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Samsung December 2023 Security Patch Details Released: What’s New



Samsung December 2023 Security Patch Details

Samsung has published the details of its December 2023 security patch for its Galaxy devices. It includes CVE and SVE items to enhance the security and stability of the device to provide a better and more secure experience.

The latest patch includes fixes of more than 60 vulnerabilities, of which 50 are of Google and others of Samsung. These include buffer overflow, AR Emoji, KnoxCustom Service, bootloader, SmartManager, Knox Guard, and Contacts.

Android Patch Details

The security update is based on the Android Security Bulletin – December 2023, which contains patches for 50 issues identified by Google.


  • CVE-2023-21671, CVE-2023-28574, CVE-2023-22388, CVE-2023-33045, CVE-2023-40077, CVE-2023-40076, CVE-2023-40088


  • CVE-2023-28469, CVE-2023-20702, CVE-2023-32835, CVE-2023-32834, CVE-2023-33031, CVE-2023-33059, CVE-2023-33055, CVE-2023-33074, CVE-2023-28545, CVE-2023-24852, CVE-2023-33048, CVE-2023-33056, CVE-2023-33047, CVE-2023-33061, CVE-2023-40079, CVE-2023-40089, CVE-2023-40091, CVE-2023-40095, CVE-2023-40096, CVE-2023-40103, CVE-2023-45774, CVE-2023-45777, CVE-2023-21267, CVE-2023-40073, CVE-2023-40092, CVE-2023-40074, CVE-2023-40075, CVE-2023-40078, CVE-2023-40080, CVE-2023-40082, CVE-2023-40084, CVE-2023-40087, CVE-2023-40090, CVE-2023-40097, CVE-2023-45773, CVE-2023-45775, CVE-2023-45776, CVE-2023-35668, CVE-2023-40083, CVE-2023-21394, CVE-2023-40098, CVE-2023-45781, CVE-2023-40094(A-288896339, A-307719731)


  • None

Already included in previous updates

  • CVE-2023-28556

Not applicable to Samsung devices

  • CVE-2023-32836, CVE-2023-32837, CVE-2023-32832, CVE-2023-40081

One UI Patch Details

Samsung also addressed 16 issues specific to its devices, such as improper access control in knoxcustom service and KnoxCustomManagerService. Additionally, Samsung Semiconductor provided patches for two moderate issues.

  • SVE-2023-1700(CVE-2023-42570): Improper access control vulnerability in KnoxCustomManagerService
  • SVE-2023-1694(CVE-2023-42564): Improper access control in knoxcustom service
  • SVE-2023-1621(CVE-2023-42563): Integer overflow vulnerability in
  • SVE-2023-1620(CVE-2023-42562): Integer overflow vulnerability in
  • SVE-2023-1488(CVE-2023-42569): Improper authorization verification vulnerability in AR Emoji
  • SVE-2023-1480(CVE-2023-42561): Out-of-bounds write vulnerability in bootloader
  • SVE-2023-1452(CVE-2023-42568): Improper access control vulnerability in SmartManagerCN
  • SVE-2023-1440(CVE-2023-42560): Out-of-bounds write vulnerability in dec_mono_audb of
  • SVE-2023-1430(CVE-2023-42559): Improper exception management vulnerability in Knox Guard
  • SVE-2023-1393(CVE-2023-42558): Out of bounds write vulnerability in HDCP in HAL
  • SVE-2023-1374(CVE-2023-42557): Out-of-bound write vulnerability in libIfaaCa
  • SVE-2023-1350(CVE-2023-42567): Improper size check vulnerability in softsimd
  • SVE-2023-1102(CVE-2023-42566): Out-of-bound write vulnerability in libsavsvc
  • SVE-2023-1003(CVE-2023-42565): Improper input validation vulnerability in Smart Clip
  • SVE-2023-0938(CVE-2023-42556): Implicit intent hijacking vulnerability in Contacts

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Samsung to soon elevate Galaxy S23 series with One UI 6.1 and Galaxy AI



Samsung Galaxy S24 One UI 6.1

Samsung is preparing to release One UI 6.1 update for older Galaxy smartphones. The company recently confirmed that it will start releasing One UI 6.1 for the Galaxy S23 series along with some other flagships in late March.

