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Samsung One UI Calculator App Updates – v12.3.00.1



Samsung Pentastic One UI 6 update

Samsung Calculator is an excellent calculator app created by Samsung, which is preinstalled in every Galaxy smartphone. This application gives results very frequently of any easy or complex calculation and can perform both fundamental and scientific estimations.

Moreover, if you rotate your smartphone and hold it in the landscape position, the Samsung Calculator will turn into a scientific calculator that you can use to calculate more complex equations such as quadratic equations, sine, cosine, or tangent.

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To get the newest features of this app, keep updating it to the latest version from the Galaxy store or Google Play Store. For more information, you can key features of the Samsung Calculator mentioned below.

Samsung Calculator Update 

December 07, 2023

Samsung Calculator app is getting a new update with version for Galaxy devices. The update fixes some issues to improve system security and stability. You can get the update via Galaxy Store or download it directly from the link mentioned here.

Samsung Calculator update

June 04, 2023

Samsung is releasing a new update for the Calculator app with version The new update fixes some issues to enhance the overall performance of the app. You can download the update from the link mentioned here.

February 02, 2023

Samsung is releasing February 2023 update for the Calculator app, which arrives with version The new update enhances the overall performance and stability of the app. The installation package size of this update is 4.25 MB.

September 29, 2022

Samsung Calculator is getting a new update for Galaxy devices with version The new update enhances the stability and performance of the app. You have to download a 4.21 MB software package to install the update.

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April 27, 2022

Samsung Calculator update

Samsung is pushing a new update to the Calculator app, which comes with some bug fixes to enhance app performance and stability.

Identified via version, the installation package of the latest update is 4.14MB.

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Previous Updates

April 06, 2022

Samsung Calculator

Samsung Calculator is getting a new update with version and updated package size of 4.37MB. The latest update fixes some bugs to enhance stability.

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December 2, 2021

Samsung Calculator

Samsung has started to release a new update for Samsung Calculator, which brings overall improvements in the application for a better user experience. Other than this, you can identify the update with version number and weighs 4.38 MB. 

Key Features:

  • Perform four fundamental operations and engineering calculations.
  • To start the engineering calculator, tap the engineering calculator icon.
  • To check the calculation history, tap the calculation history icon. To close the calculation history panel, tap the keypad icon.
  • You can use the previously inputted formulas. Tap the formula you need from the calculation history.
  • To convert units, tap the unit calculator button. You can easily convert various types of units, such as area, length, and temperature.

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Good Lock

Download One UI 6 Good Lock Make Up and Life Up Plugins



Samsung Good Lock update

Samsung Good Lock is a powerful app that lets you customize your Galaxy device with various plugins and modules. With the release of One UI 6.0, based on Android 14, Samsung has added new plugins to Good Lock that enhance the user experience and functionality of the device. In addition, the latest custom skin support brings new features to plugins.

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The Good Lock app has three main sections – Terrace, Make Up and Life Up. The Make Up section contains user interface customization apps while the Life Up section embeds all Good Lock plugins that help users use Galaxy more conveniently and easily. Terrace allows users to track important announcements and progress updates of upcoming features.


  • Notice, Tip, Progress, Poll

Make Up

  • Theme Park, Pentastic, Wonderland, LockStar, KeysCafe, NavStar, Home Up, ClockFace, QucikStar, & Edge Lighting+

Life Up

  • Nice Shot, NotiStar, Edge Touch, Nice Catch, One Hand Operation +, Routines +, MultiStar, Camera Assistant, RegiStar, Sound Assistant, DropShip, and Galaxy To Share.

To download these plugins, you need to have the Good Lock app installed on your One UI 6 device. Once you have the app, you can browse and download the plugins from the Make Up and Life Up sections. You can check brief info about plugins as well as download links from Galaxy Store and APKMirror given below.

Samsung One UI 6 Good Lock

Download One UI 6 Good Lock Plugins

Make Up



  • Customize and create a new lock screen and Always on Display.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Conveniently organize the navigation bar and gesture mode.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Home Up

  • Enjoy the improved One UI Home experience.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • You can configure many different clock styles on the lock screen and AOD and customize the clock however you want.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


Edge Lighting+

  • Add your own personal touch to your notifications.
  • Download  – Galaxy Store | APK

Theme Park 

  • You can create and apply themes easily and quickly
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Allow creating 3D motion wallpaper with various effects
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Customize and create a new lock screen and Always on Display.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Life Up


  • Use the screenshot and screen recording features more conveniently
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Manage the notification history easily
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Edge Touch 

  • Adjust settings for touch on edge screen easily
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Routines +

  • Various features have been added to Bixby Routines, allowing you to create more powerful routines.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Experience the improved Multi Window
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK [New update]

Camera Assistant 

  • Customize your own camera settings to your preference
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK


  • Customize your smartphone’s home settings, search options, history, back taps, and more.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Sound Assistant 

  • Expand Audio System settings and increase convenience
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Nice Catch 

  • You can customize Sound, Vibration, and screen history.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

One Hand Operation +

  • Use your phone or tablet easily with your thumb.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

DropShip [One UI 5 or higher]

  • Easily share files between devices running Android, iOS, and the Web.
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK

Galaxy to Share [One UI 5 or higher ]

  • Share your own created personalization settings of various Good Lock modules
  • Download – Galaxy Store | APK
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WhatsApp will start suggesting list of similar channels based on relevance soon 




The Channels feature on WhatsApp has been getting more promising since the day it was unveiled, and providing users with a more relevant experience. Therefore, WhatsApp will soon start suggesting a list of similar channels based on relevance and similarity to other existing channels.

According to information, WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will suggest similar channels, and help users to discover new content that might align with their interests. Many users may not be aware of all the channels available on WhatsApp that cater to their interests.

Thus, by suggesting similar channels, WhatsApp will help users discover a wider range of content that they may find relevant and engaging. However, if users choose to follow a new channel or view the information of a channel they already follow, WhatsApp will suggest a list of similar channels based on their relevance.

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It’s worth noting that only verified channels will be suggested, ensuring that users only receive recommendations from trusted sources. Simultaneously, these suggestions are based on the similarity of channel content rather than personalized algorithms analyzing user interests.

Consequently, the feature to suggest similar channels is under development and it will be available in a future update of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp similar channels


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Good Lock

Samsung’s Good Lock adds Terrace tab to note progress of features, issues



Samsung Good Lock Terrace Tab

Samsung has just added a new category to its Good Lock app, called Terrace. Through the Terrace tab, the company aims to improve communication and interaction with the users of Good Lock.

Since the successful launch of Good Lock, it has gained popularity among Samsung users who want to personalize their user interface, lock screen, navigation bar, and more. The Good Lock now offers three main categories – Make Up, Life Up, and Terrace.

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Terrace is the latest one, which allows users to track important announcements and progress updates of upcoming features. It contains the following functionalities:


  • Users can check the latest news and updates related to Good Lock apps and features.


  • Users can learn more about how to use Good Lock apps and features effectively, as well as find answers to common questions.


  • Users can track the development and status of upcoming Good Lock features that are planned to be released in the future.


  • Users can participate in surveys and polls that solicit their feedback and opinions on existing or potential Good Lock features.

Samsung states that Terrace is designed to promote closer communication with its users and to introduce exciting features. The company promises to actively seek out and feature relevant and beneficial posts from Samsung Members on Terrace.

Samsung Good Lock Terrace

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