. You can also take pictures using the camera when creating a reminder.

Create all-day reminders

You can now create reminders for an entire day and customize the time you want to be alerted about them.


Samsung Internet

Play videos in the background

Keep playing video sound even if you leave the current tab or leave the Internet app.

Move bookmarks and tabs with 2 hands

Touch and hold the bookmark or tab you want to move with one hand, then use your other hand to navigate to the bookmark folder or tab group where you want to move it.


Smart select

Resize and extract text from pinned content

When you pin an image to the screen, you can now resize it or extract text from it.

Magnified view

When selecting an area of the screen, a magnified view will appear so you can start and end your selection at the perfect spot.


Bixby text call

Switch to Bixby during a call

You can switch to Bixby text call at any time, even if the call is already in progress.


Modes and Routines

Change the appearance of your Lock screen

Set up different Lock screens with their own wallpaper and clock style for when you’re driving, working, exercising, and more. Try a dark wallpaper for Sleep mode or a calming wallpaper for Relax mode. When you edit the Lock screen for a mode, you’ll see that wallpaper whenever that mode is turned on.

New conditions

You can now start a routine when an app is playing media.

New actions

Your routines can now do more than ever before, such as changing your Samsung Keyboard settings.



Quick actions for apps

When an app appears in your search results, you can touch and hold the app to get quick access to actions you can perform using the app. For example, if you search for the Calendar app, buttons for adding an event or searching your calendar will appear. App actions will also appear in search results on their own if you search for the name of the action instead of the app.


My Files

Free up storage space

Recommendation cards will appear to help you free up storage space. My Files will recommend deleting unnecessary files, give you tips for setting up cloud storage, and also let you know which apps on your phone are using the most storage space.

Integrated Trash with Gallery and Voice Recorder

My Files, Gallery, and Voice Recorder Trash features have been combined into one. When you open the Trash in My Files, you’ll be able to see files, pictures, videos, and voice recordings you’ve deleted all together, along with options for restoring or permanently deleting.

Copy files with 2 hands

Touch and hold the file you want to copy with one hand, then use your other hand to navigate to the folder where you want to copy it.


Samsung Pass

Safer sign-ins with passkeys

Use passkeys to sign in to supported apps and websites. Unlike passwords, your passkey is only stored on your phone and can’t be leaked through a website security breach. Passkeys also protect you from phishing attacks because they only work on the website or app where they were registered.



Smarter Airplane mode

If you turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth while Airplane mode is on, your phone will remember. The next time you use Airplane mode, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will remain on instead of turning off.

Easier access to battery settings

Battery settings now have their own top-level settings menu so you can easily check your battery usage and manage battery settings.

Block security threats

Get an extra level of protection for your apps and data. Auto Blocker prevents unknown apps from being installed, checks for malware, and blocks malicious commands from being sent to your phone using a USB cable



Vision enhancements easier to find

The Spoken assistance and Visibility enhancements menus have been combined into one Vision enhancements menu for quicker, simpler access.

New magnification options

Customize how your magnification window appears. You can choose full screen, partial screen, or allow switching between the two.

Customize cursor thickness

You can now increase the thickness of the cursor that appears while editing text so that it’s easier to see.

Learn more about accessibility

A link to the Samsung Accessibility web page has been added to Accessibility settings so you can learn more about accessibility features and our efforts to make our products accessible to everyone.


Digital Wellbeing

Enhanced layout

The main screen of Digital Wellbeing has been redesigned, making it easier to find the information you need.

More content in your weekly report

Your weekly usage report now lets you know about unusual usage patterns, your peak usage times, and how you balance your screen time.

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A game changer: Samsung to mass produce 2nm BSPDN semiconductor in 2026



Samsung Water Management

The semiconductor market is currently in motion, so several manufacturers including Intel, Samsung, TSMC, and more are competing to develop cutting-edge technologies to lead the tech world. On the other side, Samsung plans to mass produce a BSPDN semiconductor based on a 2nm process in 2026.

As per the information, Samsung gearing up to mass-produce a game-changer Backside Power Supply (BSPDN) technology with a 2nm process starting next year. The tech maker has also reduced the chip area by 10% and 19% and succeeded in improving chip performance and frequency efficiency to a single-digit level.

Previously, it was reported that Samsung Electronics would introduce rear power supply technology starting from the 1.7-nano process. But now the South Korean tech giant is expected to revise its roadmap and introduce the technology as early as next year when mass production of the 2-nano process begins.

To be mentioned, the rear power supply technology being developed by Samsung has achieved indicators that exceed the target in the initial stage. As Samsung delivered results exceeding target indicators from the beginning of development, it is highly likely that the commercialization date, originally scheduled for around 2027, will be brought forward.

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Furthermore, the backside power supply is a new semiconductor process that has yet to be commercialized. Therefore, to supply power to semiconductors, power supply lines have been placed on the top of the wafer where the circuit is drawn for convenience in the process.

Samsung 2nm BSPDN mass produce


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Samsung Galaxy S24 sales booming in Apple’s home turf



Samsung Galaxy S24 North America sales

Samsung has once again impressed the world with its Galaxy S24 series, which has achieved remarkable sales records in various markets including North America and Korea. This series is expected to sell more than 10 million units globally within one month of its release.

Especially in Apple’s home market North America, the Galaxy S24 series has successfully sold over 3.2 million units in the first month, setting a new sales record for Samsung in the region. This is Samsung’s highest sales figure in North America since the Galaxy S7 series in 2016.

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The Galaxy S24 series has also created a new record in South Korea, where it has sold more than 1 million units in just 28 days since its launch. This is the fastest sales record for any Samsung smartphone, surpassing the previous record of 37 days set by the Galaxy S8 series in 2017.

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the Galaxy S24 series is its innovative Galaxy AI feature, which enhances the user experience with various functions. Galaxy AI offers features such as Chat Assist, Live Translate, Interpreter, Circle to Search with Google, Note Assist, Browsing Assist, and Transcript Assist, and more.

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2024 TV model featuring Samsung Knox obtains CC security certification



Samsung 2024 TV CC certification

Samsung is working on the next generation of television and in the recent development, a 2024 TV model featuring Samsung Knox has received the CC security certification. By obtaining this CC certification, the upcoming Samsung TV has been recognized for its safe connectivity with the Samsung Nox Bolt.

It will further strengthen the standards for TV security in terms of software and hardware, providing users with a safe and accurate experience. By being verified for the stronger security features of Samsung Knox, the 2024 model Samsung TV once again proved its global security and reliability. 

To be mentioned, the CC certification is an international standard for assessing the security of products and is an evaluation certification mutually recognized by 31 countries around the world. Notably, this essential certification has verified three security functions of Samsung Nox that are:

  • Monitoring in real-time whether on Samsung TV running Tizen OS operating system, has been hacked.
  • Samsung Nox checks in advance whether the website you are trying to access using a web browser on your Samsung TV is a phishing site and blocks it.
  • Nox Bolt which is installed in Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV, keeps users sensitive and personal information protected.

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Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business Division, said,

  • “Samsung Knox’s security features have become stronger and safer,” “We will continue to put the protection of our customers’ personal information as our top priority and apply the best security technology to our products.”

Samsung 2024 TV CC certification

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