Now, a well-known tipster @Tarunvats has spotted a new One UI 6.1 build which suggests that the testing is moving forward for the Galaxy S23 series. The firmware version is upgraded to S91xBXXU3CXBC from CXB9.

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Notably, the testing is underway in India, the Middle East, and Europe, suggesting that the update is close to being released. The major One UI update will reportedly be released next month for the Galaxy S23 series including Galaxy S23 FE,  Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Z Fold 5 phones.

Not all but One UI 6.1 will include some Galaxy AI features of the Galaxy S24 series for older devices, which will enhance the artificial intelligence capabilities. These features will allow users to interact with their devices more intuitively and efficiently, as well as enjoy more personalized and immersive experiences.

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One UI 7: These Galaxy A series smartphones are eligible for Android 15 update



Samsung Galaxy A series One UI 7

Samsung is one of the most popular Android smartphone makers in the world, and its One UI skin is widely known for its features and performance. The latest version of One UI is 6.1, which is based on Android 14. However, Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for the next major update, One UI 7, which will be powered by Android 15.

Android 15 is the upcoming version of Google’s operating system, which is currently in the Developer Preview stage. Samsung will open its Beta Program for One UI 7 for Galaxy devices later this year, after the official release of Android 15.

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While it is still early to know the exact features and changes that One UI 7 will bring, we can expect some of the Android 15 features to be integrated into Samsung’s skin, along with some Samsung-specific additions and optimizations.

Based on the previous rollouts, software policy, and experience, we have compiled a list of Galaxy A series smartphones that are likely to receive One UI 7 based on Android 15.

  • Galaxy A55 [Launching on March 11]
  • Galaxy A35 [Launching on March 11]
  • Galaxy A05s
  • Galaxy A15
  • Galaxy A25
  • Galaxy A14
  • Galaxu A24
  • Galaxy A34
  • Galaxy A54
  • Galaxy A33
  • Galaxy A53
  • Galaxy A73

If your Galaxy phone is not in the list, don’t worry as it will be updated later. The official list will come when the One UI 7 update starts around October 2024.

Samsung Galaxy A54 January 2024 update

The article is updated on February 27, 2024.

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One UI 6.1 testing begins for Samsung Galaxy devices [List]



Samsung February 2024 update list

Thanks to Samsung Galaxy AI, the One UI 6.1 packs various new features. The new software iteration is also based on the Android 14 operating system. However, the Korean tech giant has crafted many new features exclusively for the Galaxy S24 series.

In the past, Samsung rolled out incremental One UI version updates to older Galaxy models, bringing select features from new smartphones. Similarly, the upcoming One UI 6.1 should be available for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S21 series.

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Even before introducing the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung has been testing the One UI 6.1 version on older Galaxy models. The first entry is Galaxy S23, which was initially spotted running the alleged One UI 6.1 version in mid-December in South Korea.

We will keep a record of devices that are testing the next One UI update.

One UI 6.1 testing begins for Samsung Galaxy devices [List]

  • Galaxy S23 Series [Internal + Stable Beta]
    • S23 FE
  • Galaxy S22 Series [Internal Beta]
  • Galaxy S21 Series [Internal Beta]
    • S21 FE Snapdragon
  • Galaxy Z Fold 5 & Z Flip 5 [Internal Beta]
  • Galaxy Z Fold 4 & Z Flip 4 [Internal Beta]
  • Galaxy A54 5G [Stable Beta]
  • Galaxy A34 5G [Stable Beta]
  • Galaxy A73
  • Galaxy A53 5G [Stable Beta]
  • Galaxy A52s 5G [Stable Beta]
  • Galaxy M34 5G
  • Galaxy F54 5G
  • Galaxy M33 5G
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